The (T)’s Continue the “Screw You” to Soldiers/Vets and Families of

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Now over a decade with two wars of choice and added to the previous decades of ignored issues and not fully funding the Veterans Administration, thus saving monies instead of increased costs to catchup with the needs, as to the results of our wars. Easier to lay blame on the agency rather then the country, the 99% who don’t serve it, who collectively don’t look in the mirror at their total lack of Sacrifice as they wave those flags!

Last night, 30 July 2011, the Congressional House (T)’s did exactly what many thought they would and now the Congressional Senate (T)’s, going into their oft used filibuster, follow the Houses lead, and their Supporters Cheer, a day after this:

Senate Veterans Affairs Hearing: Examining the Lifetime Costs of Supporting the Newest Generation of Veterans

Where the oft moving testimony covered these issues, same issues we’ve had for decades as to us veterans of Vietnam, our brothers of Korea, then the First Gulf War as well as so called ‘peace time’ veterans, often issues obstructed by the once (R)’s, and (D)’s of, under their banner of being fiscal conservatives, same fiscal conservatives that rubber stamp ever growing defense budgets, and especially these two present wars, with very few questions asked:

Cost of Treating Veterans Will Rise Long Past Wars

Where the moving testimony of a once soldier, now veteran, wife and care taker was given in her opening statement and in answering the questions, many of those asking once again looking for ways to blame the VA instead of themselves, our representatives who hold the purse strings.

Crystal Nicely said she doesn’t mind serving as the chief cook, driver and groomer for her husband, Todd, who lost both arms and legs in March 2010 when he stepped on an explosive device during combat operations against Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan.

But she’d appreciate a little more help from the federal government. read more>>>, but better yet visit the top link of the hearing and watch and listen, the video feed is on the Senate page.

The ‘Stand Downs’ for this Nations Homeless Veterans, for this year 2011, have already started and continue, for the Veterans of our past conflicts as the ranks of the homeless and unemployed veterans, men and women, now grow with this generations combat veterans while the older homeless veterans pass on, many from the results of the many issues from our earlier wars ignored by the country and thus their representatives, some only now finally being recognized. Like this one coming up in Chicago, but there are a number of them all around the country as the previous link lists some that are already registered.

Not one cent of revenue, especially from the extreme wealthy who made some of that growing wealth directly or indirectly off these long wars of choice, added to an ever increasing U.S. budget they created during the previous administration, and with growing interest payments on that borrowed money, and continue as they hold the country, and now world, hostage while obstructing policy to help the country and adding senseless legislation, especially in already broke state budgets, that will cost much more to implement with long term negative results.

Why now use (T) instead of the once (R) or even GOP, those last don’t exist anymore because there is no more (R) and in these times the radical extremist TEA Party, who supported the present wars of choice and all the rubber stamping of, lacking anything for the veterans and their families, that extreme minority ideology is much closer to an ideology of a group of political and extreme religious extremist of another religious faith that doesn’t match what that religious faith really is, the Taliban. Blend that with those who now use this TEA (T) party label and one can’t really tell them apart, they even support the torture of others telling those we once condemned that it works so use it against our own as you use it against yours and others.

‘Sacrifice’ still not demanded nor even mentioned, Veterans long ignored continue to be so and many in this Country like that just fine!!