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Gov. Henry, Please Sign Indian Educ. Advisory Bill (HB2929)

HB2929 has passed the Oklahoma House and Senate and may now be moving to the Governor’s office for his signature.  It is a historic day for Indian education in Oklahoma. Well done, ALL!!!!!

Now on to Governor Henry for signature. Please take a moment to call or message him with your support.

Telephone: (405) 521-2342

Message to the governor: http://www.governor.state.ok.u…

Mvto Mvto Mvto Mvto!!!!!

Brenda Golden on behalf of:

Society to Preserve Indigenous Rights & Indigenous Traditions

Governor Henry,

As a former constituent and soon to be Oklahoma resident and constituent once more, please allow me to respectfully explain why you should sign the Indian Education Advisory Council bill (HB2929).  

Live Video Panel of Gulf Floor

The Environmentalist’s Climate page has a live feed panel of all twelve cameras from the Gulf floor. The page may take a while to load, but it’s worth looking at all cameras at once.  Most feeds only show the one BP sends out – rather than the entire working ROV cameras.  It shows the impact, the amount of oil and gas and the dispersant they’re shooting into the well head.

The feed panel is at this link: http://climate.the-environmentalist.org/2010/06/live-video-feeds-of-gulf-oil-disaster.html

You may need Windows Media Player’s plugin to view it (that’s the format the ROV subs use).  There’s also a link to a plugin for Macs on the page.  

Sunday musings

If there were no religion, would there be no wars?

A question that is posed by David Swanson in his piece posted at FDL where he makes a number of excellent points. Eight actually. Its here: Nothing to Kill or Die For

And, finally, eighth: On the eighth day we will rest. We work a little bit longer than that other guy.

We don’t get to rest … yet. Even though we are tired and weary.


Open Teaching


$$$ 10 MILLION DOLLAR REWARD $$$ for Sarah Palin to eat a ‘Drill here, drill now’ Shrimp Cocktail

Full title:  $$$ 10 MILLION DOLLAR REWARD $$$ for Sarah Palin to eat a ‘Drill here, drill now’ Shrimp Cocktail announced! (With a nod to Chris Hedges)

(A ‘Drill here, drill now’ Shrimp Cocktail is one made from a delightful blend of authentic, freshly killed Gulf of Mexico shrimp, Gulf Crude, and BP-approved dispersants. All served in a decorative shrimp cocktail glass, with an anti-corrosive long spoon.)

I’m pleased to announce a $$$ 10 MILLION DOLLAR REWARD $$$ for Sarah Palin to demonstrate her faith in her “Drill here, drill now” religion! For a woman like Sarah Palin, who would never recommend such a course of action unless her it was also a rational belief, based on knowledge of the state of regulation of the oil industry, and knowledge of their true liability, it’s important to demonstrate that all her deeds are consistent with those beliefs. After all, she might be a candidate for POTUS, and we certainly wouldn’t want a hypocrite for POTUS, would we?

We want Sarah Palin to eat a Drill Here, Drill Now shrimp cocktail, so as to inspire the residents of the US and Mexico with her deeply held faith; you know, that she really was right, after all. Yes, in spite of the spin that the liberal media is giving that silly Gull spill. After all, some folks in the liberal media think that the livelihoods of people in the Gulf – fishermen, tourist trade, etc., are going to be RUINED. And in an economy which is dipping back into recession, at that. (For which we can thank Obama more than Palin, but that’s off topic, here.) And others actually think that dumping toxic dispersants might kill humans who eat fish which absorb chemicals.

What is wrong with these people? Don’t they know about the wonders of the free market? Don’t they have faith in America, and in the free enterprise system? When they read “The Jungle” in high school (probably inserted into the curiculum by America-hating liberals, BTW), didn’t they realize that this book is complete fiction, and the Meat Inspection Act that it inspired was just because of the hysteria created by the liberal, America-hating media?

Because of the dangers of socialized first aid squads, when Sarah is richly rewarded for demonstrating her failth in America’s greatness, we can promise not to call any socialized first aid squad if she has any adverse reaction to our special shrimp cocktail. No!, we’ll let Sarah’s private healthcare plan deal with any tummy ache she may develop, so Sarah, please bring your health insurance contact info with you, along with your deeply held faith.

So, to Sarah Palin I say: eat our special ‘Drill here, drill now’ shrimp cocktail, and claim your $10 million dollars!!! Inspire us with your deeds, not just your words!!!

Mother Earth to Millions, We Have a Problem

Oil Booms & Bird Habitat – NWF visits important bird rookery

copyright © 2010 Betsy L. Angert.  BeThink.org

Americans acknowledge there is a problem.  Petroleum pours out from a broken pipe.  Thousands of barrels of fuel flow freely through the Gulf of Mexico, just as they have for more than a month.  Plants, animals, and people are affected.  People express distress.  Millions are dismayed. What can BP do. Indeed what can any company or citizens do? Most call upon the President. Mister Obama, the electorate pleads, please, protect us.  These same citizens ignore that the protection we need is from ourselves.  Our present circumstances are a reflection of our past.  Many Americans have forgotten an earlier time, when another of this country’s Chief Executives attempted to avoid the nightmare we experience today.

It All Comes Apart In The End…

But we missed the point the whole way along.

Scientists confirm it — Massive Underwater Oil Plumes are There

Lab tests confirm underwater layers of oil

Cain Burdeau, AP — June 4, 2010

Laboratory tests confirmed that oil from a spewing Gulf of Mexico well has accumulated in at least two extensive plumes deep under the surface, scientists with the University of South Florida said Friday.

USF researchers at a meeting in Baton Rouge said lab tests showed their initial findings, based on field instruments, were correct. The extensive layers of oil are sitting far beneath the surface miles from the site of the Deepwater Horizon explosion. The university is collecting data for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The lab tests are the most conclusive evidence yet in a vigorous scientific debate about where much of the oil from the growing spill in the Gulf of Mexico has ended up.

BP spokesman Mark Proelger said the company was awaiting further analysis of what is in the plumes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

It’s too early to say whether any data indicates the plumes contain oil or not,” Proelger said.

Well then WAKE UP and smell the petro, Mark!

Docudharma Times Sunday June 6

Sunday’s Headlines:

In criminal investigation of BP, who’d go to jail? Not the CEO

Deep Roots in Kashmir Tug Hindus Back Home


With oil spill, White House struggles to assert control of the unknown

BP captures 6,000 barrels of oil from leaking well


Angela Merkel: Once she could do no wrong, but her woes are now legion

Group jolts Sweden’s tolerant self-image

Middle East

The hijacking of the truth: Film evidence ‘destroyed’

Iran using Dubai to smuggle nuclear components


Deep in the desert – the gold mine that swallowed a town

Corruption fuels Kabul’s version of Beverly Hills


Lesotho’s people plead with South Africa to annex their troubled country

Zuma’s marital own goal blots World Cup

Latin America

How To Count Pipe Leaks Better Than ABC- So Easy Even a Prog Can Do It

Because it is Saturday Night and we all needed a humor piece-  

There is a blog that was published 2 hours ago uhm, ….  somewhere else. It is called “About that third leak”    It was wreckomended.

It uses pics and video from a breathless ABC news report and tells us:

But we have not seen them installing a valve and closing it on, from the video above appears to be the very worst leak?.

No video has been released of the third leak valve installation operation therefore no-one can trust, but verify, that they have dealt with this effectively.

Geebus H. Cricket on a Swamp Canoe.

I’ll start close to the source of the oil and methane gas coming out – the wellhead, with the BOP and riser pipe, and work my way out.  

This is the first leak.  It is coming out of the bent over riser pipe and the drill pipe inside of that, at the wellhead above the Blow Out Protector.   Hold up your thumb.  That’s one. 1.

Riser Pipe Cut,BP oil spill,BOP plume

6/1/2010 The Plume Coming off the bent riser pipe near the BOP top. & Sawing machine working on pipe.

This is the second leak.  They capped it first.  Hold up your index finger. That’s two. 2.

BP oil spill,drill pipe

Drill pipe leak

Look familiar ?  Back atcha.

re: The broken off piece of drill pipe. This was inside the riser pipe but sticking out further. It was near the top of the water originally.  Know why it’s bigger on the end ?  That’s a joint where pieces join together. It came apart there.   They used different sizes of pipe in the well.

This is the “third leak.”  It’s at the middle of the riser pipe. Technically, it’s the 2nd in line going from the well out the pipe.   It was the end that was attached, then broke loose, from the Transocean oil drilling rig floating above the surface on the Gulf waters. It’s 5000 feet long, and it folded as it bent over and landed on the ocean floor. Where it folded, it has kinked, broken, and leaked. There is one pipe inside the other, and both were leaking, which meant the cement failed on the well casing bore hole.  It has the “sippy tube” collection device in it here.  Hold up your pinkie.   That’s three. 3.

Sippy tube,sippy straw,Oil collection device,BP Oil Spill 2010,Climate,Nature,Tragedy,Gulf of Mexico,Oil Spill,Gulf of Mexico Satellite Picture

Endpipe, riser + drill, sippy tube

Here is a drawing that shows how the bent over riser pipe with the drill pipe inside of it looks on the ocean floor.  Leak 1 on at the top of the BOP.  Leak 2 where the pipes bent on the seafloor, and they used a sippy tube to experiment with collecting the oil, but it says “tophat.”   Leak 3 is the very end, or beginning, of the pipe, where they capped it.  The end farthest from the well has the smallest leak.  It is not a government or BP conspiracy.  It’s hydraulics.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H…  The science of liquids.

bp oil spill,Bent riser pipe

Graphic of the bent pipes from the well laying on the sea bed.

On Tues, June 1st,  they started sawing on the bent over pipes coming out of the top of the Blow Out Protector on top of the well head on the seafloor.

They used one of these

Pipe Cut,BP pipe saw,Climate,Nature,Tragedy,BP Oil Spill

Rotary Pipe Saw

And then they used one of these

BP Oil Spill,pipe saw,BOP,climate,nature,tragedy

Diamond Rotary Pipe Saw Machine and Clamp On Bracket  

And when that didn’t work, they went to THIS.  

pipe cut,BP pipe shears,mother of all pipe shears,Riser Pipe Cutter

Mother of All Pipe Shears

Eventually, they sawed, crimped, and nipped all the pipes off the Blow Out Protector, leaving a single big riser pipe stub coming out of the top, which looks like a tree stump painted white. (The smaller drill pipe coming from the well is inside this. Both pipes are leaking. ) The rough edges of the riser were ground down with another polishing tool.     Then later last week, they lowered a collection cap “Lower Marine Riser Package” over it, after they fitted it with a rubber gasket.

BP oil spill,drill pipe,riser pipe,edge polish,pipe cut

Here’s stumpy getting his edge polished 6/3/2010

BP Oil Spill,LMRP CAP,Top Cap #3,Climate,Nature,Tragedy,Gulf of Mexico,Oil Spill,Gulf of Mexico Satellite Picture

LMRP CAP -illustration by BP

6/3/10 BOP CAP LMRP #4

LMRP BOP CAP #4  webcam voyage to the bottom.

Yes, it leaks.

BP Oil Spill,LMRP CAP,BP riser cap,BOP CAP,BOP,climate,nature,tragedy

BOP CAP #4,  IN SITU  Saturday June 5, 2010

Hold up your thumb.  

In the shape of an “L” on your forehead.  “Lost”

There is only one leak now. 1.  The other 2 leaks were in the pipe pieces they cut off.

See how easy that is ?

And this is how we knew the leak was releasing a lot of oil, BEFORE May the 12th.  

Climate Nature

Government satellite of the Louisiana Mississippi Delta, picture April 29, 2010. This was published by NOAA/NASA on the internet and subsequently picked up by Louisiana State University ES Lab and republished on their website, with permission to republish.  

The size of the area may be estimated.  There are formulas which can be used to calculate how much oil spreads out how far.  On the internet.  What you see is like looking down on top of a funnel cloud here, only one dimension.   There is more.

They knew. In April.  There is no way the Commander in Chief the President did not know this was going to be a large spill a few hours after the flaming, smoking hulk of Deepwater Horizon toppled into the sea.  It looked like a monster Tiki torch.  Once it stopped burning, the oil and gas was not coming to the top anymore, but in the water.  BP knew. The rig survivors knew.  The MMS knew, they had the plans for the well on file, which would indicate how much it was going to produce per day, by its design. The Coast Guard knew. The blogs knew.

Did they want to admit the potential, right off ?  Of course not.

The MSM was, of course, reluctant to admit that everything was going to go to slow motion hell.

There is a ship called the Enterprise, with a pipe going down to that LMRP BOP CAP,  attempting to process the oil they manage to bring to the surface. It can process 15,000 barrels a day of oil maximum.  This might be half of what is coming up out of the well.  It might not be.  The #4 CAP won’t capture all the released oil/gas.  Without a way to shut it off precisely, totally, and quickly at the bottom, in case of emergency,  the oil gathering ship above doesn’t have a way to safely emergency disconnect in case of a sudden gusher of violent gas, aka a bubble or “kick,” which did in the first well drilling rig.  So it’s a sloppy connection, by design.

Nobody is happy about this, but who wants to see the Enterprise go up in a fireball.

The well bore hole is thought to be badly damaged because the cement liner failed. (thanks, Halliburton, you b*stards.)   Without an intact borehole, this thing could get very dicey suddenly.  This is why they are not attempting to put another Blow Out Protector on top. You can shut it off at the top for a while, but you want to be able to then PLUG it much farther down before the BOP shoots off like a cork.  

Some of the plume you are seeing in the picture is methane gas coming out of liquid solution and expanding rapidly.  It is getting flared off at the surface ship, what doesn’t turn into methane hydrates at the bottom of the Gulf because of the extreme pressure and cold temperatures.  Methane is not going to wash ashore onto the Gulf, and a lot of the crap coming from this well is methane. That is the good news.

I am not trying to minimize the severity and danger and ecologic catastrophe of the situation, I have been one of the ones trying to push the alarm button from the beginning.  I have lots more screen captures of that webcam, and thank Heavens that Rep. Markey got after them to show us something.

But can we dispense with the crazy rumors about some “third leak” now ?  

Repeat. Some of the plume is methane.  Methane isn’t going to wash ashore.

Don’t worry about the plume size coming from some jackwipe ABC video. This is the same channel that gave us the “Path to 9/11” and Mickey Mouse.  See how there is a dispersant wand at the supposed giant, mysterious “third leak?”   WTF, as they are only applying dispersant at the wellhead near the BOP.  That’s where the biggest plumes have been.   What utter tripe.   Worry about the volume of oil, the pressure, and the rate of flow.  Worry about the visible sheen of oil now covering about a third of the Gulf. Or the oil patches that have been documented or will be.  Worry about protecting the cleanup workers from toxins.  Worry about the wildlife and plants and fish and birds. Worry about the deteriorating well bore.  Worry that the government and BP in collusion,  jointly lowballed the initial amount of the leak by a huge factor to the public.  Worry that anybody believes that ABC couldn’t find somebody to explain this to them, and that they are busy spinning an alternate CT storyline already.  I saw the old “industry expert” peddling this “Government is still hiding a Secret Leak” routine on cable television.  One blogger said, paraphrased,  “he used to be a real industry expert. Something has happened with age. I hope there is someone to look after his affairs now.”



photos taken as screenshots off of live webcam feed as provided by BP to the American people because of Rep. Markey, and definition and color bumped by me.  some photos by NASA and NOAA, LSU/ESL, or from the Unified Command US government website which had the BP graphics.  UC JIC also has a good twitter feed which leads to other links. http://twitter.com/oil_spill_2010

Oil Drum is the recommended blog to continue to find explanations as to what may be going on, along with satellite photos from NRL Monterey, NASA, and NOAA.  http://www.nrlmry.navy.mil/nex…

Free Rusty1776 & dharmasyd

Wise and kind souls:

I understand that I/P essays aren’t banned, but having to get them approved is almost as bad.  I’m sure Buhdy doesn’t want to be in the position of having to approve or reject essay content, and I don’t think any posters here like the idea of having to submit an essay for approval.

The Israel/Palestine crisis isn’t going to go away, it’s going to get worse, which is all the more reason why Docudharma should be providing multiple perspectives and views.  That can be done through essay commentary.

who deserve far better treatment…

Quotes from Jewish Voice for Peace letter asking that we take a stand


We ask you to heed the words of Elie Wiesel who said, “We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”


   Sign our open letter to the leaders of the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center- Foxman, Harris and Hier:

   You must speak out.

   Because they have the ear of Israeli leaders, speaking out against Israel’s anti-democratic actions can make a difference.

You can find the letter at the Jewish Voice for Peace website if you care to look.  

than they have received.

Late Night Karaoke


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