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The Week in Editorial Cartoons, Part II – Meet Newt “I Love Monogamy” Gingrich

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25 Years of FAIR

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Last month Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) celebrated its 25th Anniversary. It held an event in Manhattan on May 11th with four of the most well known voices of the the left and advocates for fairness, Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Amy Goodman and Glen Greenwald. Glenn’s 30 minute speech is now available on You Tube. The DVD of the entire night is available for sale at FAIR’s website.


Sylvester and Tweety MysteriesA Ticket to Crime, Episode 8, Part 2

Six In The Morning

Syrian unrest: Troops move into Jisr al-Shughour

Syrian government forces have advanced into the northern town of Jisr al-Shughour, state media say, as part of a widespread government crackdown.

 12 June 2011

Witnesses reported an attack using tanks and helicopter gunships, after an early-morning bombardment.

The government says it is trying to restore order after it claimed 120 security personnel had been killed.

But residents say the dead were killed after a mutiny and fighting between the security forces.

The government advance sent more people fleeing towards the Turkish border, to join more than 4,000 who have already crossed.

Sunday’s Headlines:

Misrata: One day in Libya’s rebel stronghold where calm gives way to chaos

After 10 years, no security unit is fit to take over from coalition in Afghanistan

Our family ripped apart by Europe’s last dictator says Iryna Khalip, wife of jailed Andrei Sannikov in Belarus

Zim summit charts course toward elections

Mexico peace tour: Final stop in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico’s ‘epicenter of pain’

Late Night Karaoke

“Public employees have become targets of anger and criticism.”

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The quote “Public employees have become targets of anger and criticism” that was followed by “and that’s leading to a growing number of them calling it quits,” came from Lester Holt last night on NBC Nightly News.

John Yang reported from New Jersey where public worker retirement jumped 60% and nearly doubled for teachers in 2010. But it is not just Governor Chris Christie “mocking teacher benefits” who deserves all the credit. The report shows many states where politicians downgrading the value of public workers has become too much for the good government workers to continue. In 2010 California and Colorado each reported a 20% rise in retirees from the public sector. This year Ohio has reported a 34% increase and after the assault from Scott Walker public worker retirement in Wisconsin is up 96%.

One New Jersey teacher was the focus of the segment. Judy Cinnamond who has decided to give up teaching. This highly respected educator sums up the situation with “All of the sudden the teachers are the enemy and I don’t want to feel that way. Having dedicated my life to this job, I just don’t want to feel that way.”