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The Fightback against Cutting Electric Prices with Wind Power

Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence

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Recently, Jerome a Paris and afew from the European Tribune published a piece in New Scientist on why having sufficient wind turbines in an energy portfolio has been observed to lower energy prices to consumers.

After tweeting that article, I started to receive tweets with links to the anti-wind conservative echo chamber, including The American Thinker, and the Oil-money founded and partly funded Cato Institue.

The piece I am looking at today is a brilliant example of the echo-chamber shell game: how you fill up the echo chamber with outdated, irrelevant, or partial and misleading facts so that there are “facts! facts!” that can be cited in social media, complete with demands “answer the facts!” by those who either are pushing a line for strategic reasons or have been taken in by the argument.

Entitled “Wind Energy’s Ghosts”, the information in the piece is familiar to anyone who has participated in online discussion of wind power or renewable energy in general and has encountered the oil or coal industry sponsored and inspired pushbask.

Friday:Couldn’t Even Wait for the Cement to Cure

This week in Trickle Down Oilonomics:

First, remember this ?

Riser Pipe Cut,BP oil spill,BOP plume   Screen shot from June 1, 2010 of ROVs cutting the old riser pipe off the old top of the BOP, showing the underwater plume.

Two months later:

Tues,  Aug 3, 2010,  BP pumped drilling mud into the capped Macondo 252 Deepwater Horizon well from the top.…

BP announces Static pressure stabilization from  Mud Pump into well a success on Wed Aug 4th.…

Federal Government and NOAA’s Lubchenco & team of expert scientists announce rest of oil in Gulf of Mexico is naturally biodegrading. Oil is disappeared !    As of Wed, Aug 4th.…

BP oil spill,pie chart,Oil budget calculator tool,oil all gone pie chart by NOAA

From Plume to Pie Chart, 6/1/2010 to 8/4/2010.  In Amerika, Oil Spill Cleans You !  

Except that 650 miles of shoreline in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida remained oiled, and 57,539 square miles, or 24% of the Gulf of Mexico, is closed to fishing, per their own press release.

OMG! It’s My Fifth Blogaversary On 8/7/10!

Today I posted m 814th post at The Dream Antilles.  Sadly, it was meta: it said that 8/7/10 was the Fifth Blogaversary of the blog.

I have been plugging away, writing this blog, The Dream Antilles for five years.  That’s 35 woozle years.  It’s 30 pootie years.  And in the life of the Internet, it’s about 3 nanoseconds.  I’ve probably outlived about 10,000,000 other blogs, all of which you can still read.  If you want to.  And yet, I haven’t achieved fame, wealth, or any of the other benefits you might imagine.  There is no new Porsche in  my driveway.  I haven’t been on Rachel.

Why, you might ask, am I posting this here?  What’s the point?  

Original v. Cover — #37 in a Series

fire hydrant Pictures, Images and Photos

If someone could please post an opening comment for ponies when this publishes, I’d be most appreciative. Please check back later this evening. My opening comment promises to include more images, and music, none of which are covers of this week’s selection, but should be of interest. Thank you.

Except for a few fortunate areas of the country, this has been an extremely long, hot summer.  One must wonder, where are the global warming deniers?  Maybe they are now safely huddled in a secret undisclosed location, bunking with the “Drill Baby, Drill” crowd? Perhaps in a dark, damp cave, ala Usama bin Laden, sharing quarters with the bats who also favor such locations?

In keeping with this theme, the original title of the song made reference to the Hades-like conditions that oftentimes occur in July and August, although those residing in the Old Confederacy can happily add the months of June and September, and to some extent, May and October as well.  The more commonly used title actually attempts to analogize love and oppressively hot weather.  Although this writer represent a rare exception, love that resembles hot, suffocating conditions would seem less than ideal. Perhaps it’s no accident that Valentine’s Day falls during the winter months.

Friday Philosophy: A Better World

The Dog wrote this morning about the people who want their nation back.  I added the following comment, about what I saw in that sort of thinking:

The lady wants to go back to a time when she feels that things were better for her…and presumably people like her….as in identical.  She doesn’t care a whit about people whose lives have improved since that time.  Indeed, she thinks such people should be stomped on and put in their place…because they are undoubtedly the cause of her distress.

Meanwhile, I’m one of those people for whom life has gotten much better…and the lady the dog wrote about it…and people like her…just can’t stand that.

That’s not to say that life has gotten totally better for me…or that the improvements I’ve seen in our world have been totally sufficient or have been happening fast enough.  It will be quite a journey to get the world to where I think it should be.  And those people trying to tug it in the opposite direction certainly don’t help.

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