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Celente: New Progressive/Libertarian 3rd Party will Rise

Celente, who we’re told has a very good record with his predictions, predicted the rise of a new 3rd party last month during an interview for Gary Null’s show on ProgressiveRadioNetwork.com

Celente interviewed on ProgressiveRadioNetwork.com here, from May 7. This particular prediction starts at about 13:00.

Celente predicts a new, third party, which he labels as Progressive-Libertarian. It will have the following characteristics:



* health

* nutrition

* environment

* education



* not becoming involved in foreign entaglements

* government staying out of your personal business, as long as you’re not hurting anybody, and nobody else is paying for it

not libertarian in the sense that


* we don’t need any government regulation, at all (e.g., Glass Steagle are desirable)

Open Plastics


World Cup Update: A Poor Workman Blames His Tools Edition

So far we’ve had two mega goalkeeping errors in the first days of World Cup.  England’s Robert Green let in a routine and weak shot because he didn’t follow a rule that even middle school goalkeepers know: get in front of the ball and smother it.  Don’t try to catch it from the side.  Ever.  The result was a 1-1 draw between the US, which was really stung early in the first half, and England, which for all its star power doesn’t play like a team.  The tabloid press in the UK today was really ugly: the error was called “Hand of Clod” and “Shock and Draw” and the Times said, it was “one disastrous spill the Yanks won’t complain about.”

This is what makes for such ugly press:

And then today, as if yesterday’s goof weren’t enough a wake up call, Slovenia, a country the size of Houston, beat Algeria on a goalkeeping error.  And, instead of just eating crow and moving on, the Algerian coach had this to say:

Algerian coach Rabah Saadane said the new World Cup ball was a challenge for goalkeepers.

“Everyone saw what happened with the ball, and what happened yesterday with England’s goalkeeper,” Saadane said. “You have to adjust to the flight of the ball.”


Yeah.  I saw what happened.  Here it is:

Coach, that’s not a problem with a ball. That’s called goalkeeper spacing out. Nice try though.

The world cup continues until July 11.  More about it occasionally.  


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Will the BP Oilpocalypse cause a Paradigm Shift – Not Really

Everyone is following the BP story. Everyone is witnessing the horror in the Gulf.

Dead birds. Dead fish. Dead turtles. Dead dolphins.

No more blue fin tuna.

No more domestic shrimp and oysters.

Fishermen out of work. Tourist industries decimated.

Bobby Jindal, Bob Riley, Haley Barbour, Charlie Crist feet stomping about BP’s and the government’s delayed response.

What does it all mean?

Nothing really. Here’s why….

Read this comment

From The Oil Drum


Saudis Grant Israel Air Corridor To Attack Iran?

Although according to a report by Israels Haaretz Service a member of the Saudi royal family – Saudi envoy to the U.K. Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf – has since issued a denial and reiterated Saudi Arabia’s rejection of any violation of its territories or airspace, the UK Times Online reported saturday quoting an unnamed U.S. defense source that “In the week that the UN Security Council imposed a new round of sanctions on Tehran, defence sources in the Gulf say that Riyadh has agreed to allow Israel to use a narrow corridor of its airspace in the north of the country to shorten the distance for a bombing run on Iran.”

“To ensure the Israeli bombers pass unmolested, Riyadh has carried out tests to make certain its own jets are not scrambled and missile defence systems not activated. Once the Israelis are through, the kingdom’s air defences will return to full alert.”, continues the Times article.

Sunday musings


Docudharma Times Sunday June 13

Sunday’s Headlines:

Oil spill disaster: The guilty parties

Belgrade Opens Up With Amps On


Obama pleads for $50 billion in state, local aid

Sea turtles’ breeding tradition threatened


Louvre masterpiece by Veronese ‘mutilated’ by botched nose jobs

Sarkozy gets twitchy as French rise up against austerity

Middle East

Pressure on Israel to lift Gaza blockade

Vital River Is Withering, and Iraq Has No Answer


Revealed: Japan’s bribes on whaling

Pakistan’s ISI intelligence agency ‘supports’ Taliban


‘World Cup is forcing white South Africans to come to the party’

Ex-mercenary Nick du Toit tells of his five years in a ‘living hell’ and why he is ashamed of war

Latin America

Jamaica music lyrics – trigger of violence?

On Setting Things Straight, Or, An Open Letter To The United Kingdom

Dear The United Kingdom,

I just wanted to take a minute to say hello and to see how things have been for you lately, and to maybe bring you up to date on a bit of news from here.

Well, right off the bat, we hear you have a new Conservative Prime Minister and that his Party and Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems are in partnership, which I’m sure will be interesting; you probably heard that us Colonials are again having Tea Parties, which has also been very interesting.

I have a Godson who’s getting married this September, so we’re all talking about that, and I hear Graham Norton was even better than last year at hosting Eurovision, despite the fact that it’s…frankly, it’s Eurovision.

Oh, yeah…we also had a bit of an oil spill recently that you may have heard about-and hoo, boy; you should see how the Company that spilled the oil has been acting.

Late Night Karaoke


Recipe for the Evening 20100612. Blueberry and Strawberry Icebox Pie

This is a recipe that I invented a couple of years ago, and it works with almost all fruit except ones that are very infirm.  I would not recommend using ripe peaches or blackberries because they, at their prime, are extremely fragile.

It works well with blueberries and commercial strawberries, however.  One could substitute any fairly firm fruit (making allowances for acid and sugar balance) and get a good product.  Since the current host of What’s for Dinner? on the orange site (like I always do when I am the host) did not choose to share that post here, I at least will share my recipe with my cherished friends here at Docudharma.


Just, no.

No. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever. We will never surrender. Not EVER. We will fight on the land, we will fight on the sea, we will fight inside your minds, we will fight inside your souls, we well fight on the beaches we will fight on the lands we will fight in space, we will fight EVERYWHERE .. we will fight no matter what you do, and no matter who you adopt. We will NEVER STOP.

We will fight you in your homes. We will fight you over your families. We will fight you over your lands. We will fight you over your airs. We will fight you over your elitism. We will fight you over the cost of your lives. We will fight you over the cost of our lives. We will fight until we cannot fight anymore.

We will FIGHT.

You have tried to convert us and ours to the way of heterosexuality.  This is unacceptable.  

This is, to us, a Gay Nation.

We have, as you and yours have said, a New Structure.

The first step in any such new structure is, we will fight.

We MUST fight.

We cannot give, to you, and to yours, the luxury of a hundred years of incrementalism.

If we do, that will mean a million people kicked out of the military.

If we let you and yours speak on our behalf, that will mean a million gay people convinced that without heterosexuality, they are irretrievably damaged and worthy of DEATH.

If we let you and yours speak on our behalf, that will mean that you will continue to believe that I and ours are estranged, that we are not of you and the human species, and that you will continue to be able to believe that only a special class of human is ever able to enact on your behalf.

But, in any event, we are not worthy of DEATH.

We are not worthy of being unregarded by you worthies for our lives and our sustenance.

So, if necessary, we will fight you.

And, if necessary, we will break you.

It is a self destructive aphorism that gay people are merciful.  It is a convenient delusion that gay people are going to grant you sufferage.


We will break you.  If must and needs be.

So, we will push you and push you and push you, until you break.  How important is global warming to you against gay people’s civil rights?  How important is jobs?

Until we have our civil rights, we will punish you.  We are not done.  We will hound you mercilessly.  We will take your every excuse, your every attempt to divide and conquer, and turn it against you.

We will not stop until we are equal.  Get used to it.  And think.  For god’s sake, think.

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