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Dear social movements, more of this please.

freaky Friday

wanna re – caption this?


Photo of the Day: The White House seen from the North Lawn is bathed in pink light in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Oct. 14, 2010.

(Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

See more official photos at http://wh.gov/photogallery

A Choice Between Stupidity and Bullshit

At the top of the stack, Barack Obama is a sociopathic bullshitter and Sarah Palin is even stupider than Dan Quayle, the previous champion of stupidity in national politics.

Get out and vote! It’s your choice! Hurrah for America!

But cultural products like Barack Obama and Sarah Palin don’t just spring into being from the back of your flat-screen TV, and both of those monstrosities evolved out of a long and dismal history of cultural disintegration, desperately opposed on the left and right by…

The Quest for Intelligent Design!


Is that a sign of intelligent design in this hideous panorama of Los Angeles?

“Architecture is rediscovering its social conscience,” says the New York Times. “That’s the message behind “Small Scale, Big Change: New Architectures of Social Engagement,” an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.”

The show, which looks at 11 projects around the world that have had major social impacts despite modest budgets and sizes, is a rebuttal to the familiar complaint that the profession is too focused on aesthetic experimentation and not enough on the lives of ordinary people.

Brilliant! Apparently the profession of architecture just noticed that downtown Los Angeles is a desert after 6PM, and except for the Hills above Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard, the rest of it isn’t much more than a wasteland of slums and suburbs.

But what about all that “aesthetic experimentation?” Doesn’t it possess some redeeming value apart from whatever afterthought of a species may run in and out of it?  

Can you tell me please, who won?

Open Peanuts


Wild Wild Left Radio #83 A Potpourri of Politics as Usual

Gottlieb and Diane G. are live and in color (or is that off color?) on WWL radio Friday night at 6pm Eastern Time to guide you through Current Events taken from a Wildly Left Prospective.

Hear the Unreported & Under Reported Headlines stories you should be paying attention to, from US Politics, to the farthest reaches of the Earth by the WWL coalition of subversion: undermining the PTB by speaking Truth to Power!!!!

Chile frees 33 miners and exposes the dark underside of profits before people. Privacy is such a quaint notion, as corporate entities mine data of your buying psychology and help the Feds catch those pesky tewwowists. The latest in a long list is Apple Computer who wants to spy on your iPhone. What Fourth Amendment? The apoplectic military doesn’t know who to ask and who tell as the DADT policy is batted around by courts, politicians and war criminals. What Oil Spill? As Obama lifts the oil drilling ban in the Gulf. Forget about accountability, oversight and investigation into what caused the greatest ongoing environmental disaster in the history of the world. It’s always profit before people. Banks foreclosing on folks for shits and giggles. Freak show politics as the Tea Party Monster rears its xenophobic, homophobic, racist head.


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Please join us for the only “out there where the buses don’t run” LEFT perspective on the breaking news!

Controversy? We face it. Cutting Edge? We step over it. Revolutions start with information, and The Wild Wild Left Radio brings you the best in information and op/eds from a position that others on the Left fear to tread.

Join Diane and Gottlieb every Friday at 6pm EDT on Wild Wild Left Radio, via BlogtalkRadio, for News from the Real Left. No hand-wringing, no PC, just straight talk from reality based politics.

WWL Radio: Free Speech in Practice.

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‘Will They Get What They’re Paying For?’ — the Best Election Flier I’ve Seen

As campaigns and volunteers hone their final electoral messages, the best flier I’ve seen asks a simple question — “Will They Get What They’re Paying For?”  Created by the Washington State Labor Council, and proudly bearing their name, not that of some shadowy front group, it portrays a check from the US Chamber of Commerce to Republican Washington State Senate candidate Dino Rossi. Notes in the memo field remind us of Rossi’s positions: Lower minimum wage, repeal Wall Street reform, offshore U.S. jobs. Below the check is a field of corporate logos: BP, Fox, JPMorganChase, Walmart, AIG, Philip Morris, Citigroup, Pfizer, McDonalds, Comcast, AT&T and more.  The relatively conventional back contrasts Rossi and Senator Patty Murray on key economic issues, stating “Dino Rossi works for them. Senator Patty Murray works for us.”

Section 8

The Constitution of the United StatesSection. 8

The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

To borrow Money on the credit of the United States;

To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;

[emphasis added]

Congress is suppose to raise Taxes —

To provide for the general Welfare.

It’s in the Constitution!

Looks like the Congress can clap down on Foreign Trade too —

Hmmm?   I wonder if the includes “the exporting of Jobs” too?

Outsourcing effects the “general Welfare” too,  right?

(It’s hard to “be well” — without a Job.)

Organic Bytes

TiK ToK by Ke$ha has had 28,030,315 viewers on YouTube. This one that has a good beat you can dance too has only had 759 views.

Who knew how far an organic cotton tee shirt could go? Go figure.  

Docudharma Times Friday October 15

Friday’s Headlines:

How US Nightclubs Revolutionized West German Music


In many congressional swing districts, seniority is falling by wayside

Countrywide’s Angelo R. Mozilo in talks to settle SEC charges, sources say


Portugal’s budget to trigger crisis for government

Budapest Experiences A New Wave of Hate

Middle East

Robert Fisk: Israel comes face to face with the man who would wipe it off the map

Arab League still struggles for credibility


The ‘untouchable’ Indians with an unenviable job

Kim’s heir linked to plot against eldest son


UN could police parts of north-south Sudan border

More white South Africans struggle in post-apartheid economy

Latin America

‘Blood pact’ suggests what went on undergound will stay there

Tea Party set to win enough races for wide influence

Nominees have performed better than expected in many cases


Enough Tea Party-supported candidates are running strongly in competitive and Republican-leaning Congressional races that the movement stands a good chance of establishing a sizeable caucus to push its agenda in the House and the Senate, according to a New York Times analysis.

With a little more than two weeks till Election Day, 33 Tea Party-backed candidates are in tossup races or running in House districts that are solidly or leaning Republican, and 8 stand a good or better chance of winning Senate seats.

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

Time for a break from poetry…in order to create some art.

The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.

–Joe Ancis

Turbulence 1

American Family Association 20101015. An Association of Bigots

I have often posted at the Big Orange about how evil the American Family Association is.  They are pretty much summed up as a bunch of bigots, and I had electronic mail with their current president, Tim Wildmon, many years ago that just solidified that thought.

He is a bigot, and a very hate filled person as well.  He called me everything but a nice person years ago.  Good Christian, he is.

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