The real victory tonight: The Blue Dogs take a beating.

So far, it looks like nearly half the Blue Dog Dems have been kicked out of office.  That’s a much higher percentage of Dems than the Progressive Caucus lost tonight.  I think it speaks loudly to why the Dems got their butts kicked today.  This wasn’t Americans turning to the Republicans, which polls show Americans hate worse than Dems.  This was Americans turning away from the Blue Dogs.  The ones who sold us out to the corporatists.

This opens up some serious opportunities for progressives if we can capitalize on them two years from now.  Without incumbency to aid them, the Dem Machine – which will be bringing more Blue Dogs to the table to replace the ones they lost – will have to win primaries against progressive alternatives in every Blue Dog seat.

Two years from now, progressives can make huge gains at the cost of the corporatists.  Provided, of course, that we can insure the elections aren’t rigged and we can come up with actual progressives to run fopr those Blue Dog seats.

Then, when we take back Congress, we won’t have the Blue Dogs aiding and abetting Republican obstructionism.  That’s more than just a silver lining in the dark cloud of todays elections.  That’s an opportunity for Progressives to take the Democratic Party back from Wall Street.