FOX and TEA Speakers Don’t Get Paid Much??

I posted the following in an open thread, over at KOS, last night, it’s a local report about another hypocritical grifter trying, apparently, to get on that gravy train of the rush, beck, palin types. He’s either not succeeding or he’s lyin, which would be typical and going along with the grifter con, hitting the easy marks and reaping that wealth.

I’ll add a few more lines to what I posted, why?, well it’s still getting local play, caught it this morning, and this guy apparently needs more press exposure. My duty to help him out so he can make more ‘grifting’.

Dems gotta get on the stick and make Hypocrisy and Blatant Lying your winning messages, hey it works for them and there’s gotta be easy marks from the middle left, they can’t all be right of center and deeper right.

Anybody heard of Lenny McAllister Who is Lenny McAllister?, that’s his website.

A Hip Hop Republican and a PYC (proud young conservative) in the Era of Barack Obama, “…(Lenny McAllister) eschews political correctness, blatantly casts it off, which… helps him relate to young people…” (Charlotte Magazine)

And on it’s header it carry’s this:

Defending our Families * Protecting our Communities * Guiding our Prosperity

{Visit his website, this guy Really loves himself. Google his name and that ‘love’ is really apparent. Making one wonder how much income is cash only or well hidden someplace, from what I understand he’s in demand and makes the rounds in the talking head fantasy world often.}

Well he made the local news here, this Family Values Guy, and this was what it was about:

Political commentator touting family values labeled deadbeat dad

25 Most Wanted Deadbeat Parents

$37,355.98 Leonard Francis Mcallister, Jr. Black Male 1/13/1972

With a Warrant out for his arrest of which they talked to him on the phone and he had all kinds of excuses, the warrant is because he never showed in court nor apparently contacted the court or county on this matter. He’s apparently on the Cable shows, fox etc. talking up family values etc.

{The Sheriffs department has stated they’ve tried to serve him on numorous occasions without luck, his warrant call, number 13 on the 25 list, gives two local addresses, and he’s missed court dates with apparently also not contacting anyone.}

This is the vid of the cut of in the report

{Speaking at corporate and political party affiliated TEA gatherings, and touted as a rising star, under the (R) but now the (T), and very good public speaker {he should probably be more like the hockey puck, can’t speak yet reaps, they aren’t paying him their going rates for fear mongering and 21st century christianity spin? And what about the FOX, money tight?, airtime worth more then hypocrisy?, beck costing them as he doesn’t bring in enough advertising cash?, who knows! And why does it seem the ‘grifters’ are flocking to the right, easy marks?, gullible cultist types?, hypocrisy rules?……………………………..any and all that can be thought of, just ask Sarah!}