Deepwater Horizon: Final Report (Released 01/11/2011)

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A Press conference was held at the National Press Club on 11 January 2011 at 10AM and lasted a little over an hour with statements at the beginning and refreshingly, considering what we usually get in our so called political discourse and from the journalism profession, intelligent questions and answers following.

This is the complete Commission report for the President and the public’s viewing.

Deepwater Horizon: Final Report (Released 01/11/2011)

You can download each section of this report as well as sub sections under each At This Link and off graphic of cover, but below is the breakdown, and size of files, without the links to each.

Final Report (Released 01/11/2011)

Full Final Report (16.76 MB)

Introduction (Front Matter) (1.5 MB)

Part I: The Path to Tragedy (6.85 MB)

Chapter 1 (2.25 MB)

“Everyone involved with the job…was completely satisfied…”

The Deepwater Horizon, the Macondo Well, and Sudden Death on the Gulf of Mexico

Chapter 2 (4.02 MB)

“Each oil well has its own personality”

This History of Offshore Oil and Gas in the United States

Chapter 3 (1.05 MB)

“It was like pulling teeth.”

Oversight–and Oversights–in Regulating Deepwater Energy Exploration and Production in the Gulf of Mexico

Part II: Explosion and Aftermath (15.01 MB)

The Cause and Consequences of Disaster

Chapter 4 (3.22 MB)

“But, who cares, it’s done, end of story, [we] will probably be fine and we’ll get a good cement job.”

The Macondo Well and the Blowout

Chapter 5 (3.77 MB)

“You’re in it now, up to your neck!”

Response and Containment

Chapter 6 (4.92 MB)

“The worst environmental disaster America has ever faced”

Oiling a Rich Environment: Impacts and Assessment

Chapter 7 (3.94 MB)

“People have plan fatigue . . . they’ve been planned to death”

Recovery and Restoration

Part III: Lessons Learned (6.17 MB)

Industry, Government, and Energy Policy

Chapter 8 (3.49 MB)

“Safety is not proprietary”

Changing Business as Usual

Chapter 9 (2.33 MB)

“Develop options for guarding against, and mitigating the impact of, oil spills associated with offshore drilling.”

Investing in Safety, Investing in Response, Investing in the Gulf

Chapter 10 (1.01 MB)

American Energy Policy and the Future of Offshore Drilling

Back Matter (875.83 KB)

* End Notes (335.77 KB)

* Appendix A: Commission Members (489 KB)

* Appendix B: List of Acronyms (180.47 KB)

* Appendix C: Executive Order (221.94 KB)

* Appendix D: Commission Staff and Consultants (322.34 KB)

* Appendix E: List of Commission Meetings (181.58 KB)

* Appendix F: Staff Working Papers (202.02 KB)

* Index (538.2 KB)

I’m hoping they will be archiving the press conference video for further viewing as well as the information from.