TEA what TEA, Hard Stuff from now on

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Gotta keep these cushy jobs!

Elected As Cost Cutters, GOP Freshmen Will Party With Fatcats Tonight

Tea Party Populists Will Be Among Republicans At Private High Roller Gala

Hey it’s a hard work a comin, what with more destruction that wasn’t finished in the 109th, gotta make friends with the cash cows.

Jan. 4, 2011 – They were elected on a promise to bring a frugal, belt-tightening agenda to a Congress known for profligate spending. But as the new, Republican House majority got set to take command, a dozen GOP freshmen were headed to the luxurious W Hotel for a gala fundraiser that commanded $50,000 for VIP guests.

Let the party begin!

Jobs needed, what Jobs and who needs them, we’re set now, even with great health care.

The event scheduled for tonight – which is closed to the press — will be held at a hotel that describes its own accommodations as “over the top,” and will include a private concert by country music star Leann Rimes. The invite, sent to lobbyists, wealthy donors and political action committees, comes from America’s New Majority, a group of newly minted Republican congressmen that includes a half-dozen of the victorious Tea Party members.

Tickets are $2,500 per person, and a book of eight tickets and a VIP suite will set a donor back $50,000, according to the invite.

Wonder if the witch, who didn’t get elected, but seems to enjoy burning through contributors money for her expenses will crash it.

California freshman Rep. Jeff Denham was identified by Politico as the “man behind the event,” and behind America’s New Majority, a leadership fundraising committee. A spokesman for Denham told the web publication the congressman views fundraising as a crucial element in securing the GOP majority beyond this term. ABC News left messages for Denham, but has not heard back.

That it is, a really important function with them that got it, the flocks gave all there’s to Sarah and she’s got an Iron hold on it tryin to get more.

Wanna go, here’s the invite: