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Late Night Karaoke

From Loss, Opportunity

Despite my profound disappointment with Buhdy’s withdrawal, and the impending loss of Docudharma, I will not challenge (i.e try to talk him out of it) his decision. We all have to find our own path and while I regret the path Buhdy has chosen, I have no choice but to respect it. Buhdy is one of the best voices in the progressive blogosphere and his absence is truly our loss.

But I have to wonder if it was not with divine providence, or the secular equivalent thereof, that this decision came at this time. For as some of you may or may not know, I have been scheming on a new website for some time now, and it was only quite recently that the funding came through and the account was set up. I literally started working on it this past weekend.

I spent over a year securing the domain name My intent from the beginning was to create a place for progressives who have moved on from the failed strategy of “electing better Democrats” and “taking over” the Democratic party. As I have written repeatedly, it is the system itself that corrupts and even if there were some super-progressive candidates out there who could save the world, the carnival/freakshow that is the American, mass media controlled, electoral process prohibits us from electing them or even determining who these super-progressives would be.

So it is with this in mind that I set out to create a new, Independent Progressive community website as an alternative to Daily Kos, which has become nothing but a corporatist Democratic propaganda front.  

Help the 9/11 First Responders and Heroes

Cross-posted several places including Progressive Blue and  DailyKos.

It was looking grim for H.R. 847: James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 that had already passed in the House. Now there is some hope for a bill named after James Zadroga, an NYPD detective who died at age 34, the first police officer to die of a respiratory disease attributed to participation in rescue and recovery operations at the World Trade Center.

The legislation that provides $3.2 billion for long-term health care for rescue and construction workers at Ground Zero, plus another $4.2 billion in compensation for others who were exposed to the toxic dust that resulted from the collapse of the World Trade Center towers in 2001 will probably have no chance in the new Congress.

So there is a big push with Ground Zero Workers lobbying in D.C. Sen, Harry Reid working to get the bill out of a committee and bring it directly to the floor. New York Senators are drumming up support. Mayor Bloomberg met with three Republican Senators today. Even Republican House members from the area are working to pass this bill.

The Obama Agenda

The Obama Agenda has been a victory for the Corporate Monopolies, WallStreet looters, NeoCons, Warmongers, Orwellian Police-Statists, Human Torture enthusiasts, the Elites, and anti-Democratic Government Secrecy/Coverup as our form of “justice”.

But it looks now that Obama will screw the common people even more by embracing an upcoming agenda that just not long ago was once totally unthinkable coming from any member of the Democratic Party.

  • He wants to agree with the Republicans to give massive tax cuts for the richest 1% — creating over a TRILLION dollars of brand new Debt.

    This when we are already over $60 TRILLION dollars in debt, and the (private) Federal Reserve (e.g. Goldman Sachs) is printing-up money fast (and destroying our purchasing power) in a vain effort to keep up.

  • He wants to now make deep CUTS in Social Security Benefits, and make poor old people starve in order to “bring down the deficit” that his own Tax Policy (see above), futile Foreign Occupations, and Bankster Bailouts  — all of which benefit only the wealthy — have produced.  But there is no reversal for those debt-generating policies.
  • He wants to now extend the corrupt and hopeless Afghanistan War/Occupation until the year 2014, before even thinking about beginning to “withdraw” any troops.
  • He wants to now ship our jobs over to South Korea, and reward Multinational Corporations, by supporting a new NAFTA-like South Korean “Free Trade” (outsource) bill — which of course will lead to higher unemployment, and even lower local U.S. manufacturing.


Obama never met a fight that he didn’t preemptively concede and abdicate over into the hands of either wealthy Corporations, the Republicans, or Neocons.  

This man has no imagination, no soul, and no heart. Just to demonstrate how easy it would be to create a simple counter narrative (to the GOP’s Tax Policy):


Congress to retroactively legalize foreclosure fraud and forgery by crooked banksters (Updated)

Looks like bmaz and Ian Welsh were correct.

Tomorrow Congress is going to legalize the banks’ criminal activity by destroying property law in America.

Are you shitting me?

Is this the Twilight Zone?

The time for rational debate is over.

update: The bill was defeated, primarily along party lines.  The party line vote suggests that interpretations of H.R. 3808unc as a “procedural vote to check the President’s unconstitutional use of the pocket veto by Congress in general, including Nancy Pelosi,” was probably entirely incorrect, and it never really made sense to me to begin with, given how much power Congress has gladly abdicated already.

Anyway, chalk one, just one, up for the Democrats.  

Still Dream Obama Signs UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights

I dreamed Obama signed the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights, and I still do.

Canada has endorsed the UN Declaration on indigenous peoples three years after the declaration was approved by the General Assembly.

In a statement released last Friday, Canada’s Indian and Northern Affairs department said, ‘The Government of Canada would like to acknowledge the Aboriginal men and women who played an important role in the development of this Declaration.

‘In endorsing the Declaration, Canada reaffirms its commitment to build on a positive and productive relationship with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples to improve the well-being of Aboriginal Canadians, based on our shared history, respect, and a desire to move forward together.’


In October 2007 Buhdy wrote…

The Big Picture Vol. 2

There has always been a struggle….most likely there always will be.

It is human nature to struggle, in some that is expressed as full out rebellion. In others it is reduced to complaining under their breath. Or worse….being afraid to even do that.

On the other side of the struggle, there is the range of full time crackdown on the rebels….actively supporting supporting the crushing of rebellion by The People, to indifference and willful ignorance. Ignorance has two forms those who cannot get information….and those who ignore inconvenient or uncomfortable information. Cracking down on ‘rebels….even those who merely mutter is a full time struggle for the status qou-sters

The two biggest chunks of information that are being ignored right now, imo, are Climate Crisis which is literally off the charts in its acceleration….and the fact that not just America, but pretty much the entire planet, is now a Corporatocrasy.

Night Train: Losing HSR Battles while Winning the Transport War

Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence

Last week I raised the certainty that Kasich will return $375m of Ohio’s $400m grant for laying the 110mph 3C corridor track and running 79mph trains on them … and the likelihood that Wisconsin’s Governor-elect Jobs Walkabout will return all or most of Wisconsin’s $810m for the Milwaukee to Madison Emerging HSR corridor.

Thing is, even if the opponents of HSR killed two (or, see inside, three): they had to kill them all. Every HSR line that gets finished will undermine their case, and raise intra-regional and inter-regional jealousies as a force ensuring that HSR funding is provided at the Federal level and matching funds are raised at the state level.

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