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Lost in the Crowd

The Center for American Progress has a program where, for the past couple of years, they have generated an Idea of the Day with the purpose of improving the society in which we live.

Yesterday’s idea caught my attention.  It was entitled, Outlaw LGBT Discrimination in Federally Funded Shelters.

Obviously, religious groups are free to believe whatever they want. But any organization-religious or not-that treats homeless gay and transgender youth differently than straight homeless youth should not receive any taxpayer dollars.

GOP Declares War on One Quarter of Earth’s Population

Simulposted at Daily Kos

Facing a changing demographic and a population slightly more educated about Republican fear campaigns has forced the GOP to try to go “over the top” on fear mongering.

It is now apparently the mainstream Republican position that it was NOT …. NOT ….19 fanatics guided by Osama Bin Laden and Khalid Sheik Mohammed who flew planes into to World Trade center….but all of Islam.

Every single Muslim in the world attacked New York on September 11th.

All 1.6 billion Muslims flew those planes.

Open Phoenix


In Your Face

Oh brother. This is just … embarrassing.

from Raw Story:

Senator Levin was on the receiving end of a thrown pie during a question-and-answer session on Monday.

The accused pie thrower is Ahlam Mohsen, a 23-year-old senior at Michigan State University and antiwar activist. She was arrested after the incident while attempting to flee and is charged with assault and battery.

Update: Pie thrower facing felony charge for ‘stalking’ senator

An antiwar activist who hit Senator Levin in the face with a dutch apple pie on Monday is facing a felony charge of stalking in addition to misdemeanor charges of battery and assault.


News at Noon

From Reuters

Special report: Flipping, flopping and booming mortgage fraud

By Nick Carey

August 17, 2010

(Reuters) – The house on the 53rd block of South Wood Street in Chicago’s Back of the Yards doesn’t look like a $355,000 home. There is no front door and most of the windows are boarded up.

Public records show it sold in foreclosure for $25,500 in January 2009, then resold for $355,000 in October. In between, a $110,000 mortgage was taken out on the home, supposedly for renovations. This June, the property went back into foreclosure.

To Emilio Carrasquillo, head of the local office of non-profit lender Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (NHS), the numbers don’t add up. He believes this is a case of mortgage fraud.

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DLC theme song:

Reductionism, Not Western Civilization, is the Great Satan

Those currently in opposition to the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero don’t seem to want to understand the whole picture.  They will not even entertain anything other than views stepped in prejudice and fear, seeing an enemy in the face of every person of Middle Eastern descent.  While in stuck in this merry-go-round that passes for substantive discourse, they are trusted supporters of a system that sees the sum of its parts as more important than the whole.  Today’s believers in preemptive prejudice take stock in reductionism, a theory that justifies bigotry nicely.  Indeed, their system of belief relies more on personal bias and illogical rationales rather than outward truth.  The spread and growth of this, its own near-religion upsets me more than that of the genuine terrorists themselves.

“Net Zero” at Ground Zero? Just say NO!!!!!

I mean, how painful is that to the survivors of Ground Zero, when everyone knows all terrorism starts with the internet. So building the Net Zero at Ground Zero is simply fiendish, trying to make legions of baby terrorists out of lego-star-wars playing kids, who will learn to plot to take over our American way!


I mean look at the subterfuge of the Net Project: With your very eyes you can see that they are fighting along with a Satanic figure, not to mention artificial life forms. God hates artificial life. He only loves life HE creates, in the dark, by couples who married as virgins, in the missionary position and with no female orgasm… or by rape. Same, same. God only loves those life forms, not artificial ones. And just LOOK at those weird robes they are wearing and helmets. Even the women are covered by it. It is repressive and stone age! God only loves Christian virgins who go commando in short skirts. Covering all that T & A is just wrong. And that Han & Chewbakka team is obviously not only GAY, but promotes BESTIALITY! Net Zero is trying to program the kids, I tell you. If we allow this, America is dead!

Even the NAME is blasphemous. No one would pick the name “Net” unless they wanted to insult those who are followers of the LORD GOD, since everyone knows Jesus cast his NET as a fisher of men. Its a code word to insult us fish and make us feel like zeroes.

Its a plot to destroy the very fabric of America, this Net Zero Project to destroy the memory of Ground Zero!  

Wait. You mean Net Zero is a dial-up internet service? They aren’t building at Ground Zero?

Welllllll then. Whats all the hoopla about anyway? I am SURE whatever it is, unless its a Tammy Faye cathedral to the one true Church of overmade-up, distraught, weeping wives of cheating, pin-dicked husbands, I can object to it: the name, their intent and just know in my heart they want to program our kids to be America-killers.

Let me at them!

/dripping sarcasm….

So lets talk.

George Bush on “all my sins”

Former Presidential Senior Advisor turned Fox News Political Analyst Karl Rove interviews former President George W. Bush six months from today at his Crawford Texas ranch, and finds a broken, pathetic ex-president who’s reverted to his former days of booze and cocaine since leaving the brightly lit world stage he inhabited for eight years.

Rove finds the venerable ex-president who sacrificed so much and made it his life’s mission to protect America from the hordes of evil terrorists world wide swimming across the oceans with knives in their teeth to kill American babies in their beds has sunk into a paranoid hallucinatory state in which he’s broken all the mirrors in his house out of fear that they are “looking at me” every time he passes one, and who lives in the sad, pathetic delusion that President Obama and the Democrats fully intend to have him arrested, charged, and finally held accountable for what he terms “all my sins” – his war crimes.

Docudharma Times Tuesday August 17

Tuesday’s Headlines:

World Bank opens credit line to Pakistan as UN chief calls for aid

Bill seeks to make electronics accessible to blind, deaf


Unallayed by tests, fishermen greet start of gulf shrimp harvest with suspicion

U.S. schools chief endorses release of teacher data


Bonjour jeunesse: new French literary star is 15

Former priest appointed as head of Czech secret police archives

Middle East

Suicide attack kills Iraqi army recruits in Baghdad

Israel ‘killed Palestinian girl’


Taliban brutality returns as coalition forces prepare for withdrawal

China increases military advantage over Taiwan


In ANC bill, South African media see threat to press freedom

Latin America

In Colombia plane crash, pilot skill praised for minimal injury

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

An Opened Mind IV

Of those qualities on which civilization depends, next after courage, it seems to me, comes an open mind, and, indeed, the highest courage is, as Holmes used to say, to stake your all upon a conclusion which you are aware tomorrow may prove false.

–Irving Dillard

Black and White


It is all about balance,

so my book tells me.

What to balance with what?

Therein lies the difficulty.

Does the past

offset the future

or the present?

If it balances

the present

then how can Now

also be in balance?

And isn’t that important?

Cannot the present

only be the

balance point

if the past

and future offset?

But how can

the past

offset a future

which has not

yet occurred?

Perhaps this problem

needs more


a change in

the frame

of reference.

–Robyn Elaine Serven
–November 7, 2005

Late Night Karaoke

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