Disabled Vets, in Albuquerque NM, May Lose Homes

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Disabled veterans facing eviction

08/10/2010 – A local non-profit that provides a home for dozens of vets is behind on its mortgage payment and if money doesn’t come soon, the apartment complex could shut down leaving many of its tenants homeless.

For the last five years, the local charity has been providing permanent housing in Northeast Albuquerque for mentally disabled vets who otherwise wouldn’t have a place to live. Now, the organization is $160,000 dollars behind on its mortgage and in danger of shutting down.

Thirty-seven mentally disabled veterans call the apartments home. Some of them used to be homeless.

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The charity is also applying for grants to help pay off the mortgage. A website has been set up for donations, which is For Our Veterans

With all the recent reports of a phony Navy Veterans group, a personal and political slush fund, and a suspected one in Texas raising funds to build a memorial with many questions about the one running it, both using military and veterans as their main existence for fund raising, one needs to be careful about donating.

But a check on this Highpointe Solutions, in Albuquerque NM, seems it’s legitimate and that this problem with the housing stands up as true.