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Colbert Shows Obama How To Kick Ass

Obama has been wondering “whose ass to kick” over a BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Monday BP CEO Tony Hayward became the clear target as Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert showed whose butt to kick and exactly how to do it.

“Hello, I am Tony Hayward. No one would like this over with more than I would. I want my life back,” said the fake Hayward.

“On behalf of the American people just let me say,” Colbert said as he kicked Hayward in the groin.

“How do you feel about this environmental disaster?” asked Colbert.

“We’re very pleased about the amount of oil we’ve collected,” answered Hayward.

“Wrong answer,” Colbert exclaimed as he delivered a punch to the gut and tossed the oil executive off the roof.

For Sale: Blackwater

Reuters and other news outlets are reporting that the company formerly known as Blackwater is pursing a sale of the company.

Xe Services announced its decision in a brief statement that gave few details, the agency said.

Owner and founder Erik Prince said in a statement that selling the company is a difficult decision, but constant criticism of Xe helped him make up his mind, according to the agency.

I think it isn’t so much that Prince couldn’t stand the constant criticism, but rather after Blackwater mercenaries massacred 17 Iraqi civilians in Nisoor Square in Baghdad on the September 16, 2007, he couldn’t shake public attention to his once-fly-below-the-radar operation.  

Investigative Journalism into Combat Traumatic Brain Injuries

Daniel Zwerdling {link takes you to a page of his reports}, of NPR, has been doing stellar investigative reporting on PTSD and TBI, now for a number of years, as the two occupations we’re engaged in continued on. It took the media a few years to finally grasp what was already known as to the results of War on the soldiers we send. Even with the some four decades of many of us Vietnam Veterans, as well as other Veterans, and the Civilians who recognized those results and have been speaking out about. Like everything else the public either ignored or certainly didn’t want to hear. We didn’t have the present day technology and sadly it’s taking two more long occupations for the realities to finally speak of what happens and reach more and more people who now can’t ignore. The media to finally started reporting on the results of war, not recognized before, as well as the understanding that same happens within the civilian populations, wars are not the only cause. Traumatic Brain Injuries have been known about and treated in the public but even those are being looked at and re-studied, as there is much more now known in needing to understand and bring new treatments for or advance the treatments used.

Open Fame


News at Noon

From Reuters

Anti-incumbent mood as 11 states pick candidates

by Steve Holland

June 8, 2010

An anti-incumbent mood in the United States threatens to claim another victim on Tuesday as voters in 11 states pick Democratic and Republican candidates to face off in November congressional elections.

Senator Blanche Lincoln, a moderate Democrat, is fighting for her political life in her Arkansas race for a third term.

The primary votes will also determine whether California Republicans will back two female former corporate CEOs for high office.

And Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, will find out if he will face a “Tea Party” Republican conservative in his uphill battle for re-election.

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Body Count Continues

GOM Body Count


594 birds

250 turtles

30 mammals

11 humans

Obama’s theater of impotent rage

Obama’s coaches seem to think that they are directing a stage performance in a WWF wrestling bout. Their worry is that their man is not cursing and grimacing sufficiently to entertain the mob. How things have changed from the time when chief executive meant a person who executes critical decisions.

Supposedly, Obama is asking the government’s experts to tell him where to apply his vast political power to remedy the oil spill crisis. Somehow, this diligent quest for actionable information has missed the critical issue of estimating the oil flow. According to the front page of today’s New York Times, the government’s flow estimating team has been denied data and technical assistance from BP. Perhaps our cursing, glowering, and ass-kicking President could halt his theatrics long enough to command BP to produce the requested data and measurement facilities.

But why turn to reason when the mob demands emotion? Obama’s handlers believe that even the complete destruction of the Gulf of Mexico’s ecosystem can be managed, politically, as long as our brilliant and talented President can deliver a proper display of emotion.

Docudharma Times Tuesday June 8

Tuesday’s Headlines:

Web of Shell Companies Veils Trade by Iran’s Ships

With ‘Up on the Ridge,’ Dierks Bentley stops getting by on looks and hooks


Voters’ support for members of Congress is at an all-time low, poll finds

Rescuers struggle to save oil-soaked pelicans


Capitalism in the dock as Kerviel goes on trial

Police protection for family of BP boss Tony Hayward

Middle East

Israel accuses former US Marine on aid mission of terrorist links

Ahmadinejad defiant ahead of UN nuclear sanctions vote


Thousands dead, their land poisoned. The sentence – just two years

Rare photos of Kim Jong-il’s youngest son, Kim Jong-un, released


How Somalia’s civil war became new front in battle against al-Qaida

Zimbabwe’s new independent daily ends state news monopoly

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning


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On Canadian Cultural Imperialism, Or, I Explain Red Green

We are again having to take a short bypass on our planned writing journey; this time to a place that’s, according to their Facebook page, about 148 beer stores north of Toronto, Ontario (which, for the benefit of the less-geographically aware reader, is in Canada).

It’s a crazy place, where duct tape is more truly the coin of the realm than loonies, but we’re going to try to explain it all today…and in the effort we may even learn about a few things that really matter, like the unimportance of importance, and the kind of quality of life that comes from having a junk pile and a sense of adventure.

So grab the bug spray, Gentle Reader, because it’s time to visit Possum Lodge.

Late Night Karaoke


Thou Shalt Not Criticize Israel…

You know what gets me? It’s this pervasive mindset that if you criticize Israel you are an anti-Semite. It’s the Jewish equivalent of an Afro-American that cries racism for every perceived slight.

I considered doing this as an op-ed, but, with so many out there already, I’m just going to rant a bit, if you don’t mind.

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