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Desperation Politics

They went for the idgit vote in 2008. It looks like they’re going for the idgit vote again in the 2010 midterms.

Olbermann Removes the SMALL {Attention Spans} from “Small Business”

The main GOTP argument for keeping the Bush Tax Cuts in place for the Top 2% — pivots on how it will “hurt Small Businesses” if we don’t.

This simple slogan, fails to take into account one VERY SMALL stat.

[Mitch McConnell] says President Barack Obama’s plan to limit future tax breaks to couples earning less than $250,000 would subject 50 percent of small business income to a tax increase, stalling the job creation engine.


McConnell’s 50-%-of-income figure is based on a July 12 finding by the Joint Committee on Taxation, … that 1/2 of about $1 trillion of business income in 2011 will be reported on some 750,000 personal tax returns filed by people who pay the top marginal rates.

He calls those small businesses. Yet the report says the data “do not imply that all of the income is from entities that might be considered ‘small.’ ” Almost 20,000 of those businesses, for example, had receipts of more than $50 million, it says.

Would Ending Bush’s Tax Cuts Hurt Small Business?

Ryan J Donmoyer, BusinessWeek – 09/23/10

Behold the GOTP — Defenders of the $50 Million-aires!

Time to grow up, and change the game.

The implications of Citizens United continue to unfold before us.  Last night, I was having a politics discussion with some friends and hit upon a realization:

We are only able to check the dollars with a regular, consistent and sustained civic activity.

Think on that, the current state of things, voter apathy, and join me below the fold!

Open Weekend


State Killing: Georgia Saves A Prisoner’s Life So It Can Kill Him

As long as there is a death penalty in the United States, as long as the government persists in the barbaric practice of having the state kill those convicted of the most egregious murders, as long as the government continues to kill by lethal injection, there will continue to be egregious, shameful, disgraceful, inhuman, unfathomable executions.

Last week it was the Virginia execution of Teresa Lewis, a woman with a 72 IQ who was not the shooter in the double murder that led to her execution on Thursday.  The two male gunmen each received life in prison.  Little, whose guilt was never in doubt, pleaded guilty, waived her right to a jury trial on punishment, and to her then attorney’s surprise, was sentenced to death by a judge without a jury.  The judge said she was the “head of the serpent.”  I wrote that if this execution was justice, justice was an ass.

And now Georgia plans on executing Brandon Rhode on Monday.

It Would Also Make California a Laughingstock…

By Arnold Schwarzenegger

September 24, 2010

Los Angeles Times

It would also make California a laughing stock.

Governor Smokenator,Just Say Now,Yes on 19

But you already did that.

Republican Governor of CA, Arnold Schwarzenegger Smoking Pot

Interpreting the Pledge to Americorp

On Jobs:

Wherein they seek to convince people that returning to the Bush Policies that took their jobs and created the Economic Collapse is good for them…

– Stop job-killing tax hikes

C’mon America!!! You know that all those Bush tax cuts for the rich created jobs… in the 3rd world countries they sent them to.


– Allow small businesses to take a tax deduction equal to 20 percent of their income.

You mean like these “small businesses? Keith Olbermann was kind enough to list a few for us.

   * Enterprise Products Partners, L.P., a pipeline company with 2009 revenues of $25 billion.

   * Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., a Wall Street firm with $445 million in revenue in 2009.

   * Price Waterhouse Coopers, an accounting firm with $26 billion in revenue in 2009.

   * Koch Industries, a conglomerate of partnerships with 70,000 employees.

   * The Hillman Company, an investment founded by billionaire philanthropist/industrialist Henry Hillman.

   * Venn Strategies, Inc., whose chief operating officer is Brian Reardon, a former special assistant to former President George W. Bush.

   * Ferrellgas, a propane and propane accessories business, with $2 billion in revenues in 2009 and 1 million customers.

   * CoorsTek, a ceramics manufacturer founded by Adolph Coors, with 2009 revenue of $549 million.

   * Dead River Co., with $500 million in revenue and 1,200 employees.

   * McIlhenney Co., the Tabasco maker, with $250 million in revenue in 2007.

– Require congressional approval for any new federal regulation that would add to the deficit

This from the Party of Pork and Bridges to Nowhere? If the MULTI-BILLIONAIRE COMPANIES PAID TAXES THERE WOULD BE NO DEFICIT.

– Repeal small business mandates in the new health care law.

Mandates? You mean the option of having the TAX BREAKS you so desire for offering a Health Care Plan? WTF? You want tax breaks for Businesses – but don’t ask them for any actual WORKER benefits in return. Again: See the definitions of “small business above. Or better yet, watch the Olbermann video.

Conclusion about the Job Promise?

They are trying to convince people that it is small Mom & Pop’s suffering, when they only thing they suffer from is Megacorp competition and their edge of outsourcing. They want to cut taxes for the rich, with no redress for our floundering National Debt. There is no provision AT ALL for any kind of JOB GUARANTEE or creation – no, in fact, they want to institute the lack of regulation that created the Economic Crash and sent your Job Overseas.

That’s Pledge One to Americorps – We can trick the masses into supporting your Oligarchy.

Docudharma Times Saturday September 25

Saturday’s Headlines:

Obama invokes ‘state secrets’ claim to dismiss suit against targeting of U.S. citizen al-Aulaqi

Empty Your Medicine Cabinet


Gas Blasts Spur Questions on Oversight of Pipelines

Federal workers become flash point in midterm elections


Family fiefdoms blamed for tainting Italian universities

EU defense ministers advocate military cooperation as austerity measure

Middle East

How far away is a Middle East peace deal? It could be as little as 13 miles

US and Iran fire salvos at the UN


Afghan women break barriers in a male bastion: the army

Power struggle rages in North Korean regime


UN warns Sudan over referendums

South Africa strike sends students beyond the classroom to learn

Latin America

Mexico drug war toll: 10th mayor slain, another wounded

The ‘american taliban’ To Celebrate

This little get together, and venue it’s taking place at, fits well into a new book that’s been recently released, but doesn’t as to the Military it’s Oaths and Constitution of this here United States.

{Note: by the way if you haven’t yet purchased and do so at link it would help this old vet who’s exhausted his unemployment and living off savings and might have to do what he never planned, retire, and at the ripe young age of 62 which doesn’t come about till december.}

The ‘christian?’ military crusaders we now have?, and apparently some really want!, american taliban at work!!

The Rich Got Richer

From the Street…

The richest Americans are getting richer, according to the latest release of the Forbes ranking of the 400 richest Americans. At a combined wealth of $1.37 trillion, the 400 richest Americans saw their wealth increase by 8% over last year.


But on the downside, the market for movie stars is collapsing!

Today the actors who used to make $15 million are making $10 million. The filmmakers who used to make $10 million are making $6 million.

And why have salaries for all varieties of Hollywood “talent” declined? Some people blame a 25% decline in DVD sales, and many Hollywood insiders look all the way back to the writers’ strike in 1988 as an epiphany for studio moguls, who suddenly realized that money could be made without any talent whatsoever, and the first “reality shows” were born.

Whatever the root-cause or causes may be, the no-talent paradigm of Survivor Vanuatu now extends all the way to major releases!

The end result is a huge recalibration of the money being paid out to talent, especially in an era where a surprisingly large percentage of the biggest hit films, from “Up” to “The Hangover” to “Star Trek” and “Transformers,” are star-free movies, potential franchises that involve interchangeable parts.

But when even movie stars have been degraded into “interchangeable parts”…

What kind of individuality remains for you and me?

Late Night Karaoke

Open Dead: Humans vs. Zombies

…..preparing for cyborg zombies:

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