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ReFrame Wealthy Tax Cuts to Reality – The Wars

Many profited off these two long running occupations and still do. Wall Street brokers and the brokerage houses, Bankers! Wall Street investors directly or indirectly, you invest, especially big investors, you invest with those making steady profits and War is a steady profit making endeavor! The lobbyist of modern times especially for the Corporate Lobbyist! The Washington so called think tanks and especially those running them! Sadly many of the Military and Veterans organization charities especially those running them or on the boards of and companies doing business with them! And many more reaped huge wealth, no bid contractors, mercenary armies that grew, the list can go on and on!

These tax cuts were brought on and signed into existence as we started and waged two invasions and occupations and those continue, as does the profits and wealth from!!

It’s Time to Give Up on Climate Change

As the mood of the Cancun Conference tells us there is no realistic hope that anything meaningful can happen to stop the effects of climate-change. The United States has, from the beginning of the process, dragged its feet on taking responsibility for doing anything, however minor, to stop the process of climate-change. There’s a lot of noise and rhetoric that has come out of the government and corporations in order to mount PR campaigns but it is without substance. Even clear win-win situations like providing funding for green-energy as a way to revive struggling American funding is underfunded and cruelly mishandled. I refer here to an article written by Monica Potts in the American Prospect that shows that government money to train workers for green jobs does not and will not translate into real jobs because there’s little support for the alternative-energy industry and the dominant fossil fuels industry who thrive on public subsidies for their cheaper energy don’t want competition. The government, as near as I can tell, has no intention of even attempting to support anything like the Kerry-Lieberman bill which would  have been a start in moving us towards strengthening the industry and slowly weaning us from the domination of fossil fuels. Of course the administration knows any environmental bill is DOA in today’s political atmosphere of gridlock.

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The Global Pension Grab

  Most people who have been following the news about Ireland are aware of the austerity measures, such as middle-class tax hikes, the lowering of the minimum wage, and massive layoffs. But the most outrageous action the government is taking concerns pensions.

 Fine Gael, Labour and Sinn Féin attacked the intention to use the National Pension Reserve Fund to help provide a further €10 billion in further capital for the banks. In total, the banks could end up getting another €35 billion if their losses are bigger than expected.

 It’s a case of blatant theft. The government is stealing from the working class to give to the wealthy bank creditors.

 Ireland is not alone.

Open Emma


A “Tree of Life” Carpet from Mazar-i Sharif

Afghan Tree Of Life
Baluchi “Tree of Life” carpet from Mazar-i Sharif

We were born on the ladder of bone

in the tenth generation of sorrow

Peace was promised again and again

until even grief was broken

on the wheel of the sun

-Ghodi (trans. Jacob Freeze)

“The old way – the George Bush way”

The Real News talks with Phyllis Bennis of the DC based self described progressive think tank Institute for Policy Studies about the Wikileaks release of US diplomatic documents.

Real News Network – November 29, 2010

Wikileaks Shows No “New Mind-Set” in US Foreign Policy

Docudharma Times Monday November 29

Monday’s Headlines:

Climate change scientists warn of 4C global temperature rise


Intolerance and the Law in Oklahoma

American exceptionalism: an old idea and a new political battle


Beer giant accused of tax evasion in India and Africa by ActionAid

Basque party will repudiate all violence

Middle East

Egypt’s election magic turns the opposition almost invisible

Saudi women sue male guardians who stop marriage


War games start in Korea under menacing shadow of the North

Japan spreads the satoyama message


Wanted president at summit

How ethnicity colors the Ivory Coast election

Latin America

Haiti candidates denounce election

Cables shine light into secret diplomatic channels

The confidential material was obtained by WikiLeaks and released despite requests by the U.S. government not to do so

By Scott Shane and Andrew W. Lehren

WASHINGTON  – A cache of a quarter-million confidential American diplomatic cables, most of them from the past three years, provides an unprecedented look at backroom bargaining by embassies around the world, brutally candid views of foreign leaders and frank assessments of nuclear and terrorist threats.

Some of the cables, made available to The New York Times and several other news organizations, were written as recently as late February, revealing the Obama administration’s exchanges over crises and conflicts. The material was originally obtained by WikiLeaks, an organization devoted to revealing secret documents. WikiLeaks intends to make the archive public on its Web site in batches, beginning Sunday.

The anticipated disclosure of the cables is already sending shudders through the diplomatic establishment, and could conceivably strain relations with some countries, influencing international affairs in ways that are impossible to predict.

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

Time for a break from poetry…in order to create some art.

We need – and should encourage and honor – not only discoverers of facts hitherto unknown but explorers of ideas and rethinkers of values.

–Walter Moberly

Ornamental 6

Late Night Karaoke

Obama stonewalls superstar scientists’ urgent warnings on airport x-ray scanners

The President’s advisor on science and technology, John Holdren, would have been well-advised to listen to Elizabeth Blackburn and colleagues at UCSF, one of the world’s premier teaching hospitals and medical research institutions.

It appears to be Obama’s final “Is Obama Bush?” test.  Rather than siding with our best and brightest scientists, Obama and Holdren have sided with discredited ex-Bush officials turned lobbyist hacks like Michael Chertoff, aka “Skeletor,” who have significant conflicts of interest in selling this harmful technology and all the unconstitutional security theater that goes with it.

I didn’t see this letter when it first came out dated April 6, 2010 and hosted by the White House web page.

All That You Dream

Pique the Geek 20101128: Kitchen Chemistry and the Interstellar Terrorist Threat

In the kitchen, oftentimes we desire to thicken a sauce or a broth without significantly changing its flavor.  There are several ways to do this, and the physicochemical principles behind them are quite different in many cases.  One way of thickening things is just to reduce them (i.e., boil them down), but that often involves chemical changes that alter flavor.

Other ways of thickening things including adding small amounts of rather bland ingredients that cause the sauce or other material to become thicker without extreme heating, or to create a complex emulsion that thickens materials due to physical rather than chemical changes.  We shall examine some of both this evening.

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