Should We Support the Republican in 2012?

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I was an Obama volunteer, donator, and county delegate in 2008.  When he was elected I spent the most hopeful night of my political life–surely a black Democrat and former community organizer would turn out to be the FDR we needed at that critical juncture, to pull us back from the Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush abyss in the nick of time.  Sure, I was concerned about his ties to the finance thieves–but I really hoped that he had “snookered” them into supporting someone who would work against their ultimate interests.

Okay, now we know the truth:  It was I (and millions of other progressives) who was “snookered”.  Obama has turned out to be another tired Clintonista–really galling since I worked so hard for him precisely because I did not want Hillary to bring the corporatist-owned branch of the Democratic party back into power.  But it’s irrefutable now:  Obama has been little better than Bush the Dimmer in anything, and is worse in many big ways.  He expanded the wars in the Middle East overall, including getting us into a brand-new conflict in Syria; he has confirmed the appallingly unconstitutional power-grab called the “unitary executive”; he has refused to bring back habeas corpus; he has reneged on his promise to wind down the war on cannabis patients and respect the right of the states to provide for compassionate-use laws (a particularly grievous betrayal to me); he lied to us about the public option, while helping to force through a piece of trash that will do little more than force us to buy worthless  “insurance” from the healthcare-denial criminals; he has backed out on his promise of LBGT fairness; and most of all–he has abetted the criminal fraudsters on Wall Street (his financiers, of course) in continuing their destruction of our democracy:  Rather than put them in prison, where they sorely need to be, he stood by as they took trillions from the Fed window, and watched while they stole additional billions as “bonuses” from fundamentally insolvent, rotten institutions. He is playing by the Republican “austerity for everyone except corporatist criminals” supply-side economics handbook–with predictable results:…

The fundamentals of the economy are rotten to the core, as so eloquently pointed out in this diary:…

…and this one:…

Now he is doing what no Republican has ever been able to do:  Set in motion the destruction of Social Security and Medicare.

Let’s face the facts:   Obama is the best Republican corporatist dirty money can buy.  So why would we consider supporting him in 2012?

Many of us have been campaigning for a progressive challenger to Obama.  That obviously isn’t going to happen, pretty much guaranteeing that we are headed for the most horrific economic crash we have ever faced (if it’s not already too late to prevent it–which it probably is).  So here’s my idea:

Why not deliberately support whichever Republican gets nominated (look for a Romney-Bachmann ticket) so that, when this crash occurs, the blame will be placed where it belongs?  Unfortunately, the corporatist-television-corrupted American electorate has no clue as to the causes of the present pain.  But they can feel the pain–and all they know, and thus what they will do, is to blame the party in power.  If Obama is elected again, the crash will leave no choice but fascism or revolution.  If it’s the Republican, though, then there will be a window for progressives to really take over the Democratic Party–which then will be in a position to offer the voting public a real alternative.

I have heard various arguments for supporting Obama, mostly coming down to 1.) He isn’t as bad as the Republicans on some issues; and 2.) The Supreme Court.  But the issues he does support us on (and they are few and far between–particularly once one realizes that the ACA is a sham designed to solidify corporatist rule over our healthcare forever) are essentially meaningless to issues of distribution of power and wealth; mere deckchairs on a helluva-big Titanic, easily evaded by the ruling kleptocracy.  As for the Supreme Court:  Why, considering that Obama has never done anything that fundamentally threatens the power of the thieves, would one believe he’ll appoint another William Douglas or Thurgood Marshall?  What we’ll get is another Anthony Kennedy–throwing the occasional bone to the sane, while continuing to traitorously deliver the wealth and power of the nation to the corporatists and idle rich.  Why would we expect otherwise?

So, how about a “Progressives for Romney (or whoever oozes up from the Republican slime pit)”?  Stating up front that we are doing it so that Republicans will get the blame for the coming disaster? Won’t be an easy pill to swallow–but we CANNOT continue to abet sellouts like Clinton/Obama.

It is hard for me to take this position.  But something must be done–and Obama isn’t going to do it.  So let’s support progressives wherever we can–but throw Obama overboard, so that the deck will be cleared for a good candidate later.

What do you think?

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  1. I will be voting for Obama again, as disgusting as it is, because we do not have a parliamentary system that will ever permit a successful third party run.  Voting Republican makes it just get worse faster.

    About the only governments that ever have successful third parties are ones where there is a parliament and the leader of the country is not chosen directly by the people.  We had that in the beginning but the 12th Amendment changed us from a parliamentary system to what we have now.  Unless we go back to a parliamentary system and let the states elect the senators and the president, like it was before the 12th amendment, we will never have a successful third party.  A “first past the post” system will never produce a successful third party, at least not a permanent one.

    Obama probably has no chance winning my state unless the Republican candidate is a real disaster, so my vote won’t count.  It will only be symbolic.

    Since the banks took over the country for good, with the institution of the federal reserve act of 1913, the winner of the election is just a puppet anyhow.  Democrats just put on a better show.

  2. viz., to punish a Democrat. I’ve mentioned this a few times at I have to tell you, though, that very few people – even ones who refuse to vote for the Democrat – have voiced support for it. They will either not vote, or else vote 3rd party.

    You can get a notion for the sort of considerations that effective vote blocs (which could ‘install’ and vote for a progressive on a Republican ticket; or else vote for a bad Republican to punish a (slightly) lesser evil Democrat) from Gaming competing ‘FireDogLake Voting Blocs’ scenarios – getting Unity out of Diversity.

    Having said that, though, I think you’re focused on the wrong elections. The reasons you give aren’t that compelling, and even contradictory. (You say, “Obama is the best Republican corporatist dirty money can buy”, but you also say “Why not deliberately support whichever Republican gets nominated (look for a Romney-Bachmann ticket) so that, when this crash occurs, the blame will be placed where it belongs”. Huh? Obama’s dunderheaded economic moves are surely going to contribute to the crash. And since he is, as you say, a “Republican”, why would he not contribute to the crash?)

    Now, if you want to focus on the Presidential elections for the purpose of building up a reform movement, like New Progressive Alliance, that’s a different matter.

    Barring that scenario, you should instead be focused on Congressional elections. In very red areas of the country, nothing you do wrt Democrats is going to make much difference. Hence, progressives and independents should be mucking with the Republican primaries. See Wanted: Republicans who plan to sell off CA and NY, to pay the national debt

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