“Support the Troops Tax”

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Retired Capt USAF, Myles Spicer, USAF 1954-57 retired from reserves, lays out the long over due ‘Support’ for those we send into occupations theaters and then forget about. The so called (T)’s {oh the fun with the ‘purple heart bandages’ as the wars raged}, once long ago (R)’s and even conservative, won’t like this, they want but don’t want to pay for, and not just war, as most of them were the ones that remained silent for over a decade, still ongoing silence, as to Real Support but very loud as to support of the failed policies and related lies and costs.

The impelling case to impose a “war tax”

January 21, 2011 – I admit I get somewhat frustrated when I see these innocuous little bumper stickers: “Support our Troops”. It’s not that I am anti-military (actually I am an honorably discharged veteran myself, Capt, USAF) – the point is that the raging war in Afghanistan, and the Iraqi action (which is now mostly in our rear view mirror) are hardly “wars” at all to most Americans.  So, putting on a bumper sticker is just about the most involvement most of us have on these tragic, expensive, and possibly specious ventures.  And that has a number of downsides worth discussing.

Deficits {continued}


The imposition of a “Support the Troops Tax” would have many benefits, and should gain the favor of both liberals (who want to revisit the Administration’s strategy of continuing the wars); and conservatives who favor a reduction of the deficits and “pay as you go” policies. Today, most Americans are disconnected from the violence and suffering from the small minority of our nation’s fighting men and women who are carrying the entire brunt of sacrifice. A tiny bumper sticker…patriotic slogans…holiday political speeches…and other miniscule efforts are insufficient to formulate our goals and achieve them in the battle for homeland security.  A “Support the Troops Tax” would be a strong move in the right direction. {continued}

Veterans from Korea right through our conflict Vietnam and into the first Gulf War, on the twenty year mark and not one of the leaders, who gave the orders, even mentioning Gulf War Syndrome, to the still ongoing occupations of Iraq and the allowed to crumble into another extremely dangerous and costly quagmire Afghanistan are owed plenty from their service to Country in it’s wars of choice. What this Country ignores as to their and their families sacrifice for service while still ongoing and for long after. Till the next one finds the need for lip service as we send another generation to invade and occupy others!