December 2, 2010 archive

Single teaspoon of pure stupid heavier than entire galaxy.

The Economist:

The best protection against global warming is global prosperity. Wealthier, healthier people are better able to deal with higher food prices, or invest in new farming techniques, or move to another city or country, than poor ones are. Richer economies rely less on agriculture, which is vulnerable to climatic change, and more on industry and services, which by and large are not. Richer people tend to work in air-conditioned buildings. Poor ones tend not to.

I thinx mah brain herniated outs mah mouf!


Will Somebody Save Docudharma, or What?

So what’s happening? Will DD just vanish one day with no further notice?

Apparently Edger was the leading contender to keep it going, but if that doesn’t happen, how about the incredibly hard-working blogger, gjohnsit, along with dharmasyd and some other regulars as an editorial board?

I’m willing to contribute some money, but nobody tells me anything about what it costs to maintain the site!

Step up, people!

The bad guys are winning everywhere, and one less established progressive site is gravy for them!

Today is Mine


Today’s my birthday, and was a strangely rainy day in the Big Apple.  I felt like going to work, which was bizarre in and of itself.

I like birthdays, the ego gets a holiday and can run free!  Free at last!  Hee.

In this moderen age, we can self-publish.  So that’s easy right there.  Boom!  Instant connection to cyberworld.

Anyhoo …

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