Happy Birthday Today, Richard Wukich!

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Richard Wukich in Iraq

This is one of the first filters we made in Iraq. We are working on an US base south of Baghdad and it can be dangerous to be associated with the military. I gave these men the press, kiln and all the equipment they need to start up a shop. They are skilled potters and the one in charge is studying for his masters degree in engineering at the University of Babylonia. It took almost 3 years and 5 trips to Iraq to get the filter production started but we are finally underway. The men were so thankful for the opportunity. There is a great need for the filter in this area and the army has already ordered 2000 filters for distribution and the word is that the project is being studied at the highest levels. I realize that some of you have serious reservations about my work with the military but my goal was to help the people get access to clean water. The soldiers have a very tough job in a near impossible situation in Iraq and this effort seemed to do a lot to reinforce a commitment to help the people.

This is work that saves lives in Iraq every day, from God-forsaken little villages in the middle of nowhere all the way to Baghdad and the slums of Sadr City. Happy birthday, Richard Wukich! You made the world a better place for hundreds of thousands of people!