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I know, you have “breaking news” overload.  But I can’t help but see the parallels between the Middle East and what happens here at home.

Wisconsin is waging its own fight for democracy and economic liberty, without the aid of an international coalition.  They are planning to oust leaders who voted for enslavement.  But what should they demand from the new people they elect to the legislature?  How could they permanently break the bonds of economic enslavement?  

I have a few suggestions.

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Socialism 2011 Conference in Chicago – July 1-4, 2011


This will be the third conference I’ve attended! It’s $80 for early sign-up, and the rooms at the hotel are $115/night.  It’s well worth the time if you have any interest in socialism.

Photo of Jacob Freeze with Barack Obama

Jacob Freeze with Barack Obama

Yesterday President Barack Obama identified a man with a bag over his head who is often observed around the Oval Office as Jacob Freeze, the President’s sock-puppet from the liberal blogosphere. “Jakie was supposed to play my conscience in Obama: The Sequel, but when Axelrod axed that role, we had to recast him as my shame.”

Six In The Morning

Western warplanes, missiles hit Libyan targets

REUTERS | Mar 20, 2011, 10.08am IST

TRIPOLI: Western forces hit targets along the Libyan coast on Saturday, using strikes from air and sea to force Muammar Gaddafi’s troops to cease fire and end attacks on civilians.

Libyan state television said 48 people had been killed and 150 wounded in the allied air strikes. It also said there had been a fresh wave of strikes on Tripoli early on Sunday.

There was no way to independently verify the claims. French planes fired the first shots in what is the biggest international military intervention in the Arab world since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, destroying tanks and armoured vehicles in the region of the rebels’ eastern stronghold, Benghazi.


“Zombie” Ants Found With New Mind-Control Fungi

Late Night Karaoke

Globalist Dweeb Assholes Attack Libya

And my suburban Sam American life sucks big time, we are three full families in total immedidate Chase Bank foreclosure Armageddon.   In-law aparments are completely illegal.  Hey, they got perfectly exhorbitantly expensive “programs” for the elderly not to mention the 35 year olds who can’t afford their own homes on their own Illuminati adjusted non incomes.  Yes, Professor Panarin was right on schedule.

Mr Peace Prize himself no less.

Hey, with any luck the nuke fallout will take out the California bread basket before the corexit takes out the Heartlands.

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