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Rollingstone article – “The Spill, The Scandal and the President”


Tim Dickinson at Rollingstone has done some fine and much needed investigative journalism.  He reveals that BP and the government anticpated a much higher volume of flow from the first:

   From the start of its operation in the Gulf, BP had found itself struggling against powerful “kicks” from gas buildup, just as MMS had warned. Now, on April 20th, the pent-up methane exploded in a fireball that incinerated 11 workers. Like a scene out of a real-life Jerry Bruckheimer film, the half-billion-dollar rig – 32,000 tons and 30 stories tall – listed over and sank to the bottom two days later, taking a mile of pipe down with it.

   Within hours, the government assembled a response team at the “war room” of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration in Seattle. The scene, captured by a NOAA cameraman and briefly posted on the agency’s website, provides remarkable insight into the government’s engagement during the earliest hours of the catastrophe, and, more troubling, the role of top administration figures in downplaying its horrific scope.

Two songs from my youth

Scion of the 70’s, child of the 60’s ….

becomes …

On Balanced Budgets, Or, Hey, Rand, Why Not Show Your Cards Now?

Those who are regular visitors to this space know that I post stories across the country, and to do that I have to follow stories from a number of states.

Because I post at Kentucky’s Hillbilly Report, I’ve been paying particular attention to the Rand Paul campaign, and the news from the Bluegrass State (via “The Rush Limbaugh Show”) is that Paul’s planning to write his own balanced budget proposal for the Federal Government.

But there’s a catch.

He doesn’t plan on doing it until after the election.

Well, now, why in the world would a guy who’s running for office based on his really good ideas want to hold back the best one?

That’s not a bad question, and if we make the effort we can probably figure out the most likely answers.

Afghanistan War Ends:Change Gets Gates

As reported today by the NYT “our” military is now getting shot at while trying to protect private sewer projects.  The term “military offensive” has been banned.  Why are “we” there again?  What happened to “the surge”.

Expect zero coverage as sheeple everywhere turn to the Gulf.

Furious family members loose it on the unemployment office as they shut the checks off.  Ma agrees to dump all exposure to the stock market!  Yes!

Incumbents Loose Big Time!  And will the “Miracle of Massachusetts” own Scott Brown be asked to help oust Harry Reid!

More!  Northcomm gears up for domestic false flag!


Daniel Ellsberg disses Obama!


Disclaimers on the US Constitution.


sanctions on iran? somebody tell me he’s kidding . . .

iran? sorry. but i’m not impressed. iran. am i supposed to take this seriously? sanctions on iran is kinda like sending Martha Stewart to jail.

BP et al. now sanctions on those mother fuckers… i could see that.

sanctions on the boys and girls in banks and on wall street who engineered crashing of economies around the globe? now that would be sane.

and what can one say about this… Human Experimentation at the Heart of Bush Administration’s Torture Program… am i supposed to not “look back” at this? i should worry about sanctions on iran while my country continues to fuck up the rest of the planet?

here’s what has come into my thoughts these last months. we need to stop worrying about the future. i know that sounds strange. but the future hasn’t happened. in fact, it never happens does it? we never get there. we only ever get here. now. we are always in NOW. in fact, why worry about tomorrow? today is fucked up enough. let tomorrow go. concentrate on now.

oh, yeah. and that change thing? i’m done with CHANGE. no.more.change. fuck change. i’ve had enough CHANGE. any more change and there’s nothing left of the gulf coast. my country has changed into fashionably fascist with  tons more regulation of private citizens. yet …  somehow …  those causing the problems, like gun and drug dealers and bankers, continue to make tons of money. but drug dealers never get called “terrorists.” i wonder why that is.

i don’t want to hear any more predictions about the future. really. i want my life right now. i don’t care about 10 years from now. i work it now. make it better now. live it now. fuck the power brokers. their petroleum, plastic, and toxic obsession with wealth and power. fuck them. i want to live outside of their constructs.

in large part, i’ve stopped thinking about them. i shop small. got rid of my credit card. live in a house, mortgage free. the only bad thing i do is fly home twice a year. oh, and one other really terrible thing. the snails and slugs were eating my flowers and i put down poison. i did that. and when i saw what i did, i couldn’t believe it. i’m not over it yet.

it’s still there in me. that sense that i can just erase what ever gets in my way. i can simply clap my hands and dispose of inconvenient things.

i’m like them in that way. a little bit like them. still there. but every day i try to move farther and farther away from it. not fighting them. not being like them. not obsessing.

no. it’s not the oil spill. it’s still NOT health care or any of the myriad things listed where urgent action is urged.

it’s us. it’s simply up to us. has been. is now. will be. i’ve stopped expecting the bad guys to be better. it’s me who has stop poisoning the snails and the slugs.

Underwater, the Water’s Fine — Anyone want to take a Dip?

Photographer Rich Matthews takes a closer look at oil

Journalist dives into Gulf, can only see oil

It takes 30 minutes to clean off after diving into ocean 40 miles from shore

By RICH MATTHEWS, Associated Press Writer June 9, 2010

Eeewwwh!!   WHAT was he thinking!

Hope you have a De-tox tank, handy, Rich Matthews — you’re going to need it!

Photo Credit: June 7, 2010 photo, APTN photographer Rich Matthews takes a closer look at oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill, in the Gulf of Mexico south of Venice, La.. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

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APTN photographer Rich Matthews takes a closer look at oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill, in the Gulf of Mexico south of Venice, La.. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

MSNBC – Updated: 5:54 a.m. ET June 9, 2010

but wait this intrepid Reporter goes deeper …

A cesspool of homophobia and transphobia

The phrase in the title is how openly gay New York State Senator Tom Duane characterized the New York Senate after the senate Judiciary Committee rejected the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, or GENDA by a vote of 12-11.

Democratic Senator Ruben Diaz joined all the Republican members of the committee in voting against equal rights.  You may recall Diaz from his opposition last year to the marriage equality bill.

Can’t someone get rid of this guy?

Also at Daily Kos.

Open Shelter


Daniel Ellsberg on Obama’s double standard

Spiegel interviewed Daniel Ellsberg, the leaker of the Pentagon Papers. The interview, ‘Obama Deceives the Public’, touches on a subject close to Ellsberg, which is whistleblowers. He explains:

For instance, the Obama administration is criminalizing and prosecuting whistleblowers to punish them for uncovering scandals within the federal government.

Ellsberg gives the example of the indictment of Thomas Drake by the Obama administration as an example of how “Obama is continuing the worst of the Bush administration”. Drake provided information to reporters about the shortcomings in the NSA. By indicting Drake, Ellsberg thinks it shows a double standard by the U.S. president.

For Obama to indict and prosecute Drake now, for acts undertaken and investigated during the Bush administration, is to do precisely what Obama said he did not mean to do — “look backward.” Of all the blatantly criminal acts committed under Bush, warrantless wiretapping by the NSA, aggression, torture, Obama now prosecutes only the revelation of massive waste by the NSA, a socially useful act which the Bush administration itself investigated but did not choose to indict or prosecute!

Bush brought no indictments against whistleblowers, though he suspended Drake’s clearance. Obama, in this and other matters relating to secrecy and whistleblowing, is doing worse than Bush. His violation of civil liberties and the White House’s excessive use of the executive secrecy privilege is inexcusable.

Ellsberg doesn’t “even listen anymore” to Obama’s rhetoric. For him, Obama has demonstrated that “his actions are totally uncoupled from his public statements… He has turned 180 degrees.”

News at Noon

From Reuters

Wealthy businesswomen win California Republican races

by Peter Henderson and Jim Christie

June 9, 2010

California Republicans, who see a grim future for their economically battered state, chose former eBay Inc chief Meg Whitman to face former Democratic governor Jerry Brown in the race to succeed Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Confidence in government is scraping bottom in the most populous U.S. state, which is facing record 12.6 percent unemployment and a $20 billion government budget gap.

Carly Fiorina, another wealthy political novice and former chief executive of computer maker Hewlett-Packard Co, trounced her opponents to win the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in California.

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Paint it Black

“When the hurricanes arrive, a hurricane actually blows this oil onshore, it will basically paint the gulf coast black. It will shut down the refineries and power plants and it will be America’s worst catastrophe nightmare.”

Matthew Simmons on Dylan Ratigan

Book Review: Chris Hedges, Empire of Illusion (2009)

This is a critical review of Chris Hedges’ book Empire of Illusion, with further discussion of its relevance in a society with no future.

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