Murdock Brit Phone-Hacking Scandal: Families of War Dead!

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Not going to add much to this except the first thoughts I’ve had since this was breaking across the pond.

What the hell has the FOX been doing here?

And now with this coming out:

Phone-hacking scandal escalates as British Legion severs ties with News of the World

What was that constant cheer leader and their minions, still, of these present long running invasions and occupations, as well as Huge supporters of the policies ordered and carried out by the previous administration, doing in relation to our soldiers families if they had no regard for the British families of the Fallen?!

Armed forces charity ditches newspaper as campaigning partner, saying it was ‘shocked to the core’ by hacking claims

7 July 2011 – Families of members of the armed forces killed in Afghanistan and Iraq have expressed disgust at the revelation they were targeted by Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator who worked for the News of the World.

The latest disclosures prompted the Royal British Legion to drop the newspaper as its campaigning partner, saying it had been “shocked to the core” by the claims. The servicemen and women’s charity said it had suspended all relations with the News of the World and was reviewing its advertising budget with News International, which also publishes the Sun and the Times.

The media group is at the centre of a huge political storm following days of shocking revelations about phone hacking, including news that the paper intercepted voicemails left on a phone belonging to the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler and targeted the phones of families of the victims of the 7/7 attacks.

The latest allegations were “very distressing”, the stepfather of a British soldier who was killed in Iraq told BBC Breakfast. Jim Gill, stepfather of Second Lieutenant Richard Shearer of the 1st Battalion, Staffordshire Regiment, who was killed in Iraq in July 2005 by a roadside bomb, said his family had suspected their phone was being hacked but they had not yet been contacted by police. {read more}

Screw the congressional tepubs and their rabid supporters, I’m callin for an FBI investigation,any DoJ involvement and possible Federal Congressional Hearings on Rupert Murdock’s holdings in this Country, especially his propaganda channel and any tepubs who might have known, on or off their payroll!