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The death penalty for flirting (aka gay panic)

Let’s go back to February 12, 2008.  Brandon McInerney (14) decided to take his father’s .22 to E. O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard that day.  In his first period class in the computer lab, he sat behind Larry King.  He pulled the trigger and shot Larry King in the back of the head.

This got the attention of the entire class and the teacher.  With everyone watching, he shot Larry King in the head again.

McInerney has been described as being “popular and athletic”.  King was small, shy, half-black and effeminate.

King (15) wore high heeled boots and make-up to school, was completely open about his homosexuality and believed that the way to deal with his tormentors was to flirt with them.

One student testified that McInerney had told a group of students, “Say goodbye to your friend Larry because you won’t see him after tomorrow.”

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Congressional Game of Chicken: Countdown to Default (Up Date x 3)

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The Boehner bill on raising the debt ceiling barely passed the House on a strict partisan line with a vote of 218 to 210. Not one Democrat voted for the bill, 22 Republicans voted against it and 5 Democrats were not present to vote. The bill was essential dead on arrival in the Senate where it was quickly table in a bipartisan vote of 59 to 41.

This is what’s next but it won’t happen until very late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Why because Sen. Mitch McConnell says so. McConnell is refusing to even negotiate with Reid

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid’s proposed bill is no prize either but at least it moves the debt ceiling limit to past the 2012 election into 2013 and a new congressional session. (I think Reid is betting on taking back the House.) Reid also said that he is open to tweaking but it’s up to Republicans

At a late Friday press conference, Reid suggested that the door is still open to further tweak his proposal, including by adding failsafes to assure future entitlement and tax reforms — but it’s up to Republicans to offer up their votes.

“We have a closet full of triggers, people have suggested dozens of them but even though earlier this week, I was sitting talking to Jack Lew about triggers for an hour and a half and we can’t get Republicans to move on any trigger. We’re not going to have cuts on more programs without some revenue – that is a line we’ve drawn in the sand,” Reid said. “It’s up to the Republicans, right now we have a proposal…we are waiting for them to do something, anything, move toward us.”

How The Revised Reid Amendment Compares To The Revised Boehner Bill

h/t David Dayen @ FDL and Brian Buetler @ TPM

Up Date, 12:22 PM EDT: House Speaker John Boehner has said that the Reid bill is “dead in the water” and is refusing to meet or compromise with the Democrats. The Senate will vote for cloture on the bill at 1 AM Sunday morning. Boehner plans to hold a symbolic vote on the bill this afternoon to reject the plan preemptively.

Reid’s plan which cuts more without new revenue and creates the “super commission” only differs in the length of time for considering raising the debt ceiling again. The bi[artisan Senate plan extends the debt ceiling through 2012 while the tea party plan wants it rehashed in 5 months with guarantees that a “cut, cap and destroy” constitutional amendment is passed. Boehner is probably the worst house speaker since Newt Gingrich and even he knew how to get his ducks in a row and conpromise.

Up Date: 15:35 EDT The House has voted to reject the Reid bill before it even gets to a vote in the Senate. All of the Republicans votes nay along with a few Democrats. The voter was 173 – 246.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Reid are on their way to the White House to meet with the President to presumably to discuss options and the next move.

This is what you get for negotiating with terrorists.

The Reid bill will still come to a vote late tonight at 1 AM EDT

Up Date 1430 EDT: The Reid bill failed to reach cloture this afternoon it is now back to the drawing board

Just one little life far, far away

Aleesha Farhana.  That’s the name she wanted.  And she wanted to have her legal gender changed after undergoing a sex change operation in Thailand.  

Malaysia’s National Registration Department refused to update the name and gender on her identity card.  The court ruled that she must remain Ashraf Hafiz Abdul Aziz.

Today we learn that Aleesha Farhana, nee Ashraf Hafiz Abdul Aziz, died today at the age of 25.  She entered Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah in Kuala Terengganu after experiencing chest pains and low blood pressure.  She was diagnosed with angina and cardiogenic shock.


Sylvester and Tweety MysteriesGo Fig, Episode 13, Part 1

The (T)’s Continue the “Screw You” to Soldiers/Vets and Families of

Now over a decade with two wars of choice and added to the previous decades of ignored issues and not fully funding the Veterans Administration, thus saving monies instead of increased costs to catchup with the needs, as to the results of our wars. Easier to lay blame on the agency rather then the country, the 99% who don’t serve it, who collectively don’t look in the mirror at their total lack of Sacrifice as they wave those flags!

Last night, 30 July 2011, the Congressional House (T)’s did exactly what many thought they would and now the Congressional Senate (T)’s, going into their oft used filibuster, follow the Houses lead, and their Supporters Cheer, a day after this:

Senate Veterans Affairs Hearing: Examining the Lifetime Costs of Supporting the Newest Generation of Veterans

On Running Your Own Government, Or, Why Pay The Military?

I have not been talking about the insanity around the debt ceiling and debt and deficit and the efforts of Republicans to drive us all off the cliff, but I am today – and I’m going to do it by allowing you to grab ahold of this problem and see for yourself just how unbelievably bad this manufactured crisis is going to be.

You will hear a lot of conversation about the consequences from others; today, however, you are going to get the chance to be both the President and the Secretary of the Treasury, and you will get to decide for yourself exactly what bills the Federal Government should and should not pay as the cash runs out if a deal is not made by the time borrowing authority runs out.

At that point you’ll be able to see what’s coming for yourself – and once you do, you won’t need me to tell you what ugly is going to look like.

Late Night Karaoke

Random Japan



Tohoku University Hospital will begin testing a drug that may delay the progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Researchers from three Japanese universities published a paper in the British journal Nature that “revealed the three-dimensional structure of the central part of human chromosomes.” The finding could help scientists better understand Down’s syndrome and cancer.

It was announced that a 4,300-year-old pottery shard unearthed in Aomori in 1993 may contain the “oldest depiction of a shaman on an artifact uncovered in Japan.”

The University of Tokyo asked the education ministry if it would be OK to begin the academic year in the fall, just like schools overseas.

Leading Japanese e-tailer Rakuten announced that it will open an online shop for electronic books early next month. Panasonic will provide the tablet device for the service.

Popular Culture (Music) 20110729. Who’s Next

Those of you who read my pieces know that I often write about my favourite band, The Who.  (I used the UK spelling intentionally this time, rare for me these days).  This time we shall examine what many people say was their finest work.  I am not sure that I agree completely, but it was extremely good.

Who’s Next is actually a compilation of songs, most from Townshend, that became an album after the ill fated Lifehouse project, Townshend’s opus, never came to light.  He finally finished it, many years later, but the final product was far different than this record.  We shall discuss Who’s Next tonight, and will continue the discussion about Lifehouse next week, after I see your comments and questions.

First let us get to the facts.  Ready to go?

Countdown with Keith Olbermann

If you do not get Current TV you can watch Keith here:

Watch live video from CURRENT TV LIVE Countdown Olbermann on www.justin.tv

Transpeople in the News

The best way for people to overcome their fear and/or hatred of people who are different is to meet some of us.  We can only hope that when they do, they don’t demand that we be twice as able in order to be considered half as competent, that they accept us for who we say we are, and they give us a chance to shine.

We are not all perfect people.  But neither are many of us evil.  We just want to live our lives as we think it to be appropriate for us.

Discrimination will rise as a subject, as it always does with us.  

In cases of discrimination on the basis of gender nonconformity, the basis for comparison should be individuals with coherent gender expression. That is, we must examine whether the person discriminated against received a different treatment from a person whose gender performance reflects social norms. Shifting the basis for comparison and redefining the categories of legal protection will ensure that discrimination on the basis of sex – be it biological, ontological, or social – will not be transparent.

–Israeli transman Ido Katry

It is not enough to say, “It wouldn’t have happened if he or she passed.”