Gravel (D) says he will probably run for President if supporters raise $1 Million

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From   Gravel names his price: $1 million to challenge Obama

Somebody should challenge Obama, there’s no question about it. He is what he is, and it’s not what we want,” former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel said in an interview with The Daily Caller. “I’d be happy to do it, but it takes money. Without enough money to be heard, you come off as somewhat foolish.”

Gravel said he will challenge Obama if there is sufficient financial backing.

“If [supporters] would put up $1 million, I probably would run. And that would at least fund enough activity to get a message out,” Gravel said.

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  1. But seriously, metamars…

    Wouldn’t you think at least one Democrat with a little stature would be running against Obama after that Judas attacked Medicare?

    Yeah, I despise the Democrats, but this is even worse than I ever expected.

  2. But seriously, it’s a great idea. ANY challenge would be great.  

    Best would be Sanders as a Socialist.  

  3. It was US who wanted that.  I don’t think Bernie ever considered it!  

    But he’s no idiot, either.  He knows what he would be faced with and, thus, takes his stand in the way that he does.  We need to watch his back, however!  There are those that are out to “get him.” We must be there for him, as he has been and always is there for US!

  4. Bernie won’t run. He knows that the system is so corrupt that he couldn’t. He’s already been forced into some crazy compromises. No one could survive in the White House (literally) w/o becoming Obama light, at best.

    Nor could your family survive.

    How quickly people have forgotten Wellstone, and the Patriot Act.

    None of that was chance.  

  5. something to the effect of “these people scare me, if you vote for any one of these people you will get exactly what we have now”? He was called crazy for that one. I actually agreed with his comment (I must be crazy too).

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