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BPravity: Cheap ‘n Cheat — Bastards!!!!

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This is a “Flotel.”  It is a huge barge upon which pods, made of corrugated steel, are stacked two high and three wide.  Each pod holds 12 bunks.  There are 4 bunks to a “room”

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There is a common area for eating, showering and leisure activities.

The men working for BP, in helping with the clean-up, are expected to put in 12 hour days, for 18 days straight, and then, they are to receive 3 days off.  This means workers living in these “flotels” spend 24 hours a day there for 18 days straight.  And it means being away from their families for a long time at a stretch.

Although workers had been promised motels, BP brought in these flotels, because of, or so they say,

One of the logistical difficulties in combating the Gulf oil disaster has been finding housing for the thousands of workers brought in by BP and its contractors to work on cleanup and containment operations . . . .


BP told a New Orleans Fox affiliate that the flotels were useful for keeping workers close to cleanup sites, thereby eliminating travel time.

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On Wildness Lost

He was the most beautiful and arrogant being I have ever met. Not arrogant in the nouveau rich, loud and flashy way, but one born of the quiet confidence of real power. He would, with a mere look, let you know every command was merely a suggestion, and whether he would deign to consider it.

Now, in these his waning days, he is becoming a house pet. In some ways I love that he is coming to me for comfort, vying for endless attention. In others, I am almost embarrassed for him.  My wolf is becoming dog, and he is dying.

When this amazing being, the last of my pack dies, I feel like a part of my soul will be ever destroyed. I feel my own wildness being drawn away with his. I feel like a dog, too, always doing what I should be doing, instead of exactly what I want to. You see, I never tried to tame my wolves, nor redefine them in some image. The rules were few. The kitchen is mine. Don’t shit in my house. Anyone who comes through my door is pack. Yet, in a room full of eyes, his were often the only ones that saw me, got me. I could convey more with a flick of my eyes to him than a thousand words to a dog… or a human for that matter. They never lived with me because they had to, they chose me, chose to and never let you forget it. Especially Roo – he was no hybrid like my others- he is 100% wolf.  

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Sunay’s Headlines:

Taliban claim to have captured missing US soldiers in ambush

Teen wins Soap Box Derby with late sister’s car


Battle Looms in Washington Over Expiring Bush Tax Cuts

After bailouts, new autoworkers make half as much as veterans in same plant


Cloistered French nuns from Avignon are record label’s new sales hope

Nobel Peace Prizes ‘are being awarded illegally’

Middle East

Protests held worldwide against execution of Iranian woman

Journalists complain of intimidation in Iraqi Kurdistan


Comrade Duch, the Khmer Rouge executioner who killed thousands for Pol Pot, faces his day of justice

US and S Korea begin joint drill


Gadget makers must label parts from war-torn Congo

Latin America

For a Haiti amputee, life-changing aid is in sight

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GULF Coast, A reminder

  I`m a day late this week, in posting reminders of what kind of life we stand to lose due to the oil gusher in the  gulf.

I know it is presently capped, albeit temporarily, but I worry about the situation going south fast.

  I feel that the decisions that were made in the last few weeks, are to hide to the public, the fact that they (BP) are not very confident they can stop this disaster, even with the relief wells so near completion.

  But I post these images in hopes that people  will never forget this disaster, man made, I should add, & never allow it to happen again.

It seems like greed has taken over, regardless of the consequences to the livelihood of humans, & the lives of all the defenseless animals above & below the surface.




The Week in Editorial Cartoons – Mission Accomplished

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Chris Britt

The Oil Crisis is Solved by Chris Britt, Comics.com, see reader comments in the State Journal-Register (Springfield, IL)