The Weaving

It is time, now, to leave Fundamentalism and schism behind us. Time to take the best, the highest, of the worlds consciousness, religion, and spirituality….and leave the worst of the Dogma, power plays, and divisions behind us. Taking the Universal truths from each of the worlds traditions of higher consciousness, thought and practice and begin to start weaving them together into a single tapestry of all the remarkably similar truths that serve Humankind.  

For all of human history, for thousands and thousands of years, all human awareness has developed in pockets. All human awareness has developed within its own cultural consciousness, each culture acting as both the filter through which the Universal Consciousness has poured and as the vessel that has received and thus formed it, each in its own unique way.

But the truth of the Universal Consciousness remains as The Truth. No matter what shape it took. For all of human history these differently shaped truths remained somewhat isolated, certainly as far as the vast majority of of humans who were not sending letters, or sharing texts that took a year to arrive by ship or caravan, were concerned.

Then slowly and suddenly, the planet began to shrink. Previously when the pockets of culture began to rub up against each other, there were great wars to determine whose version of The Truth of Universal Consciousness was “best” or “right.”

When in reality….it was all the same Truth, all emanating from the same Source. The only difference was the human and cultural filters it poured through and the shape of the vessel that contained it. Now, on a planet that is in the process of shrinking into a single village, with instant communication between the farthest reaches of the earth, all The Faces of God are known. To all those who wish to know.

All of the basic information of all of the spiritual cultures that was once hidden, occulted or arcane is now available. (Dependent, as has always been the case, on one’s individual development and thus one’s ability to comprehend it.) Literally hundreds of once hidden spiritual Truths, originating in literally hundreds of cultures  are now known. (If not completely understood.)

This has removed certainty. It is far, far easier to be certain that what you have been taught in your culture is THE Truth….if you are not exposed to other Truths, that others also believe with complete certainty. IF you are intellectually honest and not blinded by conditioning and dogma.

The removal of certainty in any dogma is a good thing, overall, if we truly value Truth. It is a necessary step in human development.

If all of the worlds cultures and beliefs are to be reconciled into