Live-WI Rallies

This is a live feed coming out of Madison:

Right now they are bouncing back and forth from the speaker at the station to show recordings from yesterday as well as some live feeds via cell phones as the rally goes on today.

Reason I’m posting this up, besides the obvious of some wanting to watch, is they announced that the 14 State Senators will be speaking at around twelve noon CST and they are hoping to bring live coverage of those speeches.

This feed comes from The UpTake.

This is in an e-mail from GRITtv:

Today, in collaboration again with The Uptake, WORT-FM and Free Speech TV, GRITtv is proud to bring you live coverage from Madison. The mainstream media might think the story is over, but the people know different, and we’re going to make sure they get the coverage they deserve.  Head over to to watch!  

Viewers can expect the likes of Jim Hightower, a Famer Labor Tractorcade, an Educator’s March, and many great speakers. Organizers are expecting this to be the largest protest yet and we don’t want you to miss a minute of it.

They have some tape getting ready to air, they are trying to get camera’s hooked up so as not to need cell phone video, and they are saying they will be bringing pictures of the Tractorcade soon!