Meet Sen. Vitter’s Trusted Aide

Looks like the ‘family values’ Louisiana Senator, who apparently loved playing the hooker scene, has another, and I’ll bet he decribes himself as a ‘family values’ gobper, fun lovin staff family member among his closest advisors, this ones so good he oversee’s the Senators Issues concerning Women.

EXCLUSIVE: Meet Senator Vitter’s Trusted Aide – Drove Drunk, Attacked Girlfriend, Still On the Job

Senator Of DC Madam Fame Has Had Aide Working On Women’s Issues; Brent Furer’s Brushes With Law Go Back to 1990s

A longtime aide to Louisiana Sen. David Vitter, who has been assigned by the senator to oversee women’s issues, pleaded guilty in 2008 to charges stemming from a knife-wielding altercation with an ex-girlfriend.

The aide, Brent Furer, has had repeated brushes with the law dating back to the 1990s, an ABC News investigation has found. Yet Furer has continued to receive his taxpayer-financed senate staff salary in Washington, even as court records show he remains wanted on an open warrant in Baton Rouge stemming from an unresolved misdemeanor DWI charge.

Those who have had encounters with Furer say his presence on Vitter’s payroll raises serious questions about the senator’s judgment. Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, said it concerns her that the senator has talked so forcefully as an advocate for women and an opponent of drunk driving, and yet would keep someone with Furer’s background on his staff.


A Vitter spokesman acknowledged the senator had concerns about the 2008 arrest, in which Furer was accused of holding his ex-girlfriend against her will for 90 minutes, threatening to kill her, placing his hand over her mouth, and cutting her in the hand and neck.


“After the January 2008 incident, he was told to leave the office pending the court’s determination of what happened,” spokesman Joel DiGrado said in an emailed response to questions from ABC News.

DiGrado said that after Furer was sentenced, Vitter imposed “further significant disciplinary action” in consultation with the congressional employment legal office, though he would not elaborate on what that entailed. He said the senator hired Furer because of the aide’s military service during the first Gulf War. Continued

Vitter and Troubled Aide Brent Furer: Photo Slideshow

The senator, the DC Madam, the aide, and the aide’s battered girlfriend.

Oh ya, there’s another Madame who says Vitter was a frequent visitor to, she’s in the pics.

Sad to hear he’s a veteran, but that doesn’t excuse what he did nor should it excuse not only Vitter keeping him around, but working on womens issues. If he didn’t before, especially right after the incident, he should seek help on a number of issues