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Night Train: Transporting a Lame Duck with the Oil Independence Tariff

Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence

We are in the Lame Duck Period. We have real unemployment rates of approximately 14% (counting headline unemployment, marginally attached, and involuntary unemployment as roughly 50% employed, 50% unemployed), and if the economy still sucks this bad in November in two years times, all manner of absurdly idiotic reactions could be elicited from an angry electorate by skillful corporate marketers.

And if the the Republicans are willing to sabotage the security on loose nuclear bomb making material for political gain, surely they will sabotage the economy, as they have been doing.

And with transportation from the Recovery Act creating 630,000 direct and indirect jobs ~ a larger share of jobs than share of funding … attacking transport funding is a critical step in sabotaging the economy.

So, an idea on what can be done about it.  

Open Hawes


XXX Body Heat XXX – The TSA in Editorial Cartoons

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Nick Anderson

Grope a Dope by Nick Anderson,, see reader comments in the Houston Chronicle

Friday night and the lights are low

Looking out for the place to go

Where they play the right music, getting in the swing

You come in to look for a king…

You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen

Dancing queen, feel the beat from the tambourine

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life

See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen

Dancing Queen by ABBA (YouTube)

Happy Thanksgiving for Many Veterans? Not!!

And while this just below is happening, money also drying up for Military Help orgs. as well as Veterans orgs. {more on that below this first report}, we get the Pampered Class, Majority of America {need the forgetful keep being reminded that over 70% supported the leaving Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq, those in that entire region need no reminding!}, whining about the security they helped create the need for, most being of the cheering crowds of these failed wars of choice and loss of personal security under those who ordered it all, even the (T) {tepublicans} in congress, embedded or the new coming in, are speaking out against the TSA!!!!

96.9 Boston Talks China Russia Quit Dollar

The zombification of America factor, ie, the Sarah Palin effect in full bloom in Boston.  What statement points this out?

Bill Clinton weakened Homeland Security.

Ok so I would like to point out that Homeland Fucking Stupidity did not, like, like fucking exist in the Clinton years but that would be arguing with history revisionist morons.  And why do I even bother listening to a right wing wackjob station I know I will have to do spiritual meditation after anyways.  Partly to monitor the lower spiritual realms, study the enemy so to speak.

China Russia quit dollar!…

Dems: Want Tax Cut Cover? Try the Small Business Exemption!

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I don’t need to echo that the Democrats cannot cave on a vote for a middle class tax cut.  But the one charge that seems to scare them (even though it shouldn’t) is that raising taxes on incomes over 250K will hurt small businesses.  In fact, this fear was an important reason why there was no pre-election vote on the tax cut.  Over the summer, House Dems feared a vote against the over 250K extension “would endure Republicans’ charge that they had voted to raise taxes on some small businesses.”

That’s partly because Republicans like Rep. Neuberger (Liar, TX) make wild charges like that 94% of small businesses will face tax increases if the taxes expire.  In fact, it’s more like 3% at most.

If Dems still feel this vulnerability, why not add a small business exemption to the expiration of the over 250K cuts?

Since no more than 3% of actual small businesses would be exempt, the revenue effect would be minimal. And Democrats would have some political cover on the one issue that seems to scare them most about letting the cuts expire for over 250K.

Of course, the Republicans will continue to lie about what actually is a small business, a lie rated “Pants on Fire” by Politifact:

Neugebauer said that “94 percent of small businesses will face higher taxes under the Democrats plan.” The statement is problematic in several ways. First, it implicitly assumes that the Democratic plan is to let all of the tax cuts lapse, when, in fact, Democratic officials have consistently said that they intend to raise taxes only for the wealthiest individuals. Second, two independent studies that looked at the impact of the Democratic proposal on small businesses found that only between 2 to 3 percent of tax filers who report having what can be thought of as small business income will be affected. One of those studies came from the very source that Neugebauer incorrectly cited. Finally, reporting business income doesn’t equal owning a small business, and data from the Tax Policy Center confirm that in the top tax bracket, only about a third of the tax filers report having at least 50 percent of their income from a business. We looked and looked for a shred of truth and couldn’t find one, so we rate this Pants on Fire.

Like anything else these days, this would be a test of whether Right Wing propaganda can convince people of anything (500B in Medicare cuts, Death Panels, Obama raised middle class taxes and triled the deficit).

But at least it would make the lies a little bit harder to pull off.

Badakhshan, Afghanistan

Badakhshan, Afghanistan

One of the problems with American plans for “reconstruction” in Badakhshan, Afghanistan is that most of the construction workers who show up for jobs don’t know how to hammer a nail, and this problem isn’t really so much a problem (which American know-how could supposedly solve) as it is a reminder that Afghanistan isn’t just another under-developed country. It isn’t even a medieval country.

It’s a pre-historic wasteland.

Here technology hasn’t significantly progressed since the foundation of Jericho, except in the lucrative but dangerous sub-field of refining raw opium into heroin, and junkies in the South Bronx probably understand more about existence in Badakhshan than all the experts in all the embassies in Kabul.

Tajik opium-addicts in Badakhshan, Afghanistan

(Photocredits: A.K. Kimoto)

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

Time for a break from poetry…in order to create some art.

Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ornamental 2

Late Night Karaoke

Lions and Tigers Oh My

a quickie … Leo… nice

Save Tigers Now is a global campaign by World Wildlife Fund and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Our goal is to build political, financial and public support to double the number of wild tigers by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger.

The Big Bubble Is Bursting: Is There Life After Capitalism?

Revisited from October 2009 (once more in case DD closes down) here in a rather prophetic talk 2 years ago Paul Jay of the Real News talked in November 2008 at The Von Krahl Academy in Estonia about foreign policies, wars, terrorism, the crises of capitalism, media, economies, about the shit hitting the fan, and about solutions development.

Jay’s talk is about 40 minutes. Watch the video. It’s worth your time. It’s one of the best videos I think ever produced by Jay and The Real News, if not the best.

Real News Network – October 4, 2009

The crisis will deepen, we need real news

Paul Jay of The Real News speaks

at the Von Krahl Academy, Estonia in November 2008

“I had to decide. Do I believe my own rhetoric? Or not?”

If I’m not doing the thing I feel is most significant,

then I feel empty inside.

— Paul Jay

The Whore…

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