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I’ll have the liver…


Vietnam Conflict Over? Not By A Long Shot!

And you may be living real close to more then one ‘enemy’, though was once a great allie of ours, weapons of mass destruction that lingers on today!

After Vietnam the country made a collective “We will never forget the mistakes!” statement than quickly moved on, forgetting everything as to the lessons of guerilla insurgent warfare, the why those invaded and occupied fight back, the results of War, Everything, even the Military who’ve shown in these two modern Wars of Choice, Afghanistan stopped being anything about 9/11 with the drums beat pointed at Iraq and us Not keeping the promise of helping them rebuild, after we rid the country of a brutal regime and international criminal terrorist and stopped going after them, just ask the bush, he even stated he stpped even thinking about bin Laden.

Open Yusef


What’s the Alternative, Man?

A leg-up can come from the oddest places. Even then, you can loop your hand to get someone up in the saddle, but you can never run his race for him.


So, in walks this aging, wiry biker, a man who has become millionaire with his businesses, a cold call out of the blue. I had been telling my husband for days, “Call Rod.” I have no idea why I even said it. Must have been some karmic shit, because Rod came, and came bearing an open heart and hard truths.

Still, in the end, he said that he has no idea what he would really do in Mike’s place, despite his desperate attempts to will Mike into having the will to fight longer, not give up.

But, having gone through this with his brother, he made the point crystal clear. Once you give up, and things get bad enough to where you realize you are going to die, there is no going back, no re-do. “Sure its hell, but whats the alternative, man?”

The thing is, he says? Lots of things in life are like that, not just life-itself. You have to weigh the pain/sacrifice equation out with the alternative of never-going-back to whatever you decide to end, and take responsibilty for your choices and fix them….because after a time, be it a career choice, a degree or a mate, there is no going back. Especially your life itself.

Rod’s about to spend 1-4 in a Federal Prison. He knows that of which he speaks. And takes it all with aplomb.  

The Massacre For Which Thanksgiving Is Named (Pt.2)

and out of that heightened violence came the massacre for which Thanksgiving is named.

How many Billionaires can dance on a Pinnacle?

The GOP often dangles this dream, before its far too loyal followers:

You too, could one day be a Millionaire, or perhaps even a Billionaire, so don’t ruin it for everyone, by raising Taxes on the Wealthy. Afterall, someday it could be you.  In their America, anything’s possible.

Most everyone, wants to be rich someday.  It’s part of the American Dream — or at least it used to be.  But the way things have been going lately it seems the Dream has been downsized to:

I just hope I can find/keep my Job.

Despite the somber work-a-day reality most people face, far too many still take the Republican dream, at face value.  By following their lead, they hope to strike it rich someday, too.

Perhaps we Dems, should address this rouse, and dare to ask:

What would really happen if we ALL struck it rich?

Because obviously there is only SO much room “at the top” …

Docudharma Times Saturday November 20

Saturday’s Headlines:

World Toilet Day: Top 10 nations lacking toilets


BP faces new fines over second Alaska spill

U.S. wants to widen area in Pakistan where it can operate drones


Balotelli: The star playing a losing game against racism

Berlusconi aide was ‘liaison’ with mafia

Middle East

Egypt tells US not to interfere in its affairs

Iran dismisses UN rights criticism


Asylum seekers sew lips shut over camp conditions

Japan developers build a wall against yakuza


Diamond producers slam watchdog on Zim gems

Latin America

Angry gangs bring UN protest to Haitian capital

In Lisbon, they talk. In Afghanistan, they die.

Christopher Davies, 22, was the 100th British serviceman to die this year in a war that Nato’s leaders – gathered today for a crucial summit – have no idea how to win.

By Michael Savage and Kim Sengupta in Lisbon Saturday, 20 November 201

Christopher Davies, a guardsman with the 1st Battalion Irish Guards, has been named as the 100th member of Britain’s armed forces fighting in Afghanistan to die this year.

The 22-year-old’s death was given extra poignancy yesterday as world leaders gathered to formulate an exit strategy from the bloody and intractable campaign. It has now claimed the lives of 345 British servicemen and women since it began in 2001.

Guardsman Davies, from St Helens, Merseyside, died after being ambushed and shot by insurgents while on patrol in the Nahr-e Saraj district, Helmand Province, on Wednesday.

Late Night Karaoke

How the UN Brought Cholera to Haiti

From the Assciated Press…

Before last month, there had never been a confirmed case of cholera in Haiti.

In March, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said cholera was “extremely unlikely to occur” in Haiti. There were no cholera bacteria there.

Then it did. Even more surprisingly, it did not first appear in a major port, an earthquake tent camp or an area where foreigners are concentrated, but instead along the rural Artibonite River.

Speculation keeps returning to that river and a base home to 454 U.N. peacekeepers from Nepal. They are perched on a babbling waterway called the Boukan Kanni, part of the Meille River that feeds into the Artibonite.

People living nearby have long complained about the stink in the back of the base and sewage in the river. Before the outbreak began they had stopped drinking from that section of the river, depending instead on a source farther up the mountain.

The CDC has said the strain of cholera in Haiti matches one found most prevalently in South Asia.

“It very much likely did come either with peacekeepers or other relief personnel,” said John Mekalanos, Harvard University microbiology chair. “I don’t see there is any way to avoid the conclusion that an unfortunate and presumably accidental introduction of the organism occurred.”

It’s Time— Part Two. (A Docudharma Exclusive)

Let me state up front that in writing this, I could have speculated all day and drawn many inferences. But instead, I have chosen to stick to the basic facts and I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. For the record, I have injected my opinion once and I state that it is my opinion. And even though I have told this information to at least 500 people in person, one of whom was from Homeland Security and two others who worked for the IRS, I am still leary of posting this information for fear of reprisal. I have made a few attempts to contact the media, but there seems to be little interest from any media outlet. What is this information you ask? The information is that the IRS does not shred any of it’s print runs. They send ALL excess printed material intact to Great Lakes Recycling. To be fair, they might shred it now, but I have reason to suspect that it is still unshredded.

Farewell To America: Robert Kennedy Jr.

I could try and summarize, but it is just best to listen to this video in it’s entirety.

I understand why Robert Kennedy Jr. has no interest in political office, I just don’t know who in politics can ever substitute for his voice, and his connect-the-dots knowledge of American History, and American Corruption.

Kennedy knows exactly what’s going on, but he has no power to fix it.

Random Japan


Officials in Toyama are taking multitasking to a whole new level with a project that trains hairdressers to spot emotionally disturbed customers who might be contemplating suicide.

How do you know when you’ve become an obasan? A survey of young Japanese women showed that muttering “Yoisho” is the number one indicator that you’ve made the transition from sexy young thing to a life of cutting in lines and holding on to other people when laughing.

Nissan has developed the world’s first Wrong-Way Alert Program, which gives clueless drivers a heads-up when they’re going against the flow of traffic.

Major insurance firm Nipponkoa became the first Japanese company of its kind to enter the daycare business

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