WASHINGTON — These days, when we think of George W. Bush, we think mostly of what a horrible mess he made of the economy. But his even more tragic legacy is the loss of our moral authority, and the transformation of the United States of America from global champion of human rights into an outlaw nation.


I have come to the conclusion that impeaching Bush would indeed have ripped the country apart. If we had done that, there would be Republicans demonstrating in the street holding up Hitler signs and shit. And the Repubs in Congress would completely obstruct everything and be vowing to make Obama a one term president. And that would be too high a price to pay for America actually remaining a moral nation.

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  2. when your train gets lost”…

    • Edger on November 22, 2010 at 10:34 pm

    If the price of remaining a moral nation is the loss of the god given exceptional freedom to lurch around the world destroying whole ancient societies, bombing and killing brown people, undermining and overthrowing democratically elected governments, opening up vast new markets for thievery at gunpoint of resources that can be refined with virtual slave labor in countries with suicide nets hanging from the outside walls of factories into shiny junk products to sell to television stupefied 99ers…. then fcuk morality. Who needs it.

    This is boring. There must be something good to watch on TV, isn’t there? Until it’s time to go shopping?

  3. My work.

  4. What do the Spooks have in mind for the future corpo-fascist global techno dystopia?  Here is the top ten list.

    • banger on November 23, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    If it’s not one guy it’s another. They got us all by the balls. Note Obama never stopped torture or the torture of the Constitution and habeas corpus. At least Bush was honest about his bad attitude.

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