Burn The Ballot 2010

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NO ONE is Representing “We The People” anymore. If you are tired of choosing between the lesser of the two evils, tired of being Promised “Change” and having none…. Join in our Protest.

The brainchild of Diane Gee, Burn the Ballot 2010 Day is a way to do our Civic Duty: Employ our Free Speech to show that we feel disenfranchised, show that we demand Elections, not Selections, show that we want The People to be represented, not …Wall Street, not Insurance Companies and Big Pharma, not the Corporate Donors padding our Federal Employee’s wallets.

Write your Local Paper, and tell them of your intent to protest. Then grab your video cameras, and walk out with your Ballot, and calmly (and safely) light it on fire. Should conditions prohibit safe burning, tear your ballot up, but be sure to get it on film.

It is of utmost importance that we do this with the safety of all surrounding people and structures in mind.

Until our voices are heard, reckoned with, we must show up, and show that we will not go quietly into Poverty and Despair.

One talking point could be the suggestion that all Ballots MUST have a “None of the Above” option. Should the Majority of Voters choose that option, then the election must be held again, with NEW candidates.

We can continue negating elections until we are given choices that truly represent us.

Our momentum from 2008 must mean something. Our hopes were betrayed, but our will is still strong. No war, more infrastructure, economic relief, national health care, the restoration of our privacy, transparent government and campaign finance reform.

Burning your Ballot is a Mandate.

We still want CHANGE.

(this post may be refined as ideas are generated by the People it is intended to serve)

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    • Diane G on September 11, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    this event with your FB account, retweet, repost, invite your friends!!!

    This may catch on with your help…. like wildfire!

    • Diane G on September 11, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    as pointed out on FDL – in cases where burning may cause danger to your surroundings, or weather is unpermitting, tearing your ballot up will be equally effective – just get it on film.

  1. whether I should go and vote or not. Now I have a reason to show up at the polls!

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