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Top Down solutions, and other such myths

Imagine you just moved into a New Place to live — and after a week or so you realize that the place is very drafty and cold.  Brrrr!

What do you do?

If you’re of the school of thought that “Top Down” Investments are the Laissez faire way to fix things

— you do nothing except crank up the Thermostat and starting paying the higher Utility Bills  (ie. just keep throwing more money at it.)

If you’re of the school of thought that “Bottom Up” Investments are the best way to “permanently” solve most any problem

— you weather strip your windows, you insulate your attic etc.  (ie. you invest in things that actually address the problem and help it to be minimized, AND its continual costs.)


PS. “Bottom Up” Investments actually Help to put other People to work too … instead of just throwing that Cash —  “Out the the Window” !

Why Daily Kos Is Probably Wrong About Obama, Again


The recent transformation at Daily Kos from non-stop cheerleading for Obama into bitterly critical diaries at the top of their popularity list reminds me of my last term as a destitute graduate student in 1999, when I couldn’t even afford to ride a bus, and used to walk home from the library late at night through a series of black, Latino, and Native American slums.

After midnight I was more or less alone on the street except for a few gang-bangers who usually recognized me as that guy who taught basic reading skills at the local juvenile prison, out of books by Malcolm X and César Chávez and Russell Means’ autobiography, Where White Men Fear to Tread.

About halfway home I would pass a halfway house for mentally challenged individuals, many of them only recently emancipated from unpleasant institutions or exhausted families. There were almost always three or four residents socializing on their front porch until two or three o’clock in the morning, and after a few nights of getting-to-know-you banter back and forth we quickly became friends.

Promptly at 1 AM all of us would rush inside for the late-night weather report on TV, and we played a crazy game with the weatherman.

“Current temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit, 22 Celsius, clear skies and a gentle breeze from the southwest,” and we had been outside in exactly that weather only moments before. But someone would immediately scream…

“Sleet and freezing rain!”

“Tornado warnings for the Greater Boston Metro!”

“Hail-stones bigger than Toyotas!”

“Earthquake in the Back Bay!”


Open Davy


Frivolity: Dear Dick,

I read this am on AP that you have endorsed the Bowles-Simpson bill – most specifically on changing the SS retirement age to 69.  Then said something along the lines that it is unsustainable to spend the money we are spending on food stamps for children for instance.  You didn’t mention that it will be unsustainable as well to spend the monies we will spend on those of the working class who will be retiring earlier and asking the government for disability funds.  Plus, I so admire the way politicians pit children, babies, kittens, struggling university students against older Americans.  It’s so subtle and heartwrenching.

As well, you are onboard with cutting the tax credit for companies offering healthcare.  That’s not going to affect anyone’s healthcare, is it?  For sure, American companies will not give up their health insurance benefits to employees if there is no tax benefit.  If we’ve learned anything, it is that corporations are our friends, trusted, courageous and unselfish.  Of course, there is no dearth of employees in other countries, for instance – who wouldn’t mind this – having national healthcare.  So good on America – more outsourcing.

I will come back to this diary after I research further but I am having some friends over for lunch and want to begin the festive preparations.  It will be a modest affair but I am a good cook so we will eat heartily.

Usually I have a Christmas doing of some kind but this year in the spirit of austerity, I am foregoing it and instead having two friends for lunch.  Also, in the spirit of paying my real estate taxes which have risen about 35%.  As dark winter closes in on me and the other little old ladies here in the Chicago area – a Holiday Party is really an act of sanity as we face the long, cold winter – more isolated due to the weather as younger people.  But look – I want to do my part, as do my other elderly friends. Perhaps you can give us more hints so we can accomplish this.  I’ve gone to your website and seen nothing yet as to your sacrifices.  I’m disappointed but know you are a busy and important man with many more austerities to research to keep America safe and healthy.

I am leaving for now – but will revisit this diary and make revisions, if necessary.  Til then, Dick, I wish you and Barry all the things you deserve this Holiday Season.

Oh, and Dick, if any of your constituents are being crybabies about the 69 yr SS thing, please direct them to Alan Simpson – his sharp mind, his compassion, his love of country – and he’s past 69, isn’t he?  But wait – when do your congressional benefits kick in?  

I’ll be back after lunch and will change any inaccuracies if necessary.

P.S. —  we can discuss discontinuing the mortgage tax interest option which I believe is another option you endorse – what the heck – where are the Real Estate lobbyists?  

Dick, I see you have come out and said that you voted for this proposal so that you will have a “seat at the table” when the time comes to oh let’s say – get serious.  Your liberal blessing (excuse me while I leave the room to roll around the floor and scream) —

okay, that felt good – gives credence to the seriousness and cover that you and your pal, Obama, give to these suggestions that screw the working class.


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How many more shots do we have at defeating this empire/slave-subjects game, since the game has gone global?

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Docudharma Times Friday December 3

Friday’s Headlines:

Counting the cost of a drugs revolution


Obama, GOP closing in on tax deal

World is running out of places to catch wild fish, study finds


French socialist candidate claims dirty tricks after third break-in

Hungary under fire over ‘totalitarian’ media law proposal

Middle East

IAEA worried about uranium enrichment site in North Korea

Hamas leader sets out conditions for peace with Israel


Beijing pledges support for N Korea

US sails with Japan to flashpoint channel


Côte d’Ivoire in lockdown as leaders reject vote results

WikiLeaks goes off-line after ‘multiple’ attacks

U.S. firm says denial of service attacks on site threatened nearly 500,000 others staff and news service reports

WikiLeaks went off-line late Thursday after a U.S. firm providing its domain name system said the controversial website had come under mass denial-of-service attacks. said it had “terminated” its services to WikiLeaks as the attacks and ones expected in the future would “threaten the stability” of the company’s services to nearly 500,000 other websites.

WikiLeaks has been continuing to release classified cables sent by U.S. officials, causing huge embarrassment to diplomats and world leaders amid growing outrage and calls for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to be prosecuted under the U.S. Espionage Act.

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

Time for a break from poetry…in order to create some art.

When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.

–Eric Hoffer

Ornamental 10

Democrats exploiting Republicans? You bet.

PhotobucketSo. the frayed ends finally rip and tear. It finally becomes clearer: most Democratic politicians aren’t interested in being courageous. They are, however, interested in cash, campaigns, and power. They love to wordsmith and dazzle progressives with fabulous politicSpeak: yes, they do. More and better words delivered by more, but not necessarily better, Democrats.

Perhaps it is just plain decency that Democrats lack… the decency to stop playing both sides of issues. The decency to stop exploiting Republicans. Yes. You heard me. The Democrats have been the minority, the majority, with and without a sitting president and STILL the fucking Republicans are road blocks? It’s always the Republicans’s fault? No matter how it is sliced and diced, the Dems are always having their hands tied by some outside force.  I’m not buying it.

cross posted at writing in the rAw and Daily Kos

Obscure Demonstrations in Daykundi Province


April 29 2009…

People in Daikondi have been demonstrating for several days, asking the government and international community to discharge the corrupt governor Orazgoni and a judge accused of sexual abuse, Shirzad. They also want the immediate release five individuals who were imprisoned for disclosing information about official corruption and sexual abuse in Daikondi.

There has been no notice by the Afghan government or local or international media.

Daikundi 2

March 8 2010, 4000 women assembled to pray for peace in Daikundi Province, and that’s all I could find out about the image above, although I searched through Google with a whole variety of search-terms, and accidentally learned that 81 women have incinerated themselves in nearby Herat Province so far this year.

A Hazara girl campaigns for Hamid Karzai in Daikundi Province  

Late Night Karaoke

Wikileaks: We’ve seen this before

  He’s a vocal opponent of current policy. He says the government is keeping secrets from you and lying to you.

 His conservative opponents are apoplectic with anger. They are calling for his head. He has been investigated for imaginary federal crimes.

  But most of all, his opponents are attacking his character. They are accusing him of being a sexual deviant.

 No, I’m not talking about Julian Assange in 2010. I’m talking about Scott Ritter in 2002.

 I’m only mildly interested in the documents that Wikileaks have published.

Like the Pentagon Papers that Daniel Ellsberg released in 1971, the documents that Wikileaks are giving the news media aren’t all that shocking to most of the thinking public.

  The real story here is the official reaction, whether it was Ellsberg in 1972, Ritter in 2002, or Assange in 2010.

  Forget the details of the documents for a moment and look at the government reactions.

Hard Not To Call It Evil

Another one from the vault, back on Sun Mar 22, 2009

According to people who should know, The Ruling Class is using our money….draining our money, the money we use to survive and feed our children and to actual produce things, to rescue the very structure…that allows them to BE The Ruling Class. That enables them to Rule us.

These people, the Ruling Class, are the ones who got us into this financial armageddon. These are the same Ruling Class that took us to war in Iraq, after ignoring the warnings that an attack was coming.

They are the same people who made America into a nation that tortures people they KNOW to be innocent. They are the same people…if they even deserve the name…who are stopping any serious efforts to mitigate a Climate Crisis of incomprehensible scope.

They are the same people that so unprecedentedly had the Supreme Court decide Bush vs. Gore, so they could have Bush cut their taxes and deregulate the very same structures that we are now being called to give OUR money to prop up. Yes, the very same people who are directly responsible for everything that has gone wrong in our world, are the people who are now telling us….not asking us….telling us, that we have to bail them out. While as always, not telling us the whole story, not telling us what they are doing behind the scenes and behind our backs. They are though, telling us…..That we HAVE to clean up their shit, again, and suffer for their mistakes, just like we did in the last depression. The Ruling Class, they insist, is to big too fail. Even if that means that we have to.

These are the same people who let US drown in New Orleans.

And then threw corporate parties and killed Iraqis instead of rebuilding it.