VoteVets Runnin Ad Campaign

VoteVets sent out an E with three new ads they’ve started running and over at their Vet Voice site have a couple of posts up with explanations of.

View the ads and then give them a hand getting them out or passing them on especially to residents of the states representatives targeted.

Jon Soltz put the first post up with one ad You Wanted It. You Got it.

A couple of weeks ago, my colleague Richard Allen Smith posted comments he discovered, made by Senate candidate Pat Toomey, about why the former Congressman voted against a $1500 combat bonus for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yep, Toomey voted no on a very simple amendment in 2003, that would have given our men and women fighting overseas a little bit more change in their pockets.

To remind you, Toomey called that bonus, “Wasteful spending.” Yes, that from the same guy who stood against taxing any of the bonuses that Wall Street execs gave themselves after ripping off America.

The reaction from commenters on here and on the companion piece at Huffington Post was somewhere between shocked and disgusted. One of the most frequent types of comments I read were ones that said, “Why isn’t this an ad?”

Well, we thought about it, and you were right. Why wasn’t this in an ad? Now, because of you, it is. {read rest}

And here’s that ad:

That was followed up by a post from Richard Allen Smith, Closing Ads with the other two.

I wanted to follow up on Jon’s post by showing you the two other ads we are releasing today.

First, we have an ad targeted at PA-08 and challenger to Rep. Patrick Murphy, former Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick.  Rep. Murphy, a former Paratrooper and OIF Vet, beat Fitzpatrick for this seat back in 2006 by using Fitzpatrick’s own words and deeds against him. This year will be no different. The ad on Fitzpatrick is critical of his vote to allow families of the fallen to claim their rightful survivor benefits from the government.  The ad features Jared Baker, an Army Iraq veteran from Doylestown.

This first ad:

Followed with this one:

Additionally, we’re releasing an ad supporting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada. Titled “Highway,” the ad shows a young man hiking along the road, just as Harry Reid did once a week as he went back and forth to school.  Narrated by Anthony Funches an Air Force veteran from Las Vegas, the ad chronicles how Harry Reid has always beat the odds, including his leadership to provide care and benefits to our nation’s veterans.

For Reid:

With this teaser:

Stay tuned tomorrow. We’ve got one final ad for the cycle coming out, and you’re going to want to see it! {read rest}

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