Beauty …..and blog moderation!

I believe the highest aspiration human beings can achieve is to create beauty. Why? Because I (and the quantum physicists and shamans) also believe that everything we see around us, all of nature, all of man, all of thought action and being itself is, underneath the illusions we ourselves create and perpetrate in order to deal with the fact of our existence, is nothing but waves of energy. Waves of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Frequencies whose differences in vibration determine how we perceive, create, and react to the manifestation of those energies….by assigning them form, value and solidity.

More on that later as this adventure in blogging (which is, of course, nothing but waves of energy) plays out.

But, if we agree with the newest science and some of the oldest “religious” observations…everything we see, know, interact with and create in this existence is energy vibrating at different frequencies.

It can be said then that the “meaning of life” is a series of transformations, using the palette of our existence on (the energy plane) of earth as the method and medium to increase the frequency of our “individual” energy vibrations. And in raising our vibration, raise the vibration of this plane of existence. And in raising the vibration of this plane of existence, to raise and transform the vibration of the universe in which it exists.

And, I believe, that that which we perceive as beauty is indeed the manifestation of the highest vibrational frequency we are, in this limited state of being, capable of achieving.

In that way…..this blog is dedicated to beauty, as it’s entire purpose is to raise the vibration of every sentient being on this plane of existence. In order to raise and transform the vibration of the universe itself. Thus continuing the long arc of raising, as Hermes put it, the gross to the fine. And continuing the journey of the universe itself to the highest vibrational frequency possible.

To that end, all comments will be moderated, lol, in the attempt to create and maintain the highest possible vibration….while still encouraging dynamic discussion and inclusive participation. The standard for comment moderation is simple. Does this comment foster beauty and higher vibrational frequency? Can it lead to discussion and interaction that will ultimately raise the vibrational frequency of those that participate and the wider world and universe?

Comments that lower the vibration, that are not beautiful, will not be posted. Comments that raise the vibration will be highlighted on the front page. If you wish to contribute a thought or essay to the blog, leave a comment and an e-mail address and we will contact you to discuss it.

Many of us have participated on political blogs….or in perhaps the comments at You tube or, say, a knitting forum. we urge you to put aside all of your previous experience of posting elsewhere on the internet! No one here is trying to tell anyone what to do, what is real, what you “should” believe, or how you “should” act. Though, due to our human reactions, programming and conditioning, posts here may “push your reaction buttons” and cause you to want to “argue” points or assertions.

That is fine.

Just take a moment before you react…..and in that moment, ask yourself….is this reaction raising the vibration? Or lowering it?

If you can make your argument beautiful, it is welcome! If not, your comment will not be posted, and we can have a private discussion via e-mail about how to present your point in a fashion that does not lower the vibration of the blog for everyone else. Because the higher the vibration this blog generates, the higher the vibrations it will “sympathetically” attract. And the higher the vibration it attracts, the more the interactions of the posters, words and ideas it generates….will further raise the vibration.

Which is the reason we are all here….for the beauty!