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The Big Bubble Is Bursting: Is There Life After Capitalism?

Here Paul Jay of the Real News talks in November 2008 at The Krahl Academy about US foreign policies, blowback, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the concurrent crises of capitalism, of media, of economies, of terrorism, of fascism, of corporatism, of corruption in US political parties, about the shit hitting the fan, and about one part of the solution for it all.

I originally posted this at Antemedius as one part of the solution, shortly after the video was released, in October 2009.

Jay’s talk is about 40 minutes. Watch the video. It’s worth your time, and beats TV all to hell. I guarantee it.

If I’m not doing the thing I feel is most significant, then I feel empty inside.

–Paul Jay

Real News Network – October 4, 2009

The crisis will deepen, we need real news

Paul Jay of The Real News speaks at the Von Krahl Academy, Estonia in November 2008

Got A New Sheriff, Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Rap Video- Got A New Sheriff

copyright © 2010 Betsy L. Angert.

There is so much flak for what seems would be a fine Presidential appointment.  The nation’s Chief Executive, Barack Obama, is often characterized as Spock, a Vulcan who is almost virtually void of emotion.  It is said that our current President is practical.  He acts on logic.  Yet, this supposed intellectual individual has, at times, seemed ready to do other than what most think reasonable.  Mister Obama has not appointed the truly best Sheriff for towns throughout the country, Elizabeth Warren..

{RePost; New Title} Sunday Morning Propagandists!!

Original Subject Title: More Domestic Criminal Terror! and Silence Following?

One wonders, not really very hard, why we readily call others, who have done nothing, ‘terrorist’, just because of where they might be from or their religious beliefs, and we get never ending opinion talk and pure propaganda {lies} about as a whole group and not the extremist using, yet something like this happens and it gets very little news play. You have to search it out rather then hear anyone report on or seriously talk about. A most certainly ‘domestic criminal terrorist’ act seemingly hell bent on taking out as many police or innocent people as possible, all because, apparently, he’s a white guy in Texas. Will he become the new hero of certain groups within our society, much like the Austin Pilot Did or others that seek to be the next McVeighs as Individuals or in Groups!!

Sunday Circle (Open Thread)


The time for the lone wolf is over.  

Gather yourselves!  

Banish the word struggle from you attitude and your vocabulary.  

All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

Docudharma Times Sunday August 22

Sunday’s Headlines:

Katrina’s poisoned legacy

Pirate radio tries to beat repression in paradise


In Striking Shift, Small Investors Flee Stock Market

Before salmonella outbreak, egg firm had long record of violations


Irish terror groups target Conservative party conference in Birmingham

Russia kills suspected mastermind of Moscow Metro disaster

Middle East

Israeli army’s female recruits denounce treatment of Palestinians

As Mission Shifts in Iraq, Risks Linger for Obama


Debts pushing Pakistan to the brink of ruin

Japan and India in nuclear co-operation talks


Somali fighters killed in blasts

Late Night Karaoke


Flood victims peer out of a Pakistan Army helicopter.

A man thrust a folded paper into a reporter’s hand. “It is requested that this person is very poor, who bought a buffalo after a lot of hard labor. It has died in the flood, and it is requested you help,” it read. It was signed with a thumb print, by Muhammad Amin, from the village of That Salay, in Jhok Kalay Khan. Attached with a small piece of string was a photocopy of his ID card that showed he was 32.


“For months and even years, the people of the Indus Valley will not have sufficient income for food or clothing,” he concludes. “They will rebuild, if they can afford it, by inches.”


Alternative DADT spouse survey

Note: the following questions, for the most part, are taken directly from the spouse DADT survey run by the Defense Department.  Most of the time, the wording (PDF) of the questions has not even been changed.  However, the author of the ALTERNATIVE SURVEY reserves the right to change the wording of the questions to more accurately reflect their intent.

In addition, some answers have also had their wording changed.  For the most part, this is additions to the wording in the official survey.

A final note, since this is, apparently, required:  None of this is intended to be actually disrespectful of military spouses or people who have sacrificed EVERYTHING, and more, to serve in the military or be in the military with their spouses, when they don’t actually have to.  Rather, the opposite.

Disaster upon disaster . . . . . !

I had intended this as a comment, but it grew . . . .!


(American River Canyon has a very informative diary up here.  Jacob Freeze had a very good diary here (he’s had two ) and pinche tejano didn’t miss a stroke here.).  

This picture drums it ALL into your psyche!

Pakistani flood affected people look towards an army helicopter which was dropping

relief supplies at the heavily flooded area of Rajanpur, in central Pakistan Sunday,

Aug. 15, 2010. (AP Photo/Khalid Tanveer)

Apparently, it really got to this one Sun-Times regular columnist.

August 17, 2010

BY MICHAEL SNEED Sun-Times Columnist

I’m 66 years old and, as they say, I’ve been around.

Traveling to the world’s broken places is not unusual for a general assignment reporter, which is basically what I am.

Only Monday morning, I didn’t have to smell it, hear it, or see it on television . . . or even be there — in order to feel the story.

It was the extraordinary power of one photograph — a black-and-white still photo, an AP pix by Khalid Tanveer — which transported me into the world of 20 million homeless people affected by a flood in Pakistan of biblical proportions.

This extraordinary still life of a scrap of land, surrounded by water, occupied by goats, cows, baskets, and strewn with the detritus of desperate people, was the cradle of life in harm’s way.

And it was the majesty of a hand-held newspaper; a chance flip of a page controlled by whim; and the profundity of silence — that made me take notice.

I have chosen to devote column space today to this stunningly provocative piece of film. Study it. Place yourself in it. Imagine the nightmare and the need.

And then be what we were born to be: Americans whose pride of place should always be standing next to someone in need.