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Ruh-oh! Mutiny on the Ship Bipartisanbounty

The continued clusterfvck that is Demerkracktic Campaign 2010 Midterms:


(Democratic Governor of RI candidate) Frank Caprio’s campaign last week said he would welcome the president’s endorsement. But on Monday, the same day Obama was set to make his first visit to Rhode Island as president and a day after the White House said Obama would not endorse anyone, Caprio angrily told WPRO-AM that Obama can “take his endorsement and really shove it. ”

Caprio also accused the president of “treating us like an ATM machine” by coming to Rhode Island to raise money but ignoring it during springtime flooding that swept through the state. Though Obama did not visit himself, he sent Cabinet secretaries, including Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. …..  Caprio also has publicly contradicted Obama on some important policy positions, such as saying he does not support letting Bush-era tax cuts expire on the wealthiest Americans.

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, in Rhode Island for a rally Monday, said he was amused by the conflict. “He’s the Democratic nominee, for goodness’ sakes,” he said. “It’s really insulting, when you think about it.”

Caprio is running against former Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee, a Republican.  Chafee endorsed Obama for President in 2008.  Chafee’s campaign manager feigned getting the vapors over the remark by rival Caprio in an Oscar nominee quality performance.

“The senator was shocked at how intemperate the remark was, especially with the president due to arrive in Rhode Island later today.”

In 2009, VP Biden and several Cabinet members cancelled a keynote address at the National Mayor’s Convention in Rhode Island, which embarrassed then  Providence Mayor Cicilline.  Now Cicciline is running for Congress in Rhode Island to for retiring Patrick Kennedy’s seat, and this was supposed to be His Big Day.  His campaign manager wisely decided to keep his mouth shut until Air Force One is way out of the state again.

No word yet on which one the President will hug on the campaign trail.

He smoked ’em on that endorsement   (HT to Teddy Partridge @ FDL  for this http://my.firedoglake.com/tedd…

Open Superhero


For Omar [updated x 3]

[Updated below after the click]

Forgive my inability to fully express the depth of grief I feel.

For Omar.

For justice. For peace.

For a future for my daughter and all our children sold off to the highest bidder.

God help us all.

On “Military Endorsements”, Or, Another Weird Christine O’Donnell Story

I have a ton of things on the desk at the moment, and I don’t have the time to really run out this story before Election Day, but I want to bring to your attention something very strange that I found on the 2008 “Christine O’Donnell for Senate” MySpace page.

What it basically comes down to is that the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army are “Christine O’Donnell for Senate” MySpace friends, or that there are persons who have created United States Army and USMC MySpace pages that purport to be official that have “befriended” her candidacy. There’s also a Navy page that appears to emanate from a US Navy recruiting office in California on her ’08 campaign’s “friends” list.

At a minimum, all of this would seem to be a combination of inappropriate behavior and poor management of social media; at worst, you have activity that is “some kind of unlawful”, either on an administrative or civil level.

I’ll make this fast…but I’ll also make it interesting.

Follow along, and you’ll see what I mean.

“Forward” With Obama

Some chump is currently celebrating Obama’s “fine form” on the front page of Daily Kos, in a review of the President’s speech October 22 at USC.

All in all, the president was in fine form, and he hasn’t lost his mojo.

Mojo and fine form! That’s what Daily Kos was boosting month after month in the primaries! What else could you ask for in a candidate for President of the United States? Looks good on TV! Nothing else matters!

Who cares what kind of drivel Mojo Obama mindlessly repeats?

A choice between hope and fear. Moving forwards or going backwards. And Trojans, I want to move forward.

Did you hear that, Trojans?

Mojo wants to move forward! And if you missed it at USC, you could have heard exactly the same meaningless blather June 2 in Pittsburgh.

We can go backward, or we can keep moving forward. And I don’t know about you, but I want to move forward.

And July 9 in Las Vegas…

This is the choice between falling backwards and moving forwards, and I don’t know about you but Harry Reid wants to move forward, I want to move forward, I think most people in Nevada want to move forward, they don’t want to go backwards.

Forward! Forward! Forward!

That guy talks about moving forward so much, he almost sounds like a progressive.

But he isn’t.

And apparently Obama and Daily Kos haven’t noticed that for millions of Americans, “forward” means…

Forward into foreclosure!

Lenders seized more U.S. homes this summer than in any three-month stretch since the housing market began to bust in 2006.

Forward into unemployment!

Joshua Shapiro of MFR Incorporated points out that today’s jobs report also contained revisions for the March 2009-March 2010 period. Those revisions show that the job market was in even worse shape than previously thought.

Forward into homelessness!

With cold weather just weeks away, the District of Columbia has shelved a plan to expand its already packed shelter for homeless families at the former D.C. General Hospital, a decision that advocates fear could leave vulnerable families even worse off than last winter.

Forward into war!

The Orange British Academy Film Awards 2009 - Dinner Arrivals

Sgt. Tamara Sullivan pulled out her cellphone charger and braced for a night of tears. She called her children in North Carolina, ages 3 and 1, and told them she would soon be going to work in a place called Afghanistan. For a year. She reminded her husband to send her their artwork. She cried, hung up, called him back and cried some more.

The Orange British Academy Film Awards 2009 - Dinner Arrivals


Death In The Time Of Cholera

Haiti, ravaged for centuries and suffering long before its enormous, destructive earthquake, now braces for a huge cholera epidemic.  The cholera epidemic on Saturday had already killed more than 200 and there are more than 2600 reported cases.  Today the news is still bad.  The NY Times reports:

Diarrhea, while a common ailment here, is a symptom of cholera. And anxiety has been growing fiercely that the cholera epidemic, which began last week in the northwest of Haiti, will soon strike the earthquake-ravaged Port-au-Prince metropolitan area.

Tenacatita Clash Escalates

(Originally posted at The Wild Wild Left)

I have been following this story for a while now. In a land dispute on the coastline of southern Mexico, hundreds of people, families, homes and businesses have been forcibly evicted from their homes by a developer employing local police to forcibly keep them from their property.


I had originally hoped that the convoluted titling would be resolved fairly quickly. While “beach” property titling is tenuous at best for foreigners, the tradition and law of the land says the public beaches can never be restricted from residents, and are held collectively. I thought, “This is not the West Bank, after all, where a rich “settler” can demolish generational homes and put up fences to keep people out at gunpoint.” I was wrong.

Yesterday, peaceful protesters were gassed and injured when more than 300 of them clashed with the Police. Google translations are far from exacting, but my understanding is that the citizens went with a Federal Marshal who asked the State Police to stand down. The State Police threatened them, saying “We are armed, you know.” There are many more images at the link above.


Then they assaulted and gassed the protesters. The ugliness echoes Bil’in in Palestine.

This situation is becoming a powderkeg.

Docudharma Times Monday October 25

Monday’s Headlines:

Secret war at the heart of Wikileaks


Political freak show that does little credit to US democracy

Pro-Republican Groups Prepare Big Push at End of Races


Peter Bossman becomes Eastern Europe’s first black mayor

Merkel facing opposition over plans to change Lisbon Treaty

Middle East

Flies show al-Qaeda’s grip on Iraq

Some Question Insistence on Israel as Jewish State


Bomb kills five at Sufi shrine in Pakistan

That’s a wrap – kimono-making art may face end


Guinea hits wall of ethnic loathing

Sudan government ‘committed to January referendum’

Latin America

Cholera outbreak in Haiti ‘stabilising’

Election Day could bring historic split: Democrats lose House, keep Senate

By Karen Tumulty

Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday, October 25, 2010; 12:10 AM  

The question around Washington today is not whether Nov. 2 will be a difficult day for the Democrats who control Congress, but rather how bad it will be.

Increasingly, it looks like the answer depends on which chamber of Congress you’re following.

The nonpartisan Cook Political Report now estimates that more than 90 Democratic House seats are potentially in play; on the Republican side of the aisle, it estimates that only nine appear in jeopardy. As a result, most leading forecasters say it is more likely that Republicans will win the 39 House seats they need to take control.

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

Time for a break from poetry…in order to create some art.

Every society honors its live conformists, and its dead troublemakers.

–Mignon McLaughlin


Late Night Karaoke

We need more ponies…

To reproduce and continue the species, we need…

…more ponies!

Suppose Your Actions Swung the Election

Imagine if your actions made the difference in electing a Senator, Governor, or Congressional representative? Suppose the phone calls you made, money you donated, doors you knocked on, and conversations you initiated helped swing a critically close race, or two or three. Suppose the friends you dragged to the polls helped America reject the anonymous corporate dollars that threaten to drown our democracy?

You’d feel pretty good, I believe, at least about your own efforts. So why aren’t more of us doing everything we can from now through the election to ensure the best possible outcome?  In 2008, millions of people reached deep and then deeper to stake our time, money, and hearts on the possibility of change. We knew it was a critical election, and helped carry Obama and the Democrats to victory.  Now, too many of us feel burned and disillusioned, with dashed hopes. We’ve lost the habit of being engaged. The election seems someone else’s problem. We doubt what we do will matter–for this round or in general.

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