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Wikileaks takes out Insurance

Wikileaks Afghan War Diary 2004-2010

It seems that Wikileaks has posted a massive (1.4 GB, 10x larger than all the other files on the page combined) heavily encrypted file on it’s dedicated “Afghan War Diary” page labeled simply “Insurance”.

Possibly in response to the harsh rhetoric issuing from the US DoD regarding Wikileak’s founder, Julian Assange (including the rumored price on his head), sometime last Sunday afternoon the new file was quietly uploaded with no explanation.

Open Fog


Uhhh. Caption This.

The Party of “No,” The Election Cycle, and Collateral Damage

One has to wonder if the extremism of the Repubagger Party will backfire. What heartless beings in the party of 9/11, 9/11, 9/11 whose flag waving, Americana worshiping, patriotic fervor can support a party that says “No” to helping the first responders dying from rescue efforts on their Holiest of Days?

It was to paid for by closing loopholes on FOREIGN businesses so that they had to pay income tax. Republicans touted it as a tax increase.  

Some 15,000 people have been treated already for World Trade Center dust related illnesses. Cancer. Respiratory. Acid Reflux. Asthema. PTSD. Who would deny these?

The party of “No.”

Reams have already been written about this; everyone (I presume) has seen the viralized video of Anthony Weiner’s righteous evisceration of the people who blocked this. Sponsors of the Bill who flip-flopped on the bill solely for the purpose of denying a Democratic victory of any sort. Anything that would make Obama’s administration and the Democratic majority look effective.  

This failure is an absolutely disgusting example of how valueless actual Americans are to the hollow rhetoric of patriotism. We should be outraged.

Who would do such a thing? I’ll tell you.

Mullen “blood on the hands”: Wikileaks

And They Claim ‘christianity’

This is just the recent but think back these years and all read and heard or watched, this is what a big part of recruitment looks like {and rise of hatreds and thus blowback}, add in the killing, maiming, destruction and creating refugees from their homes and country,  and add in while in theaters demeaning those that live there and their neighbors and not only in theater but across this country many doing same!

Docudharma Times Saturday July 31

Saturday’s Headlines:

Calif. wildfire jumps aqueduct, threatens 2,000 homes

North Korea’s failed World Cup footballers undergo public mauling


GDP report: Economic growth slows with 2.4 percent rate in second quarter

House approves oil spill legislation


EU turning blind eye to discrimination against Roma, say human rights groups

Rome advertises Colosseum to sponsors

Middle East

Syria and Saudi leaders in mission to avert war

Iraqis to sue US firm at Abu Ghraib


Under the cover of darkness, Nato troops draw Taliban into their trap

Floods trap thousands in Pakistan


Five years after death of John Garang, a divided Sudan wonders: What if?

Latin America

Wyclef Jean mulling Haiti presidential run against politician uncle

The Seductions Of Clicking: How The Internet Can Make It Harder To Act

Without online technologies, Barack Obama would never have gotten past the primaries.  Had Facebook, YouTube, texting, a 13-million name email list and a website developed by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes been absent from his campaign, he would never have raised enough money, been seen and heard by enough people, or enlisted enough volunteers. Yet progressive hopes are faltering, not only because of Obama’s compromises and mistakes and Republican intransigence, but also because far too many of his supporters have come to believe they can act exclusively through these online technologies, to the exclusion of face-to-face politics.  

Late Night Karaoke

Random Japan

It was reported that young Indonesian surfers are providing “erotic services to Japanese women and other female tourists who flock to the island for discreet sex vacations.”

A Chinese health food and cosmetics company is sending 10,000 of its best salespeople and their family members on a free trip to Tokyo as a reward for their good work.

A 35-year-old native of Nagano became the first Japanese ever to win the prestigious Concurso Internacional flamenco guitar contest in Murcia, Spain.

A 17-year-old from Kobe and an 18-year-old from Fukuoka won gold medals at the 51st International Mathematical Olympiad in Kazakhstan.

Asahi led all breweries in beer shipments during the first half of 2010, thanks in large part to “a new way of serving Super Dry at below zero temperatures at bars and other places.”

However, overall shipments of beer tumbled 4.5 percent due to a “shift in consumer appetite to other drinks.”

Headline of the Week: “Little Green Aliens Invading Coasts” (via The Asahi Shimbun)

Original v. Cover — #36 in a Series

Romeo and Juliet Death Scene Pictures, Images and Photos

NOTE:  I have other obligations this evening that will preclude me from being able to post an opening comment until much later this evening.  If someone could post an opening comment for ponies on my behalf, I would be most appreciative.  More information will be following in the comments section later this evening.  Thanx.

Songs describing the myriad mysteries of love have abounded through the ages, dating back at least as far as that staple of the Old Testament, The Song of Solomon, which included some surprisingly racy language. For some unknown reason, the Protestant Sunday school teachers of this writer’s youth seemed to neglect any discussion of this book.  

William Shakespeare was as fascinated as anyone by the inscrutable and murky depths of love, perhaps most memorably explored in “Romeo and Juliet”, ultimately leading up to the tragic conclusion, pictured at the beginning of this essay.  

This week’s selection was written by Mississippi Delta born James Milton Campbell, Jr. (1934-2005), blues singer and guitarist, who was best known for his hit R&B singles, such as “We’re Gonna Make It” (#1), “Who’s Cheating Who?” (#4), “Baby, I Love You” (#6) and “Feel So Bad” (#7). His primary influences were T-Bone Walker and other contemporary blues and rock n’ roll artists.  He was first discovered playing in local bars, and caught the attention of Ike Turner, which led to a record contract.  He recorded several singles, which met with little success, leaving Sam Phillips’ Sun label by 1955. Campbell’s final album was released in May of 2005, near the time of his death following a stroke on May 4, 2005.


   Being Friday again, I`m here to try & keep the gulf coast on the minds of as many people as possible.

Lately I feel that the media is trying to give the gulf, the bum`s rush. We keep hearing about wrapping up the booming under the guise that booms do deteriorate. I can`t argue that, but let`s have new booms available & on hand, since this is hurricane season.

I will not be sold on wrapping up the gulf cleanup till they at least plug the well permanently, & keep monitoring the gulf for the next few years.

  Right now Bob Cavnar is speaking  on TV & mentioned the posters at Daily Kos, specifically the ones guiding everyone through this disaster  with the Mothership & it`s “Babies” (my qualifier)

He is also one of the people I listen to & believe, when I see him on the big TV machine, over any one else on their Propaganda machine.

  I normally post my images as distractions from all the travails of our daily lives in these trying times, but these are not to distract, but to point you towards what some would have you be distracted from. Please do not fall for that old ploy.

Even if the specimens I post do not all live in the gulf environment, they are the best I can post from these taken in my reef tanks.

Twilight of the Gods

(Shot at a friend`s outdoor tank around the corner)


Popular Culture (TeeVee). Season Finale for Dr. Who 20100730

Many of you who read my posts know that I am a very big fan of the British TeeVee series, Dr. Who.  This is not a recent infatuation.  I have followed The Doctor since 1978, when I first discovered the series.  It was 15 years old by then.

I have written a number of posts about this series, and you can find them by examining my profile on the Kos site (I have not written on Docudharma.com or Thestarshollowgazette.com as long).  As you read those, you will find that I have a very special place in my heart for that series.

Tonight we shall examine the season finale for the current iteration.  It was good, if a bit rushed in the last episode.

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