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Late Night Karaoke

The Week in Editorial Cartoons – Republican Thuggery on Full Display, Part I

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Rob Rogers, see reader comments in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Buy this cartoon

This election season has brought out some real ghouls, some, but not all, as a result of the Tea Party.  These monsters are great for cartoonists, but not so great for the voters.  The saddest part is, none of these characters offers a message of hope.  It is all about tearing the other guy down.  I know this kind of negative campaigning happens with every election.  It just seems more frightening this year.

Pique the Geek 20101031: Nickel, an Important Element

Most of us think of nickel as the well-known United States five cent piece.  Actually, this coin is really 75% copper and only 25% nickel.  This alloy is ideal for coinage, since it is essentially noncorrosive and hard enough to resist wear in handling.  But that is only a minor use for this remarkable metal.  By the way, the U.S. five cent piece is not the first U.S. coin to be called that.  More on that later.

You handle nickel every day much more than you know.  It is present in many things that we use all of time, but it is rarely recognized.  Please come with me on an examination of a truly wonderful and useful material.

401s for you and me

Built the Chinese factory.…

Spray all day and spray all night

Nothing there for you to sight…

GMO and pharma too

Frankenfood for me and you…

NSA knows all what you say

Is the SWAT team on their way…

Myth for me a myth for you

Taliban and Qeada too…

Feed the Banks and Fire the Teachers: Big Ideas in the Age of Obama


A flagship-venue for middle-brow intellectuals in America, the Atlantic Monthly is currently exhibiting a pathetic list of big ideas from “Brave Thinkers,” and…

Weep while you puke, America, because the best that your brightest can come up with is a sad little idea by a nauseating shit-head named…

Deborah Gist!

In your first year as the commissioner of education in Rhode Island, you earned headlines for backing a plan to fire all the high-school teachers in the poorly performing district of Central Falls. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and even President Obama chimed in with support.

Fire every teacher in the district! Obama loves that plan!

And Central Falls wants to thank Deborah Gist and her biggest fan Barack Obama for all their help with everything, because…

Central Falls is bankrupt! The entire city is in receivership! And why wouldn’t it be? It’s the smallest, densest, poorest city in Rhode Island, with 18,000 poor people crammed into 1.29 square miles, 800 acres of antequated factories and urban blight, and what can we do to help, asks Barack Obama?

Let’s fire all their fucking teachers!

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