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Power to Represent


In his speech yesterday, Bernie Sanders spoke of (and I am paraphrasing here) he spoke of needing his fellow citizens to back him up so that he could represent us.

Representing your constituents is a power in and of itself.

We have certainly seen and felt the power of those who represent the rich and powerful in this country.  Their constituents pay a great deal of attention to their representatives.

Our guys?  Not so much.  And often for very good reason.  The dynamic, for one thing, is very different.  The rich constituents are used to succeeding, they truly do buy governmental power.

We may convince some reps of our POV, but we usually don’t have the means or sometimes even the skills, to transfer our power as citizens to our representatives in a way they can use to counter the power of the other constituency.

I am speaking literally here.  Power is not an abstract thought, it is a real force in this universe, and we all have it whether we abuse it, use it, hide it or throw it away, don’t matter.

Anyway, I give Bernie credit for knowing where his power comes from.  He knows it viscerally.  There are probably some others in Congress, and in state and local government now who know that the same way.

I am heartened that me and my fellow citizens are now aware, in whatever capacity we have, that this kind of power may take longer to amass, but once people are brought together, the represented supporting and informing the representative, and the representative allowing that power to come forth, to truly represent the former, there is no power that can withstand it.

Video of the GOP/Obama (Clinton) Tax Plan

In which all the guys gathered around on the roof are the Ruling Class, the “subject” represents the Lower Classes…………

All Is Not Quiet In the Halls of the Dead

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A revolution is coming.  Europe is a powder keg and the fuse is burning.  The scenes of fire and fury in the heart of London, the riots in Athens, the mass protests in Ireland and Italy are only a preview of what’s coming next.  I’m not advocating revolution, revolution is a beast no one wants unleashed, but a revolution is coming.  It won’t be requesting permission from high and mighty pundits or media scribblers or presidents or prime ministers or anyone else to come pounding on their doors with a message, a message from the dead, a message from the dying, a message from the abused and betrayed and forgotten, a message written in pain on the parchment of time and stained with the blood of the innocent.  

It’s coming.

Revolution lurks no longer in the halls of the dead, it lingers no more in the rooms of ruin, its coming, it knows the way, it doesn’t need directions, it’s been here before, it marched with Cromwell, it crossed Concord Bridge, it bled at the Bastille, it stormed the Winter Palace of the Tsars, it remembers why, it remembers how, it knows who the guilty are, it knows who the enablers are, it knows where they live, it knows where we all live, and it’s coming.  

DD To Stay Open

Announcement to follow soon one day… stay tuned.

Goat-Grabbing in Samangan Province, Afghanistan


The sport of Buzkashi consists of grabbing the carcass of a goat off the ground while you ride at high speed in a stampede of 40 or 50 horses and riders, and then depositing the carcass across a finish line in the “Circle of Justice” while all the other riders try to knock you off your horse.

This is an image of the American “mission” in Afghanistan.



Open Brando


“Imagine” Central Park, December 8, 2010

Sympathy For The Devil

Steven Thomma at McClatchy Newspapers writes Friday December 10, 2010 of the depressing (and predictable?) results of a new public opinion poll conducted for McClatchy by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

The poll results indicate that “Americans overwhelmingly think that WikiLeaks is doing more harm than good by releasing classified U.S. diplomatic cables, and they want to see the people behind it prosecuted”

The Sanders Factor

By now, everyone with a pulse has heard about 69 year old Bernie Sanders’ amazing filibuster speech yesterday. (though not actually a filibuster)

I wonder where my Carl Levin was? Where was the support of the other “most-liberal” members of the Senate?  I will tell you where… hiding in fear of being framed by the hold-up men as the ones who blocked the “little people” from getting their Unemployment Extension. That is America for you, the robbers have framed the extortion so that the people will blame their own saviors for freeing them, rather than hang the guilty’s heads on deserved pike. No, they don’t want to steal from the rich and give to the poor. These people would rehang Christ and have Robin Hood drawn and quartered.


So, why would I espouse running Bernie Sanders for President in this Political Climate?

Why would I, when he his a self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist.” something the average person fears and does not understand?

At the New World Order Airport

Terranoia at the New World Order Airpost

Docudharma Times Saturday December 11

Saturday’s Headlines:

Doctors shocked by spread of swine flu – and its severity


Bill Clinton takes the White House stage, again

U.S. still warning employees: Don’t read or discuss the WikiLeaks documents


Winter chill promises a snow business bonanza for Continental Europe

Sex, spies and ‘swallows’

Middle East

Hopes dashed for release of woman who faced stoning

US ‘regrets’ Middle East impasse


PM’s dictate drives Kazakhs iPad crazy

Floodwaters still washing away lives in Pakistan


Isolated Gbagbo courts defiant Côte d’Ivoire rivals

Gbagbo hints at Cote d’Ivoire talks

Latin America

Bolivia lowers retirement age

How I met Julian Assange and secured the American embassy cables

Philip Dorling

December 11, 2010

GETTING to WikiLeaks’s secret headquarters took quite some time and was not without complications.

This year a careful reading of statements by the WikiLeaks co-founder, Julian Assange, led me to conclude his small organisation had landed what could be the biggest leak of classified information – a vast trove of US documents that, among other things, would provide deep insight into the realities of Australia’s relationship with our most important ally, the US.

Late Night Karaoke

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