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I still … got nuthin’

Last week I admitted that I got nuthin when the latest developments in financial reform were announced. The picture is bleak in regards to any oversite.

Today we have further developments and I have to say once again … I still … got nuthin.

Looks like I’ll be going to jail in Texas.

Oh those asshats we call the Texas Republican Party. Recently, in their latest quest to prove they aren’t gay, many a closet-homosexual, also known as the GOP, decided to include this nugget in their state party platform:


“We oppose the legalization of sodomy. We demand that Congress exercise its authority granted by the U.S. constitution to withhold jurisdiction from the federal courts from cases involving sodomy,” the GOP platform reads. Meaning that even though the U.S. Supreme Court overturned sodomy laws last decade (ironically in a case that stemmed from Texas), Texas Republicans would like the state to have the power to criminalize LGBT folks for having sex.

“We support legislation that would make it a felony to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple and for any civil official to perform a marriage ceremony for such,” reads the GOP platform.

If a straight person were to aid and abet a gay couple with marriage in Texas, the GOP would like to see that person serve mandatory jail time.

Now, I like the ladies, and truth be told, I might have a problem with loving to many ladies, but if a lady wants to marry another lady, or man wants to marry another man, am all for it.

Why keep lesbians and gays out of our worst institutions, like marriage and the military? If they want to take on those sad sacks of out-dated societal paradigms, let’em at it.

Because in Texas we can all agree on one thing, the government needs to get the hell on out of our bedrooms.

Funny enough, the Texas GOP actually agrees with me here, but they have to hate on the gays because most GOP members can’t come to terms with their own gayness.

Like Rick Perry. His wife even filed for the divorce over his manlove, but yet he pursues policies against the GLT community least he accept his own desires.

I’d like to see something resembling a Democrat point out this planks of the GOP platform and how they square up with their hating:


Open Tango


Take It Easy

Don’t let the sound of your own wheels

Drive you crazy

Lighten up while you still can

Don’t even try to understand

Just find a place to make your stand

and take it easy…

News at Noon

From Reuters

BP pegs spill at worst-case 100,000 bpd

by Tom Bergin and Ernest Scheyder

June 21, 2010

Louisiana (Reuters) – BP shares fell on Monday after a U.S. lawmaker released an internal company document over the weekend pegging the worst-case scenario rate for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill far higher than government figures.

The oil giant’s stock, which has nearly halved in value since an explosion on an offshore rig on April 20, slid over 4.0 percent after the document estimated the rate at 100,000 barrels per day (15.9 million liters) versus the government estimate of 60,000 barrels.

BP spokesman Toby Odone said the document appeared to be genuine but the estimate applied only to a situation in which a key piece of equipment called a blowout preventer is removed.

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BP oil spill costs hit $2 billion

Perry Accidently His Own Texas Schoolbooks

You just gotta love Ol’ Barrel Hair. If you haven’t been hip to it lately, Governor Perry of Texas decided to try and take Texas back to the medieval era of knowledge with his theocratic school book revisionary board.

Unfortunately for Perry, the Dimestore Cowboy of Succession screwed the pooch on the Texas budget, which by our Constitution, must be even steven at the end of each fiscal year. And even though we are one of the richest states, the Hot Tub Governor’s constant reach arounds for his closest corporate friends has bankrupted the Lone Star.


Now it appears that Texas kids will have to glean those points from supplementary materials rather than new textbooks that were supposed to arrive in the fall. The state normally replaces textbooks on a rotating basis every 10 years. With Texas facing a budget shortfall of at least $11 billion in 2011, the money isn’t going to be there. Textbooks covering the new science standards would have cost $400 million, and the Legislature is already expecting a bill of $888 million for textbooks already ordered.

The Texas Education Agency had proposed to provide science supplements for high schools only at a cost of about $17 million. Instead, board members approved supplements for science classes from fifth grade through high school. They have no idea how much the supplements will cost.

Nice budgeting there folks, $400 million versus $17 million? Yeah, I’d call that a slight cost overrun. Who knew rewriting history would be so expensive.

June 21 2010- World Peace & Prayer Day


A Right to Privacy Depends on Privilege

Today I scheduled an appointment with a GP for my yearly checkup. I’m not physically sick or injured at the moment, but I figured it would be worthwhile setting up an appointment anyway. While on Medicaid here in the District, an insured person is required to establish a particular primary case physician.  This PCP is based at a specific location and is, of course, the person one sees in the event of a serious illness.  I had meant to do this long before now and finally got around to it.


This first is a cut of one I just posted, elsewhere, to show at least a little of what has been going on. But as to this agency I have added just a few, and there’s plenty more, links to how the previous administration as well as the republican controlled congresses nearly gutted OSHA, but it isn’t only OSHA as we’ve seen as to regulations and the countries well being, they had eight plus years to nearly destroy everything about this once envied country and it’s innovations, workforce and research etc.!

This all isn’t only about the oil industry, we’ve been witness to the across the whole spectrum of disastrous policies that went on or were suppressed, veterans, the banking, wall street, auto with recalls, food with recalls and so much more, all to the benefit of the few at the top and those they allow to join their club as the majority, those that do the work, are suppressed and controlled with fear and many follow the meme’s given to lay the blame away from those who actually caused the destructions!

Docudharma Times Monday June 21

Monday’s Headlines:

BP oil spill: leak found in rig weeks before blast

The Periodic Table: Top of the charts


BP, Transocean tap a well of Washington lobbyists and consultants

Red light camera pact would need exemption from Arizona boycott


Poland rejects Jaroslaw Kaczynski as exit polls give Bronislaw Komorowski lead in presidential election

Russia cuts off gas supply to Belarus over unpaid bill

Middle East

Iran bans two UN nuclear inspectors from country


China’s housing boom spells trouble for boyfriends

Ink Gushes in Japan’s Media Landscape


A Draft of the Past Remains on Tap in Egypt

Rights group calls to halt Zimbabwe diamond trade

Latin America

Juan Manuel Santos wins Colombia presidential election

Mini-Nukes:Safe For Civilians

War on Iran hype is in the news(or not) again.

The ships are on their way.  You should read about the new “mini” nukes and how they are “harmless” to civilians.  See the globalresearch link.


I mean why not, black hole in the ocean so we might as well light up the sands of Iran.  They just don’t play well with the multi-national globalist billionaries.

Let us blame it on the Iranian Navy, if they have one.



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