World Weavers Submission Policy

The World Weavers Submission Policy, like our purpose, is also simple: Yes Please!

Articles, stories, pictures, poems, videos….original or found ‘objects,’ all are welcome. As well as, of course, comments. Please send us, or post in comments, anything beautiful and or relevant and we will review it and most likely put it on the blog. Most likely, but not automatically, unfortunately.

We have decided to go with a very controlled format for submissions, unlike the more freewheeling and open community oriented political blogs. Not that we don’t wish to be community oriented, a large part of what we are hoping to accomplish here is an organically formed community of like-minded people. Like minded people who can have discussions and even “arguments” (as long as they are beautiful arguments!) about subjects under discussion, be they submissions from readers or posts we produce.

From our experiences on political blogs, we have seen just how easy and effective it can be for one post or one person intent on diverting, derailing, disrupting or even destroying the ability to communicate can be. But our purpose is different here. We are not a political forum. Though it is almost inevitable that politics will be discussed…hopefully in context. Dissent, an environment of openness, and even shit stirring, is critical to politics, and must be given a voice. And within (a fairly wide spectrum of) reason, is allowed and even encouraged here.

As long as it is within the spirit and purpose of the blog: creating beauty.

But since this is NOT a political forum, we have decided that it is more critical to try to establish a safe space for people to post about their beliefs, ideas, feelings, and even just idle musings or thoughts…..without getting slammed by other posters….or even us, lol.

To that end, all submissions, including all comments will be moderated in the attempt to create and maintain the highest possible vibration….while still encouraging dynamic discussion and inclusive participation. The standard for comment moderation is simple. Does this comment foster beauty and higher vibrational frequency? Can it lead to discussion and interaction that will ultimately raise the vibrational frequency of those that participate and the wider world and universe?

Comments that lower the vibration, that are not beautiful, will not be posted. Comments that raise the vibration will be highlighted on the front page. If you wish to contribute a thought or essay to the blog, leave a comment and an e-mail address and we will either go ahead and post it, or contact you to discuss it.

Or you can e-mail me at [email protected] with your submissions.

How will this theory, which I shall for the moment call “openness through utter totalitarianism,” work in practice? We don’t know! Perhaps…and hopefully, it will turn out to be utterly unnecessary! We have however seen the effects on a community that is trying to accomplish something, even something as “simple” as creating a safe space for ideas (especially “unorthodox” ones) of unmoderated posting. And if this is not a safe space for people to post their innermost feelings, beliefs, and ideas…there is not much point in doing it.

Here is what we are asking contributors to do. Just take a moment before you react…..and in that moment, ask yourself….is this reaction raising the vibration? Or lowering it? And then….how can I state or present ‘my’ view in a more constructive way, a way that builds community and contributes to a safe space for ‘me’ to post….as well as for others.

This does not mean that you cannot challenge, object to, point out “flaws” in, or argue points raised on this blog, in this space. That is indeed what most communication consists of!

If you can make your “argument” beautiful, it is welcome! If not, your comment will not be posted, and we can have a private discussion via e-mail about how to present your point in a fashion that does not lower the vibration of the blog for everyone else. Because the higher the vibration this blog generates, the higher the vibrations it will “sympathetically” attract. And the higher the vibration it attracts, the more the interactions of the posters, words and ideas it generates….will further raise the vibration of the conversation, and the community.

So….Yes Please! Send us, or post in comments, your articles, stories, pictures, poems, videos etc. that you wish to contribute, an we will do our best to get them on the blog!

As for my new personal philosophy on commenting etc. here at World Weavers, which as some of you have perchance observed in the past, in other venues, and perhaps found it (admittedly) “less than beautiful,” I have a new and nefarious plan for challenging comments! You will be viciously agreed with! In the theory that if I (we) start off trying to find commonality, rather than disagreement….the conversation will be much more interesting, at the least, than the “I know you are but what am I” level conversations that seem to dominate the Intertubes!