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The Questions Vol. 1

We might as well start this new phase from the very beginning, lol. And work our way up and/or down to where these questions will finally lead, to the Human behavior that culminates in what we call politics. These questions of course have no scientifically objective answers, the only answers can be….beliefs. But human beliefs are what shape our world

Some people believe that Freedom, Equality, and Justice for all are the most important things. Others believe that Power, Money, and Control of others are the most important things. These two belief systems are, and always have been the source of all conflict for humans. First in our huts, then our villages then our cities our nations and now in the 21st century, on the planetary scale.

So there are no final answers to these questions, no right or wrong answers. The only purpose in asking them is to discuss our beliefs. Because again, those focused beliefs, when acted on, are the basis of all human society.

“What the most people believe” is as close as we can get to something called reality or truth, when it comes to human behavior. As “what the most people believe” changes over time, as it always has…the world changes. And we all want to change the world.

So let’s start at the beginning!

1) What is the Universe?

    1a) Is it an “accident?” Just random phenomenon?

    1b) Or does it have a purpose? Or if it was just random phenomenon at it’s inception, has a purpose evolved?

2) Supposing it has one, (since if it doesn’t and it is just random phenomenon, there is really no further discussion necessary or possible) what is the purpose of the universe?


Greene with envy.

I am rather shocked to see people hating on our greatest tradition, democracy. Oh how the sour grapes have wrath in South Carolina. The worst part is seeing people hate on a guy so much they call him ‘retarded’, while the smart money is on mild Asperger’s Syndrome. So how did Alvin Greene win his upset win over Vic Rawl?

Vic and the Insiders ran the worst campaign since Coakley.

There are four major components going into Greene’s upset win, all showing the beauty of democracy in action.

BP; Texas Tea or Gulf Coast Coffee

BP Spills Coffee

copyright © 2010 Betsy L. Angert.  BeThink.org

For more than a century, in unison, the planets’ population proclaimed, thankfully petroleum flows.  Oil powers our machines.  The refined product has helped us manufacture massive quantities of clothing, aluminum sheet, and photovoltaic (PV) solar cells.  “Plastics.”  As was professed in a popular film decades ago, “There’s a great future in plastics.” Presently, and in the past, BP understood this and much more.  The company’s Executives knew petroleum could and would provide endless profits, power, and a perpetual presence.

Maher’s New Rule: Stuff Your Oil Industry Jobs

New Rule: Stop talking about “jobs” being lost in a murderous, hateful industry like it’s a bad thing.

You know what happens when windmills collapse into the sea?

A splash.

Active Policy of Ignorance Management

Another line I love.  Yes Virginia there is a Bilderberg and it’s not your father’s Bilderberg anymore!


Does it really make sense to reform a media systems which is just Project Mockingbird/Strategic Communications Laboratories prole specific propaganda dissemination.


One Trillion dollars worth of industrial minerals in Afghanistan.  Hmmm.  How convienient.  When did torsional vortex imaging go “online” meaning when did “they” know the exact locations of all the world’s mineral resources.


Don’t you dare fly over that oil slick.

How dare you rescue that 13 year old girl.


Civil asset forfeiture

Is there a Green Light for the Bomb Iran crowd?



Congressman assaulting students.

Open Corvette


News at Noon

From Reuters

Obama and BP set for oil-spill showdown

by Caren Bohan and Tom Bergin

June 14, 2010

(Reuters) – Barack Obama and top BP executives are set for a showdown over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill this week, as the likely damages bill piles more pressure on the oil giant’s shares.

With America’s largest-ever environmental disaster nearing the two-month mark, the president will press BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg at their first meeting on Wednesday to set up an escrow account to pay damage claims by individuals and businesses hurt by the oil spill disaster.

BP executives will also be grilled by U.S. lawmakers at congressional committee hearings on Tuesday and Thursday.

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BP unlikely to cancel dividend, but mulls several ideas:  source

Brazen disregard, from the wellhead to the tap

Chevron has the means to prevent an oil blow-out: report

Secrecy is Transparency, Poverty is Wealth


Where secrecy or mystery begins, vice or roguery is not far off.

Samuel Johnson

In America, it is no mystery our Society of Secrets began a long time ago. And our Vice and Roguery is in full bloom.

Docudharma Times Monday June 14

Monday’s Headlines:

White House turns up heat on BP with flurry of new demands

From the bedroom to the Guggenheim: search is on for a YouTube masterpiece


Lawmakers’ committee assignments and industry investments overlap

As businesses collapse, claimants still waiting for checks from BP


Belgium divide deepens after Flemish separatists win election

Army misses a trick as Geordie is hailed hero of the Foreign Legion

Middle East

America leaves Iraq a toxic legacy of dumped hazardous materials

Red Cross: Gaza blockade illegal


Kyrgyz gangs accused of ‘genocide’ as death toll rises

North Korea’s star at the World Cup


Mo Ibrahim prize goes to none

Riot police break up World Cup wages protest

Singin’ Sweet Home Oilabama All Summer Long- Spill Ecotourism

I’ve been checking on Linda Leavitt’s twitter account http://twitter.com/ WhoDat35 for news of the effects of the ongoing BP oil spill, and I suggest you bookmark this-  she’s a tireless lover of all things Louisiana coastal, and the locals have been tweeting her some great links.

The oil has started to wash up quite a bit more on the sugar sands of Alabama-  I knew Alabama had Gulf of Mexico coastline, but I didn’t realize that they had such beautiful sand beaches until this oil spill.   Many concerned people are contacting Leavitt in astonishment that the oiled beaches have not been officially closed yet to beachgoers, and not only are people sunbathing,  that they’ve seen children actually swimming in this stuff.

A month ago, in Louisiana, Jefferson Parish sheriff’s deputies were blocking reporters and bloggers from seeing the oil washed up on Elmer’s Island, at BP’s request.  But the tourist beaches were still open.

Mac McClelland and John Hazlett end up kayaking into the spill area to see it 524/2010/


At the turn to Elmer’s Island Road, a deputy flags us down. Can’t go to Elmer’s; he’s just “doing what they told me to do.” We continue on to Grand Isle beach, where toddlers splash in the surf. Only after I’ve stepped in a blob of crude do I realize that the sheen on the waves and the blackness covering a little blue heron from the neck down is oil.

The next day, cops drive up and down Grand Isle beach explicitly telling tourists it is still open, just stay out of the water. There are pools of oil on the beach; dolphins crest just offshore. A fifty-something couple, Southern Louisianians, tell me this kind of thing happened all the time when they were kids; they swam in rubber suits when it got bad, and it was no big deal. They just hope this doesn’t mean we’ll stop drilling.

The blockade to Elmer’s is now four cop cars strong. As we pull up, deputies start bawling us out; all media need to go to the Grand Isle community center, where a “BP Information Center” sign now hangs out front. nside, a couple of Times-Picayune reporters circle BP representative Barbara Martin, who tells them that if they want passage to Elmer they have to get it from another BP flack, Irvin Lipp; Grand Isle beach is closed too, she adds. When we inform the Times-Pic reporters otherwise, she asks Dr. Hazlett if he’s a reporter; he says,  “No.” She says, “Good.”

Where the tourist beache aren’t, the access is harder to come by-  see the June 11 kayak visit they made to Grande Terre, http://motherjones.com/rights-… ,  where BP’s contracted clean up crews were using some sort of cross between a paper towel and a sham wow, dozens of them laid across the sand, to blot up millions of gallons of oil from the beaches “where the oil stretched as far as we could see in deep, dark pools.”  

Muse in the Morning

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Late Night Karaoke


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