Thadius Lindahl

case # 1B27J13

SS # 550-33-5081

To Status Report Group

I was recently sent a letter stating that my benefits were cut due to a change on my response form. The confusion seems to be about contributions from a web site, when I contacted a worker regarding this he asked me to clarify the situation re the amount of donations.

The donations I receive are voluntary. They come from the web sites readers and fluctuate from month to month. They cannot be predicted, and have been falling steadily as the economy has worsened. It is quite possible they will dry up completely in the near future as the web site is also losing readers, and thus contributors.

Last month there were no contributions, and so that is what I listed on the response form in question. So far this month there have been no contributions as well.

I hope that clears up the confusion and I am eager to resolve this issue.