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Pools of Oil Found on Gulf Seafloor

What A Surprise.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Researchers say they’ve found patches of oil believed to be from the BP leak on the Gulf of Mexico sea floor. Some of these are two inches thick.

University of Georgia researcher Samantha Joye (JOY) says she and her colleagues have found oil as much as 80 miles from the Deepwater Horizons well. She says the latest sample was taken early Monday and the oil covered newly dead creatures, such as shrimp and deep-sea worms.

The scientists have collected at least 10 samples from the sea floor, about a mile down. Testing is needed to confirm it is BP oil. But Joye says it has the appearance of recent oil from the busted well, not old oil.…

Hmm. Now one of the most ridiculed statements by Matt Simmons (recently dead in a ‘hot tub accident’) was:

….enormous pool of crude is accumulating below the sea floor…


Which prompted responses from both left and right like this comment from a poster on truthout:

A pool of oil at the bottom of the Gulf? Oil floats, sorry

I guess those people have never heard of dispersants, never saw the video of BP and the US government directly injecting dispersant into the leak, and spraying it from boats and planes on the surface.

Here is is again:  

Open Pony


Democrats form “Visionators” Wrestling Team

Democrats form “Visionators” Wrestling Team

to Smackdown Republicans

Montpellier, New Hampshire – Answering Bush’s Monday Night Nitro verbal rampage to “Bring It On,” presidential-hopefuls Howard Dean, John Kerry, Wesley Clark and Al Sharpton announced they were teaming up to create a wrestling dynasty not seen since the legendary Four Horsemen. Wesley Clark, aka “General Justice” grabbed the mike during their press conference and screamed at the top of his lungs, “I can no longer stand by and watch GW “Shrub” take advantage of lesser foes like the aging Iron Sheik and the obviously over-the-hill Nickolai Volkoff. You here me Bush, you have entered the forbidden land. I will crush your bones and make my bread!”

The mike was then taken by a near-maniacal Howard “The Howler” Dean. “I can’t wait to do my patented ‘Tree Hug of Delight’ on tricky Dick Cheney”, who wrestles under the auspicious name of “The Black Heart Lover.” I do not fear your Spin Doctor Whirling Death Drop. The Visionators and I have perfected our new move, the Flying Forward Vision Slam. Cheney, I know you’re in the building. Tonight, on Monday Night Nitro, I am going to find you and you are going to get your ass kicked by the Howler. YiiiiieeHHHH!”

John Kerry, who enters the ring under his real name, then added in his usual deadpan, “I have returned from my massive spine injury at the hands of one Karl Rove.” Rove, or “The Emperor’s Tailor,” is a notorious member of the once-popular Blue-Blooded Brotherhood. Rove always secretly interferes when the referee is not looking, fixing the fight for Bush or Cheney. His most infamous act was during the great Medicare Match last fall, when he got on the top ropes and dive-bombed Kerry from behind, using the forbidden Kick of Liberal Guilt. Kerry pointed calmly at the camera and said, “You have brought the behind the scenes out into the public. Brother, bad idea. You are about to join the long list of people who thought they could style and profile like John Kerry.”

All Al “Brother Hope” Sharpton added was, “I just can’t wait to get one of these rich crackers in the ring. This smack-down is for the hood.”

Some critics argue that such high-level politicos participating in WWF demeans the luster of the Presidential Office. But since the purpose of the President is to distract from the true source of power, the new Visionator team storyline could not be more welcomed news in the nation’s biggest and brightest ivory towers. Said critics were taken out back and shot.


I printed this in Mexico, years ago, forgot about till today.

Some things never change.

They Hate Us For Our Ponies

(AP)   ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – Authorities blew up a stuffed pony – determined to be a “suspicious device” – after it was found outside a central Florida school. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office reported that the toy was found near the Waterbridge Elementary School Tuesday morning.

No one was allowed in or out of the building while bomb disposal experts destroyed the stuffed animal. It was ultimately deemed “non-threatening.”

No injuries were reported.

Media Firestorm and the Qu’ran

Actions like this enrage many not only those they are directly pointed at!

In this case, just like if others were to announce then do a burning of another’s religious teachings book, it would enrage many of different faiths or even not following an established faith or beliefs.

This past decade has had nothing to do with religious ideologies except by those extremist preaching the total opposite of all the established religions beliefs and those who support same while claiming they are members of the true ideology.

Docudharma Times Monday September 13

Monday’s Headlines:

‘Rampant abuse in Iraq jails’


In Del., GOP comes out swinging against tea party

States opposed to healthcare overhaul pin hopes on Florida court hearing


France mourns Claude Chabrol, giant of cinema’s New Wave

Papandreou confident as officials arrive for Greek financial checkup

Middle East

Iran demands $500,000 to free US hiker Sarah Shourd

Turkish reform vote gets Western backin


Vietnam seeks gains as China labor costs rise

Japan offers ‘heartfelt apology’ to U.S. POWs


Senegal Court Forbids Forcing Children to Beg

Latin America

Why tourists no longer go loco in Acapulco

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

An Opened Mind XXIII

We are at times too ready to believe that the present is the only possible state of things.

– Marcel Proust



Faith is the certainty

that we are not alone

Some people need the presence

of Someone who will intercede

for them before their

Higher Power

Some people need to know

that they belong to one group

only because they don’t belong

to another

I only need to know

that someone else also realizes

that we can’t be alone

if we are all here


–Robyn Elaine Serven

–date unknown

Late Night Karaoke

Late Night Karaoke

Lasthorseman’s List of Dead Suburban Stuff

Local Drum and Bugle Corps organizations

Amateur radio operators

Ice Cream Trucks

Drive in movie theaters

A well rounded public education complete with extra-curricular activities

Full service gas stations with tire inflating air machines for free

The American dream of suburban homeownership

The 30 year marriage anniversary

Neighbors who mind their own business

Drivers who don’t give you the bird

Cashiers at stores

Calling a company and getting to talk to a real live person

Family traditions

Bank tellers being bank tellers and not Customer Service Representatives

Police with simple six shot revolvers

The town square and hardware store

The Joke shop

The town hospital

The several local farms

The tractor/farm impliment supply dealer

Riding bicycles without helmuts

Flattening nails and pennies on the train tracks

Church attendance-any religion

Santa Claus parades

Muscle cars

Custom vans

The CB radio

The Fuller Brush Man and Electrolux salesmen

ABC,CBS or NBC yup, only three to choose from

Dad’s being able to work for the same company all their lives

Mom’s being able to stay home

Home delivered milk

The doctor making a house call

Ah, yes those long forgotten times of old.  Yes I did do total lamestream media avoidance yesterday, nine years after 911 and I am still currently involved in the deconstruction of my former suburban life.

Well look here.  Here it is in black and white.  No matter that I spent 28 years providing below market rents.…

Pique the Geek 20100912: Cold and Flu Season

Well, summer will be officially over on or around 20100921, the autumnal equinox.  This is the day when the nights begin to grow longer than the days, just like the vernal equinox, when the nights grow shorter than the days.  It all has to do with the unique orbit of our wonderful spaceship earth as it orbits the sun.  Perhaps near that date I cam elaborate.

This time, however, we shall discuss the beginning of the cold and flu season, and how to deal with it.  I have only two rules, and they are important.  Observe them and you will have fewer of them, I suspect.