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“The Coming Tsunami.”


 I hope Ed Koch is wrong, if only for one reason:  the difficulty of getting anyone less than a Right Wing Mega-Corporatist Crank on the Supreme Court (should the occasion for a nomination arise) if the GOP takes the Senate.

 Otherwise, I’m ambivalent.  Even with a GOP House there won’t be enough of a Nutjob majority to pass truly crazy-ass legislation, and what may get puked forth from Capitol Hill from January 2011 through October 2012 won’t have enough support to override a Veto.  


Folk Wisdom for the Modern Era

At meeting this past Sunday a Friend’s message asked for help. Specifically she described a particular situation that was troubling her, namely the latest development of our militaristic society, the way that technology-based warfare can create atrocities just as easily as human hands. In so doing, she asked for specific prayers from those gathered for worship. I believe she was lamenting, in part, how human achievement can be so useful and so destructive at the same time. Many Friends rose to fulfill her request. They were so numerous, honestly, that I now have trouble now recalling all of them. One woman recited aloud the Lord’s Prayer, which I memorized at a young age, as many do. Others provided words of comfort that were utterly foreign to me, but no less intriguing.

Docudharma Times Tuesday October 26

Tuesday’s Headlines:

Garry Trudeau: ‘Doonesbury quickly became a cause of trouble’


Republicans pull ahead in battle for key seats of power

Divide on U.S. Deficit Likely to Grow After Election


German Turks torn between old ways and integration

Students aim to bolster French protests

Middle East

Robert Fisk: Exodus. The changing map of the Middle East


A Top Terrorist Returns to Al-Qaida Fold

Chinese whistleblower faces hard road  


More peacekeepers couldn’t halt new Sudan war

HRW flays Morocco over detentions

Latin America

Drought brings Amazon tributary to lowest level in a century

EPA rules target truck emissions, fuel efficiency

The proposed standards would cut pollutants from heavy vehicles 20% by 2018.

By Neela Banerjee, Tribune Washington Bureau

October 26, 2010  

Reporting from Washington –

The Obama administration announced new rules Monday to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants by requiring greater fuel efficiency for big trucks, buses and other heavy-duty vehicles starting with 2014 models.

The regulations, the first of their kind, call for a 20% reduction in heavy-vehicle emissions by 2018, which would require boosting fuel efficiency to an average of 8 miles per gallon, compared with 6 mpg now, experts estimate.

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

Time for a break from poetry…in order to create some art.

Most people are more comfortable with old problems than with new solutions.


Vortex 3

Late Night Karaoke

Anyone up for trying again — Impeachment??

Clarence Thomas is clearly in violation of the Constitution, and his right to serve as a Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States must not be tolerated any longer.  Thomas perjured himself in his confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991.  

Perjury is a disqualifying condition for service on the court.

Although his wife, Virginia, re-opened this situation with her demand for an apology from Anita Hill, the fact of sexual harrassment is irrelevant.  The real impeachable offense has nothing to do with his penchant for pornography.  It is perjury, as we saw with Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon, which is the impeachable offense.

At ‘ciminal law dot free advice dot com’ (a legal site), perjury is defined:

Perjury is the “willful and corrupt taking of a false oath in regard to a material matter in a judicial proceeding.” It is sometimes called “lying under oath;” that is, deliberately telling a lie in a courtroom proceeding after having taken an oath to tell the truth. It is important that the false statement be material to the case at hand-that it could affect the outcome of the case.

Thomas perjured himself…continues below the fold–


Millennial Million Dollar Mash Up

Walkin’ in to class with this blasting tomorrow.

How to Murder a Third Party

Cross-posted at Progressive Blue and several other places.

Actually the list of ways to kill off competition from Parties that represent the people is endless. When it comes to getting things done, taking out Third Parties has been one place where the two power parties has always preformed to the utmost of their ability and this is just one New York story.

Some states have evolved Fusion Parties in an attempt to get out from under the scrutiny of these power happy keepers of the plutocracy. One of these upstanding parties is The Working Families Party that has some presence in New York State. They stand for progressive values and labor union rights but this party has endorsed Andrew Cuomo. Reading Cuomo Vows Offensive Against Labor Unions it seems mysterious that the Working Families Party would place Cuomo on the ticket.

Andrew M. Cuomo  will mount a presidential-style permanent political campaign to counter the well-financed labor unions he believes have bullied previous governors and lawmakers into making bad decisions. He will seek to transform the state’s weak business lobby into a more formidable ally, believing that corporate leaders in New York have virtually surrendered the field to big labor.

By following the explanation of Celeste Katz who writes The Daily Politic at the New York Daily News the mystery is solved. Did you know that the Working Families Party has to receive 50,000 votes in the governors race this year to be on the ticket in 2010? Not getting those 50,000 (and it was because of Andrew Cuomo) was how the Liberal Party lost a column in New York State and later withered and died.  

The short version is that Andrew Cuomo used that 50,000 hurdle to blackmail the Working Families Party but below the fold I’ll follow the full explanation by Celeste Katz to understand how a union hating gubernatorial candidate got the endorsement of a party that is suppose to represent labor.

Swallow & “smashing of Native American vessels”

Over one century after the death of Roman Nose, Apostle Jay Swallow is on the War Council, has accepted the apology from the United States on behalf of all Tribal Nations, wars against evil, possesses medicine to make rain, and has divine authority to commit cultural genocide.


War Council

To accomplish the next phase of the Lord’s assignment to free our state and region from the reproach of alignment with Stonehenge and the Baal structures, a war council of apostolic and prophetic leaders was convened.  These leaders all carry unique and specific anointings of authority to deal with land issues, particularly in this territory.  The War Council included: Ap. Jay & Joan Swallow, Ap. John Benefiel, Ap. Negiel Bigpond, Ap. Diane Buker (FL), Ap. Billy Joe & Ruthie Young (MS), Ap. Jacquie Tyre, Ap. Venessa Battle, Ap. Bradley White, Ap. Mark Hawkins, and apostolic intercessor, Deborah Landwerlen.  

Recognizing Genocide Denial Against American Indians

The extent to which a Nation denies the genocide it has committed is a measure of that Nation’s social conscience. The social conscience of the United States is infected with numerous rationalizations that keep the dark light from shining. Federal and state institutions are named after mass murderers, and the land tells a story of massacres and atrocities that occurred. But the truth is not forgotten, it is denied.


8. DENIAL is the eighth stage that always follows a genocide. It is among the surest indicators of further genocidal massacres. The perpetrators of genocide dig up the mass graves, burn the bodies, try to cover up the evidence and intimidate the witnesses. They deny that they committed any crimes, and often blame what happened on the victims. They block investigations of the crimes, and continue to govern until driven from power by force, when they flee into exile.

Genocide is not just denied in the United States, it is celebrated.


The term “redskins” actually refers to the Indian skins and body parts that bounty hunters had to show in order to receive payment for killing Indians, the National Congress of American Indians argued in a brief filed before the high court.

What we shall see, is that denying the genocide of the American Indian is for ideological or economic reasons. What we need to know, is how specifically people deny the genocide of the American Indian.