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Stockman: “Jobs outlook worse than people think”

  We’ve heard a lot about how the economy has created one million jobs since the end of the recession in 2009, but until recently we haven’t heard anyone break down what those jobs are like.

  That changed last week when David Stockman appeared on CNBC.

Stockman interview begins three minutes in

 “The jobs that they count every month and people get excited about are really part-time jobs,” he said.

Obama’s Totalitarian Vision of a Censored Society

You may recall that Richard Nixon’s declared “enemy” was Daniel Ellseberg, who released “The Pentagon Papers” that finally brought to public light the lies, corruption, and futility behind the Vietnam War. Nixon was so pissed about this, that he formed his own private CIA-hit team, called “The Plumbers”, made up of CIA “Bay Of Pigs” assassins (and Kennedy assassination participants), E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, etc. to go around and ensure that any leaks were plugged up. Of course, the Daniel Ellsberg burglary, and the Watergate break in then followed, which led to Nixon’s own downfall — something today’s Congress would let pass by without a thought, in the today’s unspeakable age where: Human torture and preemptive War are good things in eyes of The United States Government (as long as we’re the ones doing it, or Israel, or the British Oligarchy, or Saudi Arabia).

Well the Pentagon Papers of today, are WikiLeaks, and guess who’s side President Obama is on?  That’s right, the same side as Richard Nixon.

Obama made a public statement to  Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan where he was quoted as:   “Expressing his regrets for the deplorable action by WikiLeaks“.

Link: Obama Lashes Out Amid Calls to Free Assange

Yeah….in Obama’s World, truth-telling is really “deplorable”, and not our criminal and corrupt Foreign Policy, our Worldwide mass-violence, and his utter waste of Trillions of dollars of American citizens money — who must instead, according to Obama, be robbed of their own Social Security lifeline in order to “keep the debt under control” — while he also hands out over $700 Billion dollars to multi-millionaires, and tells the Democratic Party: “take it or leave it”   (who’s the real treasonist here?).


This is a tragic statement about our Country, but hardly surprising since President Obama has also happily agreed with Dick Cheney and George Bush (his Foreign Policy role models) supporting the elimination of Haebeus Corpus, elimination of our Miranda Rights, elimination of the Posse Comitatus Act, support for secret brutal CIA Renditions (i.e. the outsourcing of Human Torture), broad based Government Wiretapping and data gathering on U.S. Citizens that would make Richard Nixon blush, and the right of the executive to now kill and assassinate any U.S. Citizen without any charges or crimes ever being demonstrated … on mere suspicion alone.
This is President’s Obama worldview.


The President also called Mexican President Felipe Calderon as well to make the same statement as well, as part of an effort to put pressure on Foreign Governments to continue to scapegoat, abuse, jail, harass, torture, or possibly assasinate the truth-teller.

Obama has also turned Attorney General Eric Holder loose to prosecute — not the War Crimes committed by criminal government officals whom we all pay the salaries of — but instead to prosecute truth-teller Julian Assange, and by using “all the tools” at his disposal (e.g.: assassination efforts underway).
This is President’s Obama worldview.


Support of WikiLeaks may be the most constructive thing that all of us ordinary people can do now, to bring about pressure upon the ruling Elite class, and expose their genocidal and monetary crimes.

Open Foxx



What the F**K is wrong with this country? Wait, never mind I’ve been watching it collapse for the last thirty of my comin on 62 years of my life, Questions Answered!

I just got finished watching Meet The Press and the way over the top extremely highly paid ‘experts?’ mumbling about the tax cuts and who hates who and why.

I didn’t hear One mention of these Wars our soldiers are still in nor the countries need to Finally not only ‘Sacrifice, after ten years, but Pay Back What Is Owed For Waging Them, not a mention as to the Veterans Of nor their Families, the Only Ones That Have Done Any Sacrificing as these tax cuts came with the start of these Wars of Choice.

It came on just as I was putting together a post for my site on a just released report on Family Care Givers of Veterans, and boy there is so much more then just this!

The Course of Empire…

Bodies Upon The Gears

From Mario Savio’s UC Berkeley Sit-In Speech

Sproul Hall Steps, December 2, 1964

“There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious – makes you so sick at heart – that you can’t take part. You can’t even passively take part. And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all.”

Chronicles of Ordinary Pleasures

I can’t go into my kitchen because the birds fly off the back porch where I’ve put bird seed.  Somehow they sense my presence if I am not very careful as I edge toward the door to watch them. The snow is coming down hard and there’s no sense putting birdfood down in the yard.  I’ll get to the feeders soon after they leave the porch.  Still, if I move quietly toward the door, I can see the female cardinals and sparrows, as well as a few chicadees.  The females have a punk male cardinal with them – I can tell young male cardinals from their punk looking feathers on top.  So, it’s not only the human family where children stay home longer or move back in.  (I really have to relearn how to get pictures up here.)  I hope the doves don’t come for awhile.  They are agressive and literally push smaller birds away – they certainly do not live up to their name.

When I can move around freely, I’ll make toast with cinammon topping.  Maybe I’ll make a Dutch Baby pancake.  You don’t need a lot of ingredients and it’s yummy.

The Big Pancake:

3 tablespoons butter

2 eggs, beaten

l/3 cup milk

l teaspoon sugar

l/4 teaspoon of sale

pinch of ground nutmeg

For garnish:

juice of one lemon

powerdered sugatr

Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Put the butter in a 9 or l0 inch pie plate or ovenproof skillet.  Place in oven, then remove once butter is melted

Mix the remaining ingredients together with a whisk and pour into hot skillet or plate.  Immediately return to oven and bake for about 18-20 minutes till puffy and evenly browned on the outside.

then squeeze l lemon juice and powdered sugar.   Allora –  

I’m watching Mary Wesley’s BBC series on tape: The Camomille Lawn.  A wonderful story of love and regret in WWII England.  So I’ll cuddle up today and watch that, and if I haven’t had enough sugar – I’ll watch the Hallmark Channel.  Yup, it’s that kind of day.  Besides I’m tired of my political, stiffened outraged self at the moment.  

Today is my birthday.  I am 72, so naturally I’m thinking of my mother and all the sweet, kitchen-warm, winter afternoons we shared when I was a child – she listening to Portia Faces Life and Just Plain Bill and me sitting at the table coloring or helping out with the baking. Those were times when children were satisfied with the quiet task of paper, scissors and if we were lucky – the 54 pack of crayons. I’ve never since been so at peace and happy and safe-feeling.  Wherever you are mother – thank you.


Sunday is Corbettreport Day

Today it’s about wikileaks and the longer term push for internet censorship.  I noticed years ago when I was still working the electronics industry’s technological push towards faster serial delivery protocols or in simple terms the shoving of sheeple crap into your mobile phone.  Anyway other places of New World Order note are hailing the Assange wikileaks even if that means the internet may become only an AOL like lamestream shopping mall.  What is NOT in the wikileaks is stuff like the timing detonation sequence needed for nuclear fission, the reason for censorship of seismic/geological survey data or the increase in bio-safety level four labs.  You know, the really good stuff.

From infowars we also have the EPA looking into taxing rainwater.…

Cracking down on the evils of farm dust.…

And low and behold the Berkshare.  I live in Marxachusetts and for four full years have never heard of this local currency.

Plus Bernie Madoff Carbon Trading shit from the meeting in Cancun you never heard about.…

Foundations of social engineering-Creating the very Matrix itself and thus the Iserbytan dumbed downedness of American lowest common zombinalic talking points.…

Docudharma Times Sunday December 12

Sunday’s Headlines:

Syria’s underground poetry scene


A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives

Financial arms race underway in Washington



Retail industry

Britain’s high street chains are named by sweatshop probe

Kosovo holds historic election as division persists

Middle East

‘Our lives became something we’d never dreamt’: The former Israeli soldiers who have testified against army abuses

Deadly act scripted for state TV


Mothers – the hidden addicts of Afghanistan

Big fat red faces for Singapore leaders


Central Africa: four-nation ‘sting’ operation busts wildlife smuggling ring

South Sudan ruling party supports independence

WikiLeaks’ advocates are wreaking ‘hacktivism’

By Ian Shapira and Joby Warrick

Washington Post Staff Writers

In England, a 26-year-old advertising agency employee caters to multinational clients but on the side has been communicating with a secretive band of strangers devoted to supporting WikiLeaks.

Halfway around the world, a 24-year-old in Montana has used a publicly available – and, according to security experts, suddenly popular software program called Low Orbit Ion Cannon with the goal of shutting down Web sites of WikiLeaks’ perceived enemies.

“WikiRebels”: The Documentary–Only 24 hours before it goes dark!

I hope many of you are around to view this vid documentary on Sunday, 12/13, because supposedly it’s only up for one day.  I am going out of town for the day and won’t be around to do anything on this, so I hope someone else can/will. And if anyone has time to burn and save it, please do, and let me know.  Thanks.

This is a Swedish made film with much behind the scenes stuff on Wiki and Julian and more:

“What we have here is a new breed of rebels, IT guerrillas without a national base.”

Finally, in response to globalized eco-destruction, globalized wars, and globalized banking that robs national and personal wealth, we now have globalized resistance so profound, so effective, that global elites are waging a massive censorship campaign to silence the group, WikiLeaks, and smear its figurehead, Julian Assange.

Read it and view it at global research  

Enjoy, learn, and act…

And remember I/We are all Julian Assange.

Letter to Australia’s PM

I read this Raw Story comment early this AM and I couldn’t pass up the chance.

The Australian government is getting a LOT of pressure to support Assange and deny anything the US asks for. If you support Assange, send a message to Australia’s PM asking her to make sure he is not extradited to the US.

The pressure on the Australian government is working. After the open letter to Aussie PM Julia Gillard was published online last week, by 200 famous Aussies, and thousands of support comments were left on it by other people, only then did the Aussie Foreign Minister come out in support of Assange. The pressure needs to stay on them, so PLEASE spend a minute and send Julia Gillard a polite message.

Late Night Karaoke

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