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Paul Craig Roberts on The Demise of the US Economy

RTAmerica  |   October 08, 2010  

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury

during President Reagan’s first term.

September Jobs Report Reveals America’s Emerging Third World Economy

Paul Craig Roberts, October 08, 2010

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Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Engraving, Justice from The World of Seven Virtues, c.1559A story broke on 7 September about Charles Leaf of Fox News being accused of sexually assaulting a four-year-old child.

And I wonder: what is the real story here? Is it about Charles Leaf: The New Most Repulsive Fox News Reporter? Is it about this particular child and the attending epidemic of worldwide abuses against our children?

Or is the story some macabre parable of America (and maybe even the white western world) gone wrong?

Maybe the story is an allegory about the powerful (men like Leaf) and powerless (like the child), and what passes for “civilization” these days: an epidemic of woman and children sold into slavery, the rape and plunder of third world countries, and what plays as the pornographic orgasmic uberness of our own lives… in this bigger and more is better universe where everything has to be special, unique… it must be uber sex, uber religion, and uber partisan politics. Not to mention, um, uber consumerism.

trying to play a different game… writing in the rAw

American People Hire High-Powered Lobbyist To Push Interests In Congress


WASHINGTON-Citing a desire to gain influence in Washington, the American people confirmed Friday that they have hired high-powered D.C. lobbyist Jack Weldon of the firm Patton Boggs to help advance their agenda in Congress.

Known among Beltway insiders for his ability to sway public policy on behalf of massive corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, Monsanto, and AT&T, Weldon, 53, is expected to use his vast network of political connections to give his new client a voice in the legislative process.

Weldon is reportedly charging the American people $795 an hour.

“Unlike R.J. Reynolds, Pfizer, or Bank of America, the U.S. populace lacks the access to public officials required to further its legislative goals,” a statement from the nation read in part. “Jack Weldon gives us that access.”

“His daily presence in the Capitol will ensure the American people finally get a seat at the table,” the statement continued. “And it will allow him to advance our message that everyone, including Americans, deserves to be represented in Washington.”

The 310-million-member group said it will rely on Weldon’s considerable clout to ensure its concerns are taken into account when Congress addresses issues such as education, immigration, national security, health care, transportation, the economy, affordable college tuition, infrastructure, jobs, equal rights, taxes, Social Security, the environment, housing, the national debt, agriculture, energy, alternative energy, nutrition, imports, exports, foreign relations, the arts, and crime.

Sources confirmed that Weldon is already scheduled to have drinks Monday with several members of the Senate Appropriations Committee to discuss saving the middle class.


Though Weldon has only been on the job for three days, legislators have already seemed to take notice.

Before today, I’d actually never heard of this group,” Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) told reporters. “But if Jack says they’re worth my time, I’ll take a look and see if maybe there are some areas where our interests overlap.

read it all here…

World-Record Kill-Shot (Updated)

Old news from Afghanistan, December 30, 2003…

Rob Furlong of the Canadian Army used a TAC-50 to execute a confirmed 2430 meter (2657 yard) shot in Afghanistan, setting the world record for the longest successful tactical shot in combat.


The TAC®-50 McMillan Tactical Rifle package as shown above is available for delivery anywhere at the bargain price of $9,999, including a Night Force 32x56mm Mil-Dot sniper-scope at no additional cost! And best of all…

The bolt action TAC-50 in 50 BMG is legal for civilians to own in all states in the U.S. except California!

One well placed round in an engine block will stop a vehicle. The 50 BMG will penetrate most commercial brick or concrete walls.

You can kill a truck with that thing! It shoots through brick walls!


The two-man Canadian team, coupled with American Sgt. Zevon Durham of Greenville, S.C., made the kill from 2,430 metres, or nearly 2 1/2 kilometres, on the second shot.

The first shot blew a bag from the hand of their target, an Al Qaeda fighter walking on a road.

“He didn’t even flinch,” said Bill, who spoke on condition that his real name not be used.

“We made a correction and the next round hit exactly where we wanted it to. Well, a bit to the right.”

Docudharma Times Saturday October 9

Saturday’s Headlines:

South Africa Iron Age site ‘threatened’


Activism of Thomas’s Wife Could Raise Judicial Issues

Buyers anxiously await foreclosure deals to go through


Barcelona takes a stand against its ‘living statues’

India trade deal with EU will allow thousands of immigrants into Britain

Middle East

Arab League urges US to call halt on Israeli settlements

Egyptian fiction growing, challenging conservative norms


Julia Lovell: Beijing values the Nobels. That’s why this hurts

Kyrgyzstan Has Become an Ungovernable Country


Zimbabwe in crisis after Mugabe defies deal with PM

Ugandan police unravel World Cup bomb plot

Latin America

Rescuers ‘hours away’ from reaching Chilean miners

Gunmen in Pakistan torch nearly 30 NATO fuel tankers

 Attacks continue as Khyber Pass border crossing remains closed

By Gul Yusufzai

msnbc.com news services

QUETTA, Pakistan – Gunmen in southwestern Pakistan set fire to nearly 30 tankers carrying fuel for NATO troops in Afghanistan on Saturday, an official said.

The attack came two days after the United States apologized to Pakistan for an air raid that killed two Pakistani soldiers and which led Pakistan to close the famous Khyber Pass border crossing.

Late Night Karaoke

Oct. 2010 Economic Report

October 2010 Economic Report

Random Japan


It was reported that Steve Jobs vowed never to return to Japan after officials at Kansai International Airport confiscated ninja throwing stars that the Apple chief was carrying to his private jet. A company spokesman denied the report.

At last month’s World Judo Championships in Tokyo, 19-year-old Majlinda Kelmendi competed under the banner of the International Judo Federation instead of her native Kosovo, in part because Russia doesn’t recognize Kosovo as an independent nation.

Too sweet for its own good: confectionery company Ishida Roho was ordered to pay ¥2.8 million in damages to 17 people who lived near its factory in Kyoto’s Minami Ward. The residents said they suffered health problems due to the smell from the manufacturing plant.

For the first time ever, Japanese TV stations lost money televising the World Cup. Broadcasters blamed increased rights fees and the poor performance of the Japanese national team.

A 55-year-old crew member for a Japan Airlines subsidiary was reprimanded for filming the descent of an aircraft from the cockpit with his cellphone camera.

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Note:  Due to previous commitments, this writer will be unable to post an opening comment for ponies, so if someone could please do this on my behalf, it would be much appreciated.

Since the upcoming week will be extremely busy, this seemed a perfect time to pay homage to one of the one-hit wonders from the late 1960s, a less complex undertaking, in the event that this writer might not be able to add an opening comment anytime soon.

The group performing this week’s selection began as the Fydallians in 1964, initially formed in Sacramento, California to compete in an Air Force talent contest.  While working in the Southern California area, they were discovered by a representative for Columbia Records and were signed to a recording contract, but the label insisted that they change their name.  During a time when most pop musicians wore long hair, they looked curiously behind the times. The group named itself after a 1946 film, but deliberately misspelled the name.  

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