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My Solution to the Gulf Oil Disaster: Sequestering the Oil INSIDE Floating Tubes

When life give you lemons, you really should make lemonade. In this case, we’re getting lots of black goo, and so we should make…..black goo sausages! Allow me to explain. I’m not talking about booms…

After reading this, today, I’m leaning towards believing that the oil flow will not be stopped, not until whatever underground cavern it’s tapping is mostly emptied. So, the question becomes, what to do with all that oil?

My answer is to basically store it in balloons, which are made of the ‘same’ material used to create inflatable buildings. (Yes, there really are such things. Back in the day, the ‘Busch Bubble’ housed a gymnasium for Rutgers University.)

Jackson/Rivers v. Obama/McCain

On one side we have two brilliant strategists and great team leaders, and on the other side there’s a telegenic spokes-model and a semi-senile dinosaur.

And unfortunately for all of us, the great leaders are competing for bragging rights about a kids’ game, while the bozos are fumbling and bumbling and humbugging our world into oblivion.

The Lakers draft Kobe Bryant. McCain drafts Sarah Palin. Obama drafts Larry Summers.


McCain and Obama are idiots!

And since it’s pointless to ask how we could convert American politics into something more like the NBA, with brilliant leaders instead of clowns in charge, because we all know that isn’t going to happen…

We might as well ask how to convert the NBA into something more like American politics, and that would be simpler than you might imagine, because…

All we have to do is make sucking up to the fans the only qualification for coaching, with the proviso that none of the candidates has any kind of record as a coach, or even as a player.

“You/We are the ones we/you were waiting for!”

“I love your values!”

And if you subtracted sucking up to the fans from McCain and Obama, both those clowns would disappear, like smoke blown away from a mirror.

Obama to Main Street…F*ck You

The president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis supports a Senate plan that would force Wall Street megabanks to spin off their derivatives units and raise significantly more capital to cover their bets, becoming the third Fed official outside Washington and New York to support a hotly contested measure that’s turning into a Wall Street versus Main Street issue.

James Bullard, the St. Louis Fed chief, joins Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher and Thomas Hoenig, who heads the Kansas City Fed, as the three Fed officials who publicly support the provision, authored by Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.), according to one of his spokesmen. The Obama administration and the Fed’s Washington-based Board of Governors oppose the measure and are working to kill it.


Last Great American Whale

They say he didn’t have an enemy

His was a greatness to behold

He was the last surviving progeny

The last one on this side of the world

He measured a half mile from tip to tail

Silver and black with powerful fins

They say he could split a mountain in two

That’s how we got the grand canyon

Last great american whale

Lou Reed

Last Great American Whale

Human Health Crisis in Gulf Begins

And more hidden dead animal bodies by BP:

Open Library


And They STILL Don’t Call This Criminal Terrorism

This is just coming across the wires:

Explosives Found in Vehicle at Georgia Army Base

Anthony Todd Saxon, 34, Arrested With Explosives In Vehicle At Fort Gordon, But No Terror Threat Seen

June 16, 2010 The FBI was investigating after a civilian was arrested with explosives in his vehicle on an Army base in Georgia that is headquarters to the service’s global communication and information systems, authorities said Wednesday.

News at Noon

From Reuters

Analysis:  Obama speech short on energy, climate details

by Richard Cowan

June 16, 2010

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s national address on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on Tuesday fell short of a strong call for comprehensive energy and environmental legislation this year and left the U.S. Congress with no clear direction.

Obama delivered his high-profile speech, coming on the 57th day since the start of the huge BP oil spill, from the White House Oval Office, a venue presidents normally reserve for announcing major initiatives or explaining important developments.

This speech was mostly the latter, which likely will be a disappointment to supporters of strong legislation to clamp down on offshore oil drilling practices and carbon dioxide pollution blamed for global warming.

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Accident at BP Rotterdam refinery kills worker

The Return of Debtor Prisons

  When the Wall Street bankers ran up hundreds of billions of debt they could not pay back they convinced the American taxpayers (via the government) to bail them out, no questions asked.

  However, when the American taxpayer runs up a little debt, not only is there no bailout, there is no mercy either.

 It’s not a crime to owe money, and debtors’ prisons were abolished in the United States in the 19th century. But people are routinely being thrown in jail for failing to pay debts….

   “The law enforcement system has unwittingly become a tool of the debt collectors,” said Michael Kinkley, an attorney in Spokane, Wash., who has represented arrested debtors. “The debt collectors are abusing the system and intimidating people, and law enforcement is going along with it.”

 Frequently the bail is set at the exact same amount as the debt owed. While this makes it easy for judges, it is also a tacit admission that these are de facto debtor prisons.

 Many state constitutions bar imprisonment for debts, yet in many cases the judges in these states don’t seem to care. Some seem eager to side with the powerful against the weak.

We Got Us A Name: The ‘redneck’s’ {once GOP} Party

“If all of us rednecks leave the Republican Party, the party is going to have one hell of a void,” Knotts told other senators.

A racist pol finally speaks of What that so called republican party Really Is. Caught the comment in an NPR report a short while ago and it wasn’t hard to quickly find an article with not only that but his ranting about the Hypocrites attacking him, which seems rather odd as Hypocrisy has been a mainstay especially of the modern once GOP, even in their so called base!

So Blackwater is Guarding The Black Water

I mean just how much more blatant does the Karmic writing on the wall have to get.

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